Boston University Laptop Rental

As a university student, you do need a laptop to aid your education. However, laptop computers can be expensive. But if you do school at Boston University (BU), you do qualify for the Boston University laptop rental. With this advantage, you can rent a laptop using any of the approved laptop loaner programs.

In this post, I will discuss Information Services & Technology (IS&T) and Com Loaner Laptops where you can rent a laptop. Each program has its policy you must follow when renting and using the laptop. Obviously, the laptops are typically rented out to help you with your academic activities.

Information Services & Technology Boston University Laptop Rental

Information Services & Technology (IS&T) at Boston University (BU) did try out a new program for lending laptops to students. Here, they lend out laptops for a short time to students who are currently enrolled to help with schoolwork.

The laptops that IS&T lends out are set up to help you get started on your work as fast as possible. Once you sign in, you’ll have immediate access to Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, and more, all without having to download and install anything.

If you need any other applications, you can easily add them with just one click from the Self Service portal. Also, Endpoint Protection is already installed to keep your computer safe from any online threats.

Features of the Loaned Laptop

You can get an Apple MacBook Air (M2, 13.6-inch), which comes with a MagSafe 3 charger.

Also, it’s ready to go with common Information Services & Technology (IS&T) supported applications already installed on it.

I did participate in the Boston University laptop rental, and the laptop came with Endpoint Protection and full disk encryption. So, yes, everything on your laptop is safe and secure.

You can participate in this Boston University laptop rental for up to 14 days. If you need it for longer, you can ask for an extension of up to 7 more days, but this depends on how many laptops are available for loan.

You can pick up and return the laptop at the IT Help Center’s West Campus location during their regular hours.

When you come to pick up the laptop, you have to allow about 15 minutes for the IT Help Center staff to get everything set up for you. They will check the laptop for any damage or software problems and help you log in for the first time.

Before you return the laptop, make sure you have saved all your files somewhere else. When you bring it back, the staff will use about 10 minutes to check the laptop and help you erase all your content and settings.

However, if they find any problems with the laptop, you will be notified through the ticket created when you first borrowed it.

Boston University Laptop Loan Application

  1. You need to be a student currently enrolled at BU.
  2. Fill out a request form and wait for the IT Help Center staff to give you the green light.
  3. Bring your BU ID when you come to pick up the laptop.
  4. You are the only one who can pick up and return the laptop.

Do You Pay for Boston University Laptop Rental?

No, you don’t pay. You can borrow a laptop for free. However, if you don’t return it, or if it’s missing accessories or damaged, you’ll have to pay.

The IT Help Center will decide how much you need to pay. This depends on how much it costs to fix or replace the laptop or its parts.

Com Loaner Laptops Boston University Laptop Rental

You can also apply for the Boston University laptop rental via Com Loaner. Com Loaner has a limited number of laptops that students can borrow and use during their classes. These laptops are owned by COM, and they come pre-installed with Adobe Creative Cloud, MS Office, IBM SPSS, and R Studio.

Com Loaner Boston University Laptop Rental Policy

  1. The laptops are for using technical software needed in class, such as Adobe Creative Cloud and IBM SPSS.
  2. They are not meant for basic computer tasks like browsing the internet, taking notes, using social media, or printing.
  3. The laptops should not be taken off the school campus.
  4. You can borrow a laptop for a maximum of one week.
  5. If you don’t return the laptop within a week, you may be charged $20 for each day it’s late.
  6. If you have any unpaid fines, you won’t be able to borrow a laptop or any other equipment until you’ve paid off the fine.
  7. If a laptop isn’t returned on time, the Computer Support Services team may remotely lock it.
  8. If a laptop is damaged, lost, or stolen while you have it, you might have to pay for its repair or replacement.

How to Rent a Com Loaner Laptop

  1. Go to the application website
  2. Look for and click on the section that says “Equipment Reservations.”
  3. Click on COM Course Equipment.
  4. Click Make a Reservation.
  5. Now, you should see a list of different types of equipment. Look for the “Computer-AV” section, and you’ll find the laptops listed there for rent.

That’s it, with these steps, you can apply for the Boston University laptop rental and get a laptop for your studies. Make sure to handle the laptop like your own because you will be responsible for any damage or missing components.

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