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Go Hilton is a Hilton Family and Friends Discount program also applicable to the team members. Here, you will get special rates and benefits. Usually, Team Members can check the Program Guide on the Go Hilton Lobby pages.

When booking a Go Hilton stay, team members and their family/friends need to use their Hilton Honors login and password to manage their reservations.

How to Check-in and Stay Using Go Hilton Family and Friends Discount

Just go to https://www.hilton.com/en/go-hilton/ and log into your honors account.

  1. As a team member, if you have booked a team member rate or a Go Hilton Family and Friends Discount rate in your name and Hilton Honors account, you need to be there at check-in and stay for the whole visit.
  2. If you are an authorized family member or friend and you have booked a Hilton Family and Friends Discount rate in your name and Hilton Honors account, you also need to be present at check-in and stay for the entire stay.

Unfortunately, people who are not team members or authorized family/friends cannot use team member rates.

However, authorized family and friends can travel without the team member when they’re using their own Hilton Family and Friends Discount rates.

You just need to make your own reservations by logging into the Go Hilton booking site with your own Hilton Honors account.

How to Find Go Hilton Rates

In this section, I will show you how to find your Go Hilton rates.

1. Select the flexible dates option

When looking for a one-night stay, check the box that says ‘My dates are flexible’. This will show you the rates for each day on a calendar. If you cannot find the discounted rate for a multiple-night stay, your search won’t give you any results.

For example, if you want to stay for three nights but only two nights have the discount, your search won’t work.

However, if you search for one night and use flexible dates, you can see the discount for two out of the three nights. You can then book those two nights separately if needed.

2. Try to mix and match rates

Consider booking shorter stays separately to combine different rates on different days at the hotel.

Sometimes, one type of rate might not be available for several nights in a row. For instance, the Team Member rate might be available for one night but not the next, while the Family & Friends rate might be available for the other night.

If searching for two rooms does not work, try searching for only one room because there might be only one room available at the discounted rate on that specific night.

3. Stay flexible

You can be flexible in so many ways.

  1. First, try to book your stay well in advance to have the best chance of finding the rate you want.
    • If you can’t find it right away, keep checking back.
    • The availability of Go Hilton rates depends on how busy the hotel is, and this can change often.
  2. Sometimes, more rooms become available as you get closer to the date you want to stay, especially within 60 days of your arrival. Dates further in advance might have fewer options and get booked up quickly.
  3. Think about when you want to go to popular places.
    • Sometimes, it’s easier to find discounted rates on certain days of the week or during different seasons.
    • Plan your trips around when you can get the best deals.

How Many Rooms Per Stay?

For each hotel stay, eligible team members may reserve up to 2 Team Member rate rooms and 2 Hilton Family and Friends Discount rate rooms, for a total of up to 4 rooms in their own name and Hilton Honors number.

Team member’s approved family/friends may reserve up to 2 family and friends rate rooms per hotel stay (family/friends must make their own bookings with their own Hilton Honors account).

“Extra” team member and “Extra” family and friends rates are combined with and treated like “regular” team member and family and friends rates for the maximum number of rooms per stay.

Program users may not book rooms for themselves at different hotels for the same stay dates regardless of the rate booked.

How Many Nights Per Stay?

Team members who qualify for the Hilton Family and Friends Discount can book a stay for up to seven nights at the team member rates and another seven nights at the family and friends rates, but these stays must be consecutive (one after the other).

Approved family and friends can also book a family and friends rate for up to seven consecutive nights.

If there are “Extra” team members and “Extra” Hilton Family and Friends Discount rates, they count just the same as the regular rates for the maximum number of nights you can stay.

How Many Room Nights Can You Book in a Year with Hilton Family and Friends Discount?

Every eligible team member can book and stay for up to 30 room nights per year at the team member rates. They can also book and stay for up to 70 room nights per year at the family and friends rates. This adds up to a total of 100 room nights per calendar year.

Each room you book counts as one room night, no matter how many nights you actually stay.

If approved family or friends use the family & friends rates, it still counts against the 70 room nights allowed per year for family and friends.

The “Extra” team member rates and “Extra” Hilton Family and Friends Discount rates don’t affect the number of room nights you are allowed each year.

Benefits of Hilton Family and Friends Discount

So, let’s talk about Hilton honors points, stay credit, and hotel benefits.

When you stay using the Hilton family and friends or team member rates, you can still earn Hilton Honors Points for the room cost and any extras you buy during your stay.

You also get credit toward reaching a higher status in Hilton Honors, as long as you follow their rules.

Hilton Honors members get all the usual benefits when they stay with Go Hilton rates. This includes the chance for room upgrades when you check in, depending on your Hilton Honors status and if there are available rooms for upgrades.

What Happens if There is No Room Left?

Sometimes, a hotel might have too many reservations and not enough rooms. In these cases, all Hilton family and friends and team member rate reservations are treated just like any other reservation for Hilton Honors members.

The same rules apply to team member and family and friends reservations as they do for other reservation types when there’s an overbooking issue.

The hotel will help the guest find another nearby hotel that’s not too far away. They will also get the usual benefits based on their Hilton Honors status.

What to Know About Hilton Family and Friends Discount

While you are happy about your Hilton Family and Friends Discount, there are a few, simple things you need to be aware of.

1. Just respect the process

If you are part of the Go Hilton travel programs, you need to follow the Hilton Code of Conduct. This means acting in a way that matches Hilton’s values and keeping up the great reputation of Hilton when you stay at their hotels.

If you cause any problems for the hotel, there can be consequences, like losing your Go Hilton privileges or even getting in trouble.

This applies to your family and friends too. If you do not behave well while using the Family & Friends Travel Program, it can affect you as well.

2. You Cannot Sell or Share Your Hilton Family and Friends Discount

Hilton is against selling, trading, or giving away your Go Hilton discounts. If you are caught, it’s considered cheating and can result in your reservations being canceled.

This requirement is the same for Team Member rates and Family & Friends rates. If you break this rule, you could lose your Go Hilton privileges, and Team Members might face disciplinary actions, including losing their job.

Ultimately, your Hilton Honors account can be closed, and you will lose any Hilton Honors Points or rewards.

3. No cheating with Family & Friends

If someone tries to use your Family & Friends rate without your knowledge or permission, their reservations can be canceled. In some cases, the person’s Hilton Honors account can be closed and they also lose any Hilton Honors Points or rewards.

4. Employee Should Inform Their Family and Friends

If you allow your family and friends to use the program, make sure they understand the Go Hilton Code of terms and conditions. You need to make your family and friends aware so that it does not affect you as an employee in any way.


The Go Hilton program is ongoing and continues to offer Hilton Team Members/employees, along with their family and friends, Hilton Family and Friends Discount and benefits for their stays. When you use eth flexible dates feature, mix and match rates, and plan ahead, you will be able to maximize your discounts.

Remember to adhere to the guidelines, such as the number of rooms and nights allowed per stay, as well as the annual room night allotment.

One of the interesting things about the program is earning Hilton Honors Points and enjoying member benefits. Most importantly, all participants must uphold the Hilton Code of Conduct to ensure respectful behavior and refrain from misusing the discounts.

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