How to Get Invited to Parties in College as a Freshman

At first glance, it looks silly looking for a way to get invited to parties in college but since you are about to start your freshman year, it’s perfectly fine to ask. If you are someone who enjoys college partying and drinking, there’s no problem with that, as long as you do so responsibly.

Perhaps, you are someone who doesn’t seem to emit a partier vibe. Well, you need to help other people learn that you like to party. At first, will often react with comments like, “I didn’t expect that from you” or “I didn’t know you go down like that.”

In high school, your partying was mainly limited to your own friend group because you weren’t invited to other parties. Now, don’t let others misjudge you in college, thinking you are more uptight than you actually are. So, if you are not sure how to get invited to parties in college, this post will really help you with very simple tips. It doesn’t matter how you speak or what your appearance is like.

How to Get Invited to Parties in College

Want to get invited to parties in college? Do the following:

1. Hang Out with Popular and Out-going Peers

How to Get Invited to Parties in College

Clubs, sports teams, fraternities, and similar groups often have parties. If you become friends with people in these circles, they may invite you to these events. Honestly, just being friends with people who enjoy partying usually means you’ll get invitations.

When these friends are invited to parties, they’ll probably bring you along, as long as you behave normally and don’t cause trouble or become a burden. It’s really up to you.

Make friends in college, be known as someone cool and not a tattletale, maybe do some silly or borderline things that aren’t strictly okay, and throw your own parties.

2. Make Friends with Student Athletes

How to Get Invited to Parties in College

So, you may have a roommate who’s transferring to play baseball at a nearby school to help you get connected. Often, they advertise parties online where you can enter for a small fee (though it’s often free for girls). It’s usually BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) or similar, and these events aren’t free. Make sure to bring some friends along, just in case the vibe isn’t great. That’s how you get invited to parties in college—through your friends.

3. Just Show Up to Certain Parties

How to Get Invited to Parties in College

This is a strategy you and your friends can use to go to parties in college. You don’t always need an invitation for certain parties; sometimes you can just walk in, maybe with your roommates, and start mingling with others there.

At some colleges, however, fraternities keep guest lists, and it can be tough for guys who aren’t in the fraternity to get in. However, big parties thrown by regular students usually don’t have a guest list.

But as a general rule, it’s better not to invite yourself unless you really know what type of college party this is about. It’s best to wait for an invitation. If you show too much eagerness to hang out, you might face rejection.

4. Participate in Clubs or Activities

How to Get Invited to Parties in College

Most schools hold lots of clubs and activities. Consider joining a few to find out which ones appeal to you the most. However, do not overextend yourself, but also try a variety of activities so you can find a group and an interest that truly resonates with you. Make an effort to meet new people in these clubs to get invited to parties in college. Just make sure to hold a conversation with someone new at each meeting.

5. Engage in Community Hobbies

How to Get Invited to Parties in College

If school clubs don’t suit your interests, consider hobbies outside of school. Regularly check your local newspaper or its website for community events. Libraries and art studios often organize activities for college freshmen. Search for groups or meetings that focus on your interests, such as outdoor adventures, gaming, or creative arts.

When you meet new people, greet them with warmth. Seek common ground and start conversations. Push past your shyness and chat anyway. You can use small excuses to break the ice – like returning a dropped item or asking for the time. If you recognize someone from school or a club or know a mutual friend, bring it up. Ask them about themselves because people enjoy talking about their lives. Steer clear of gossip and negative talk about others.

The next thing is to foster deeper connections with friends to increase the chances you will get invited to parties in college.

6. Host Your Own Party

How to Get Invited to Parties in College

If you can’t create for yourself the exposure that will get you invited to parties in college, you can host your own small party. It doesn’t matter how simple you keep it; this will subtly notify the attendees that you are a party person and open to invitations.

Invite different groups of people and encourage them to bring a few friends. It’s also your responsibility to make sure everyone enjoy themselves and party responsibly. Make an effort to spend time with each guest. Greet everyone by name and express gratitude for their attendance. If you are unsure of a name, discreetly ask another guest. Personal attention makes guests feel valued. At the party’s end, playfully ask, “So, who’s hosting the next one?” This is the line that will get you multiple invitations to other college parties.

How to Find College Parties to Attend

There are many ways to navigate the social scene in college, and from an outsider’s perspective, it might seem complex. But it’s actually more easier and natural than it appears.

Get to know people who are already in the loop

How to Find College Parties to Attend

Try to befriend everyone. During your orientation, you’ll find that other freshmen are equally eager for friendship. Most of them are curious about the college party scene and keen to experience it. Form groups – someone in your circle will likely have a connection to a team hosting a party. In the initial weekends of college, parties are often more open, and there’s a general excitement about meeting new freshmen.

Attend the numerous sober, school-organized meetups. These events are great for networking, even if everyone seems shy and awkward. You might find some of your closest friends at these gatherings.

Consider joining a club or fraternity

How to Find College Parties to Attend

Choose something that genuinely interests you, whether it’s a sports team, a charity group, or a bible study. Shared interests naturally bring people together, and after hours, everyone wants to relax and have fun. While your idea of fun might not always match with others, there’s a sense of camaraderie in these groups.

Fraternities are for socializing, but they come with their own set of complexities. I joined several clubs in my freshman year, established my presence on campus, and then joined a fraternity in my sophomore year. This worked well for me, but if you feel ready, you could start in your freshman year.

Just try entering a party

How to Find College Parties to Attend

As a true freshman, you can simply walk around and find a party to join. It might feel awkward at first, but making friends and exchanging contact information as you go can be effective. Then, you can plan together and share information about different events. This approach often works better.

Is it Hard to Get Into College Parties as a Freshman?

It is fairly hard, but not impossible, to be invited or get into popular college parties as a freshman man. On the other hand, it’s usually much easier for freshman women to get into these parties. However, this depends on the school you attend and whether you are part of a fraternity or sorority.

Many colleges host parties specifically for freshmen interested in joining the Greek system. Once you join the Greek system, there are often parties available, and at some schools, women may have access to fraternity parties even if they are not in a sorority. Also, most colleges offer activities for all students, like free movies, affordable concerts, and dorm parties.

It’s true that at some schools, freshmen might not host many parties, but if attending parties is important to you, you have to socialize and make friends. You can join clubs, participate in school activities, volunteer, and just be a genuinely nice person, rather than being phony.

Conclusion—How to Get Invited to Parties in College

In the end, all you just have to do is relax and breathe. With time, you will have many awesome nights at parties where you don’t know anyone but the people you arrived with. Favorite college nights are those with two or three of your good friends in a cozy place. There are all different fun and you don’t worry about going to the right or having enough parties. Enjoy college life while it lasts.

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