How to Party in College Responsibly

You might think you are a pro at partying because of those high school celebrations after plays, where you had a drink or two, or maybe more. Remember those times you got a bit bold after a few drinks and ended up connecting with your high school crush? You probably feel like you’ve seen it all when it comes to parties, but that’s not quite right. It’s different in college, so I’ll show you just how to party in college responsibly.

College is a completely different side of partying that you have never experienced before. There won’t be any parents to shut the party down. Your mom won’t be there to drive you home if you have had too much to drink. At these college parties, you won’t know everyone, and not everyone is there to be just friends. This is the time when you really start to become an adult, and it’s important to look after yourself.

How to Party in College

You can expect so much from a college party but at the same time, you can control your experience and safely party out the moment. So, follow the guide below to party in college responsibly.

1. Resist the Peer Pressure That Comes In

How to party in college

Your friends often say things like, “You’re not about that life,” or “Get on my level.” When you are out, everything becomes a competition: who can drink the most, who can do the wildest stunt, or who can attract the most attractive person? You find yourself trying to surpass your friends, worried about their opinion of you. But remember, this has its costs. Know your limits. Not everyone can handle large amounts of alcohol.

What some consider ‘liquid courage’ might not be safe. Think twice: would you do this if you were sober? Know your limits if you want to party in college responsibly. Competing with friends isn’t worth getting hurt just to prove a point. You want to be able to enjoy many more nights out. By the way, make sure you know the type of college party you are going to—avoid anything wild.

2. Avoid Falling Asleep at Parties

How to party in college

If you enter a frat party, you’ll likely hear “I Love College” playing. This song has a point: never fall asleep with your shoes on at a party. If you do, you might become the subject of everyone’s Snapchat, possibly with drawings on your face, even in permanent marker.

If you start feeling sleepy, leave and rest at home, away from potential embarrassment. Sleeping at a party with your shoes on is something you’ll never live down. You’ll always be reminded of whatever was drawn on your face. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If in doubt, just go home.

3. Hydrate Your Body

How to party in college

If you are into sports, you would have heard the word ‘hydrate’ a lot of times. The key to a great college party, especially when it involves alcohol, is to hydrate well in advance. Alcohol can dehydrate your body quickly, so drink plenty of water throughout the day to help you avoid the dreaded headache before the party even starts. You should be looking at three bottles of water during the day to keep the fun going without any hitches.

4. Don’t Rely on Beer for Calories

How to party in college

A surefire way to ruin a good night party in college is a bad stomachache, and unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence. So, you’re out, having pre-party drinks for a couple of hours, and suddenly you feel something’s not right in your stomach. Did you remember to eat? Chances are, you didn’t. You should have some solid food in your system to absorb the alcohol; otherwise, it just floats around in your stomach.

You don’t need a feast—no need for steak or lobster—but something more substantial than a peanut butter cracker could go a long way. A simple sandwich can make a world of difference. Even a slice or two of pizza will do. Just have something in your stomach to soak up the alcohol so you won’t regret it later.

5. Drink Responsibly in College Party

How to party in college

“Drink responsibly” is a common message, often repeated in college and seen in advertisements. This advice is so important that some colleges even plaster it on every dormitory wall. When it comes to drinking responsibly, the goal is to control your drink at all times.

It’s far too easy for someone to tamper with your drink, which could mean a night that quickly turns sour. The last thing you want is to wake up the next morning with no memory of what happened. Your safety is paramount, and pouring your own drinks is the only true fun you can have while partying in college responsibly. If you ever leave your drink unattended, don’t go back for it.

6. Have That One Reliable Friend Keep an Eye on You

How to party in college

In any friend group, there’s often someone who naturally takes on a mom or dad role. This person typically chooses not to drink and looks out for the rest. They’re the ones who keep an eye on everything, ensuring that the fun doesn’t lead to regrettable decisions or social media mishaps. Their role is that of the voice of reason, keeping everyone safe and making sure everyone gets home okay.

If your group doesn’t have this kind of person, try to assign someone the guardian role before you head out for a party in college. Do you care to know the reason? It will prevent any disagreements about who should take on the responsibility once you are out. You can keep it fair by rotating the role each college party weekend.

7. Ensure You Have a Companion to Walk Home with

How to party in college

Always make sure to leave a party with your friends or at least one other person. When you are drunk, it’s hard to distinguish up from down, and everything seems to spin, both inside your head and around you. That does not mean you should get intoxicated in the first place.

You don’t want after-party confusion to lead you to walk in the wrong direction or end up somewhere you didn’t intend to be. So, travel with someone or in a group to help make sure that everyone gets home safely without getting lost or into trouble.

8. Don’t be the Worst Party Student

How to party in college

When you are out having fun, it’s natural to want to show how much you can enjoy the party. Everyone feels that way, aiming to be the life of the party. However, some people take it too far, trying to emulate wild college parties. Avoid going to extremes. If you consider yourself prone to overdrinking, stay close to friends who can keep you in check. Overdoing it can lead to regrettable actions, like passing out at a party and becoming the subject of everyone’s social media posts. The wild antics of your drunk self can stick with you as a reputation. Instead of risking this, focus on having a good time without going overboard.

9. Prepare Hangover Essentials Before You Sleep

How to party in college

We all know the woes of a hangover after you party in college all night. Parties are great for making memories and having a carefree time, but the next morning often brings regrets. You might wake up feeling drained, with a stomachache, a pounding headache, and a sense that the room is spinning. Your body will protest when you try to get up for water or medicine. The key is to prepare in advance. When you come home drunk, set up things like Gatorade and Advil beside your bed. These will help rehydrate you and alleviate the headache. Your sober self will definitely appreciate the foresight of your drunk self. If you feel hungry, consider eating something light like toast, eggs, or soup.

10. Heed the Wisdom of “Beer Before Liquor, Never Sicker”

How to party in college

College life often means living on a tight budget. As a student, you want to get creative, especially when it comes to partying. However, remember that the order in which you consume different types of alcohol can affect how you feel the next day. While there might be some skepticism about the old adage “beer before liquor, never sicker,” many college students swear by it to avoid severe hangovers.

The general advice is to consume liquor first if you plan to mix drinks, particularly if you are having more than a couple. It might seem trivial, but this practice can be the difference between a mild headache and a severe stomachache the next day.

11. If You’re Going to Puke, Have a Friend Nearby for Assistance

How to party in college

You don’t want to have your vomit in your own hair—it’s only a minor concern compared to other risks. If you overindulge in alcohol and feel the urge to vomit, have a friend accompany you. While it might be embarrassing to throw up in front of someone, safety should always be your priority. Don’t be alone during such times so it doesn’t accidentally transform a fun evening into a dangerous situation. The last thing you want is to pass out by yourself. So, with a friend nearby, you have someone to monitor your consciousness and responsiveness.

12. BYOB

How to party in college

BYOB stands for “Bring Your Own Bottle”. It’s a smart strategy to avoid the risk of consuming drinks that might have been tampered with. When you party in college, bring your preferred beverage—it could be your favorite black cherry White Claw. This way, you can avoid drinking something you don’t like, such as a mix of vodka, water, and Gatorade. Even with your own bottle, be vigilant like all the time. Keep it with you always for maximum safety.

13. Know and Share Your Friends Location

How to party in college

You should know where your friends are before hopping on the drunk bus to party in college, especially if someone suddenly goes missing, such as your best friend who just went to the bathroom and hasn’t come back. Make it a habit to share locations. If you have an iPhone, use the “Find Friends” app to do this. This way, if anyone gets lost in the party, finding them won’t be difficult. Safety should always be your top priority. So, if a friend goes to get more drinks, you can easily track their location using the app.

14. Always Hold Your Phone Securely

How to party in college

The worst like losing your phone could happen, especially with your cards in it, which can be a significant inconvenience. It can prevent you from entering bars, contacting friends, or even getting a ride home. Phone loss is common in college parties, particularly between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. According to Asurion, “4.1 million phones were lost or stolen in 2022—that’s more than 11,000 phones each day.” You can avoid being part of this statistic if you are always conscious of your surroundings.

Theft can happen anywhere, even at a dorm party. Phones can easily slip out of pockets or be left unattended. As a rule of thumb, while you keep one hand on your bottle, the other should be on your phone.

15. Avoid Leaving With Someone You Just Met

How to party in college

The stranger might seem attractive and charming, but remember, you have only met them tonight. Heading to their place at 2 a.m. is not a smart decision. No matter how much you trust this person’s character, it’s better to defer your interaction to another day. Avoid placing yourself in a potentially unsafe situation, especially when you could instead continue enjoying the night with your friends. In such scenarios, ask yourself: How well do I really know this person? If your answer is “not very well,” then step back from the situation.

What Do You Do at a College Party?

It really depends on the type of college party. First, let me begin with what to expect at a college party. I’ve been somewhere it’s just about having pizza, beer, soda, and playing games like Rock Band. At other parties, there’s no alcohol, and people bring food and play outdoor games.

Then there are the more intense parties that can include more adventurous activities, like drinking games and people being more uninhibited.

I remember a party where two college girls danced as part of a game of beer pong. Another party featured people playfully interacting in a bubble bath. There was a party where someone was quite bold in the living room, and they were surprisingly sober.

One themed party, “CEOs and H**es,” had an interesting dress code: men in suits and women in very minimal clothing.

At a Halloween party, someone’s costume was quite simple, just a diaper and a pacifier.

In one instance, two girls playfully argued about their skills, leading to a sort of East Coast versus West Coast rivalry. They involved me in their competition, which led to a unique situation. To avoid upsetting anyone, a blind vote with more participants was used to decide the outcome. This resulted in a playful challenge being completed in the living room.

However, most parties are usually about people perhaps having a bit too many bottles, with loud music and other things that do not quite fit social norms. Many college students are conscious of their future careers.

What set these parties apart was the sense of friendship and trust. One woman, more reserved, didn’t participate in the wilder activities. She’d often stay over, feeling comfortable among friends, especially after we supported her during a difficult night.

An important aspect I’ve noticed, especially in college, is that caring and building trust leads to more memorable experiences. For example, at one party, there was a clear understanding that inappropriate behavior wouldn’t be tolerated, creating a safe environment. It’s not about pushing boundaries recklessly; it’s about creating a respectful and secure space, which leads to more genuine and enjoyable experiences.

Anyway, when you’re at a college party, there are so many things you can do to have fun:

  1. Enjoy listening to music.
  2. Dance, especially if it’s a big college party.
  3. Share stories and jokes with your friends.
  4. Build romantic connections.
  5. Play various games like Apples to Apples, darts, pool, or Cards Against Humanity.
  6. Engage in drinking games such as beer pong, flip cup, or King’s Cup.
  7. Take part in playful drinking challenges like keg stands, chugging beer, or using a beer bong.
  8. Talk about your classes, jobs, research, and future plans.
  9. Make plans to meet up again later in the weekend or the following week, or even set up dates.
  10. Engage in some gossip.
  11. Decide on the next destination after the party – another party, a bar, someone’s apartment, or just heading home.
  12. Watch sports, YouTube videos, music videos, or home movies.
  13. And, of course, there’s always the option to make out.

Conclusion—Is it OK to Party in College?

College party is a social experience for every student, so yes, it is perfectly okay to party in college. Just make sure not to overdo it. In fact, a college party is just like going to classes, you get to learn new stuff, and make new connections, and it helps relieve you of academic stress.

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