Free Computer Disposal

Disposing of an old computer can seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right information, you can make sure your computer is disposed of responsibly. So, in this post, I will show you how to make free computer disposal that can be recycled for students, schools, teachers, nonprofits, and other qualified people or organizations.

Generally, organizations such as Hummingbird International, Green IT Disposal, and Asset Lifecycle Solutions, offer free computer disposal services. Therefore, your outdated PC does not harm the environment. These services will also take care of data security by wiping your data off the system if you haven’t already done that.

Free Computer Disposal

1. Humming Bird International

When it comes to recycling laptops and computers, Hummingbird International takes the difficulty out of the process. They offer a free computer disposal service, so your old computers don’t end up in landfills. Their team will dismantle the computer carefully to salvage usable parts for reuse or recycling.

They also handle hard drives and LCDs/monitors with a focus on data security, wiping out sensitive information before disposal.

Humming Bird International’s free computer disposal

2. Green IT Disposal

Another organization responsible for providing a comprehensive IT equipment disposal service that’s free of charge is the Green IT Disposal. They manage the entire disposal process, from nationwide collection to certified data destruction. Their services include recycling a wide range of IT equipment and providing detailed IT audits and reports.

Green IT Disposal free computer disposal

3. Asset Lifecycle Solutions

Asset Lifecycle Solutions offers compliant free computer disposal of outdated or unwanted IT equipment, including computers. Their services include secure IT disposal, logistics, storage, and asset management, with a focus on data security.

They also handle IT relocations and offer a transparent process that includes collection, assessment, and potential revenue return for redundant IT equipment. The company supports various organization types and sizes within the UK and Ireland.

Asset Lifecycle Solutions

4. London’s Computer Recycling

With London’s Computer Recycling, you will enjoy a free computer disposal service that includes free collection and recycling of computers, Apple Macs, monitors, laptops, and printers for businesses and organizations. They ensure secure data destruction and are compliant with the European WEEE Directives. They also engage in projects that contribute to communities, such as partnerships with youth centers in West Africa and initiatives in the Balkans.

London’s Computer Recycling free computer disposal

5. 1-800-Got-Junk?

If you don’t mind giving away small money to dispose of your old computers and electronics responsibly, consider using 1-800-GOT-JUNK? They know that computers contain hazardous materials that can harm the environment if not disposed of properly.

You can schedule an appointment online or by phone, and their team will come to you, give you a price, and take away your items, ensuring they are recycled, refurbished, or donated to minimize waste in landfills.


6. uBreakiFix by Asurion

uBreakiFix by Asurion in Petaluma, CA, in partnership with Samsung, offers a free recycling service for your old computer. They prevent e-waste from ending up in landfills and ensure it is recycled properly.

You can surrender your old computer to their Petaluma location; they will take care of the rest.

uBreakiFix free computer disposal

7. CalRecycle

In California, CalRecycle offers a convenient eRecycle program. This program is part of the state’s effort to manage electronic waste in line with the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003.

You can find a list of participating organizations on their website, which allows you to search for local options where you can drop off unwanted electronics.

E-waste encompasses a variety of electronic products that are at the end of their “useful life,” such as computers. They can often be reused, refurbished, or recycled. However, CalRecycle cannot guarantee the compliance of listed organizations with all rules at all times, as laws and policies change rapidly.

CalRecycle free computer disposal

8. New York State (DoEC)

The disposal of electronic waste is regulated under the NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act. This law mandates manufacturers to provide free and convenient recycling of electronic waste for most consumers in the state. The types of electronic waste covered include computers, computer peripherals, small-scale servers, etc.

Consumers eligible for free recycling can include individuals, for-profit businesses, and not-for-profit corporations with fewer than 50 full-time employees, schools, and governmental entities located in New York State. However, for-profit businesses with 50 or more full-time employees and not-for-profit corporations with 75 or more full-time employees may be charged for recycling services.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

9. Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA)

In Delaware, residents have a convenient option for disposing of their unwanted electronic items responsibly. The Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) runs an Electronic Goods Recycling program that accepts computer disposals. You can drop off your computer components, printers, monitors, etc., 6 days a week at the four recycling centers.

For businesses, there is a pickup service available through Sycamore International, but it comes with a fee. Schools, non-profits, and government agencies can also arrange for a pickup for free.

Delaware free computer disposal

10. E-Cycle New Jersey

New Jersey offers a free recycling program called E-Cycle, specifically designed for consumers and small businesses with fewer than 50 full-time employees. This program allows for free computer disposal. The state ensures that all electronic devices are recycled responsibly and in compliance with relevant laws.

E-Cycle New Jersey

11. Household Electronic Recycling (City of Boston)

You can participate in the City of Boston’s electronic waste recycling events. Remember, these are for residents only. For free computer disposal, you’ll need to show proof that you live in the city, such as a photo ID or utility bill. They’re strict about not accepting waste from businesses and will turn away materials that don’t comply with their guidelines.

Before you recycle, consider if someone else could use your electronics. Donating or reusing is always a good first step.

Household Electronic Recycling free computer disposal

12. Oregon E-Cycle

This statewide initiative provides residents with a free disposal option for their computers (desktops, laptops, etc.). The Oregon E-Cycle allows you to bring up to 7 computers at a time to authorized collection sites for free. Keyboards and mice are also accepted.

Oregon E-Cycles free computer disposal

13. Austin

Residents of Austin have a dedicated Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center for free computer disposal for recycling or safe discarding. This free computer disposal service is available by appointment only, which can be scheduled through the Austin Recycles mobile app or online. Most services at the center are free for Austin and Travis County residents, though some may come with a fee for non-residents.

There’s also a ReUse Store where usable computers are available for pickup at no cost, and Austin ReBlend Paint, recycled from dropped-off paint, is free for individuals, nonprofits, and businesses. free computer disposal

14. Guilford County

You can also enjoy a free and secure computer disposal service by Guilford County at three drop-off locations. This service is part of North Carolina’s initiative to keep electronics out of landfills. The county accepts computers and computer equipment, which are banned from landfill disposal by state law.

You can take your disposable computer to the following locations:

  1. Guilford County Scrap Tire & White Goods Recycling Center in Greensboro
  2. Ecoflo Inc. in Greensboro
  3. Guilford County Farm in Gibsonville

Guilford County

15. LoadUp (Denver Electronics Removal)

In Denver, Colorado, if you’re looking for free computer disposal, without the hassle of transporting them yourself, LoadUp offers a convenient solution. They provide a local service that picks up your electronic waste right from your doorstep for your computers.

You can easily book this service online. However, you need to enter your zip code, list your items, and get a pickup van at your doorstep without the need for lengthy calls or in-person estimates.

LoadUp Denver Electronics Disposal


The Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC) has a state program that offers free recycling for certain electronic waste. This includes computers and laptops for households and K-12 schools. Note that peripherals, including keyboards, mice, and printers are not accepted. This service is part of an extended producer responsibility initiative, where manufacturers selling these items in Rhode Island must fund their recycling.

For businesses, non-profits, and other institutions, RIRRC allows the recycling of a small quantity of electronic waste for a fee during operating hours.

RIRRC Electronic Waste

17. Deschutes County

Residents of Deschutes County, have a responsible and free way to dispose of their old computers and other electronic devices. The state law mandates free recycling for items like computer monitors, CPUs, laptops, TVs, printers, mice, and keyboards. These are known as Covered Electronic Devices (CEDs) and can be recycled at no cost at any Deschutes County Transfer Station/Recycling Center.

Small businesses and non-profits with fewer than 10 employees can also recycle up to seven CEDs for free. However, if they have more than 10 employees or more than 7 CEDs, they need to contact Deschutes Recycling for details.

Deschutes County

18. The Essex Landfill and Recycling Center

The Town of Essex in Connecticut provides a convenient and free computer disposal service for residents. The Essex Landfill and Recycling Center has a designated container where residents can drop off their computers, monitors, laptops, printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, etc.

You must be a resident and must show a valid ID to prove your residency in the town. The electronic waste can be dropped off during the transfer station’s normal operating hours, which are Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Essex Landfill and Recycling Center

19. Clearwater

In Clearwater, the approach to disposing of electronic waste has changed. As of October 2022, the city and Pinellas County have stopped sending electronics to private recyclers. Now, residents are advised to place their computers without rechargeable batteries directly into their black barrel trash cans and not on the ground.

For computers that are too large to fit in the barrel, you can request a special pickup. If you cannot remove the battery from your laptop, you should take it to a drop-off location. The city encourages recycling and donating working electronics through various programs.

Clearwater free c

20. Cash for Electronic Scrap USA

Cash for Electronic Scrap USA offers a different solution for outdated technology, especially for large corporations facing rapid tech turnover. They provide free pickup and IT decommissioning services across the US and Canada, ensuring responsible disposal of old hardware. The service is free and this subsidiary of CJ Environmental is committed to adhering to all electronic scrap recycling regulations.

Cash for Electronic Scrap USA free computer disposal

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