Computer Donations for Nonprofits

As a nonprofit, one of the technology tools needed to donate is a computer. However, computers can be expensive to purchase and give to schools, students, or even families in need. Fortunately, some organizations offer computer donations for nonprofits. So, as a non-profit, you can apply, get the PCs, and donate them.

Computer donations can be a win-win. Donors do get a tax deduction, and recipients get to donate to schools, students, and other eligible people.

Computer Donations for Nonprofits

1. Computer with Causes

Computers with Causes offers an impactful way to make computer donations for nonprofits. When you donate, you’re not just clearing out your old equipment; you’re providing valuable resources to students, teachers, military families, foster homes, shelters, and the elderly.

The process is easy. You just have to fill out the online form to start the donation. Also, donors can receive a tax deduction for their donation.

Computers with Causes computer donations for nonprofit

2. Good360

You can also leverage Good360 for nonprofit donations. This organization distributes donated items to those in need, including computer donations for nonprofits. They offer refurbished laptops and others. Good360 partners with corporations to source PCs and manage their distribution through a network of diverse nonprofits.

Good360 computer donation

3. PCs for People

Many organizations such as PCs for People provide affordable computer donations for nonprofits and other educational resources and support to schools, museums, and housing authorities. They help people access technology and improve their lives. PCs for People understands the constraints of tight budgets and work to ensure that cost is not a barrier.

Organizations requiring 6 or more computers are encouraged to contact PCs for People directly to find the best solutions that fit their needs and budget. Eligibility for these services requires certain documentation, such as proof of 501(c)(3) status for nonprofits or accreditation for educational institutions.

PCs for People

4. Computer Banc

When looking into options for computer donations for nonprofits, one resource that stands out is Computer Banc. They focus on providing refurbished computers to schools, churches, and other nonprofit entities. Donated computers are refreshed and equipped with the necessary software before they reach their new users. This will extend the life of the hardware and also support environmental sustainability by reducing e-waste.

Computer Banc

5. Human-I-T

Refurbishing old technology can help reduce e-waste and increase access to technology for people in need. That’s why there is Human-I-T. They refurbish and distribute donated computers, laptops, and other devices.

Human-I-T provides devices, internet access, digital skills training, and technical support to communities. In 2022, they created a more sustainable and equitable world by distributing over 318,000 tech items, assisting 105,000 households with internet access, training 7,000 individuals in digital literacy, and diverting 13.6 million pounds of e-waste from landfills.

For businesses and organizations, Human-I-T offers a way to transform unwanted technology into opportunities for those in need, with the added benefit of a tax deduction and a comprehensive social and environmental impact report.


6. Giving center

The Giving Center is a not-for-profit that facilitates computer donations for nonprofits and supports various causes globally. The process of donating computers is simple. You can use the online form or call the toll-free number for donors. Donations are tax-deductible, and the equipment provided goes to a range of facilities, including schools, libraries, foster homes, and community centers, as well as support for American service members and veterans.

Bulk donations from business upgrades are a significant part of their intake, and they welcome a variety of equipment including laptops, servers, desktops, tablets, and more.

Giving Center

7. Interconnection

Interconnection refurbishes and redistributes computers and other devices to help people in underserved communities gain access to technology. Established in 1999 in Seattle, Washington, Interconnection focuses on providing high-quality refurbished computers to non-profit and non-governmental organizations. They make sure that used computers are refurbished and repurposed rather than discarded.

They began with the donation of websites to nonprofits in developing countries and have since expanded to include computer donations and technology training. Their Computer Reuse Center opened in 2004, serves as a hub for providing technology resources to communities in need, both locally and internationally. They have enabled access to affordable technology for over 300,000 people and have kept millions of pounds of electronic waste from landfills.


8. Free Geek

An organization, such as Free Geek manages e-waste and provides technology education. They collect computer donations from the public and businesses, refurbish them securely give them out to eligible applicants.

The refurbished computer is either distributed back into the community at no or low cost or recycled in an environmentally responsible way if it can’t be reused.

Free Geek also focuses on digital literacy. They have diverted tons of e-waste from landfills and provided technology devices to the community, alongside logged classroom hours for learners.

Free Geek

9. Computer Aid

We also have Computer Aid which focuses on sustainable IT solutions. They offer high-quality equipment and educational resources to the developing world. Their initiatives include GDPR-compliant data wiping and asset tracking, and they collaborate with various donors like Siemens, SONY Pictures, and AstraZeneca to achieve their goals.

Their projects are diverse and impactful, such as establishing Digital Schools in Rwanda and Kenya, which include setting up ICT laboratories with computers in numerous schools and creating a Solar Community Hub in South Africa to support local communities.

If you are looking for computer donations for nonprofits, Computer Aid is a valuable resource. They also provide computer donations for nonprofits. Computer Aid also engages in ethical IT disposal, aiming to bridge the gap between IT waste and environmental sustainability.

Computer Aid

10. Computers 4 People

Organizations such as Computers 4 People makes computer donations for nonprofits. Founded in 2019 by Dylan Zajac at the age of 15, this nonprofit is dedicated to repurposing e-waste into educational tools to ensure everyone has equal access to technology.

Computers for People creates a sustainable future. Here, every nonprofit, regardless of their background, can access computers. They have made significant progress in areas like New Jersey, New York City, and Massachusetts. Their programs include providing computers, internet access, digital courses, and even a PC Teen Building Class to empower communities.

Computers 4 People

11. Intel

Intel supports education and community development by donating used computer systems to accredited schools and community-based nonprofit organizations within the United States. Managed by Intel Communications and Public Affairs, the program focuses on locations where Intel has a significant presence. The donated computers are typically used by schools or nonprofit groups that train students to evaluate, repair, and refurbish them. Once refurbished, these computers are then utilized in local schools.

Computer donations for nonprofits are also made, albeit on a more limited basis, to other nonprofit organizations. For those interested in learning more or inquiring about donations, they should reach out to the Intel Communities Support Team.

Intel Computer Donations.

12. New Life Technology Group

New Life Technology Group is a non-profit located in Alpharetta, GA. They support the community through their Computers For Kids program. Founded in 2015, they focus on recycling, refurbishing, and redistributing old computers to nonprofits.

They offer free commercial pickups and accept drop-offs for smaller loads and residential e-waste. Their partnership with local schools helps provide students without computer access with refurbished laptops, directly impacting their education and future opportunities. Those interested in supporting their cause can schedule a pickup for e-waste or organize a donation drive.

New Life Technology Group

13. diverseIT

The Adelante Development Center hosts the diverseIT program, which plays a crucial role in the community by refurbishing donated computers and providing them to people with disabilities, and seniors, and also providing computer donations for nonprofits. The generosity of individuals and businesses who donate computers allows diverseIT to be a significant community resource.

Their efforts have resulted in thousands of computers being given away, aiding in education, communication, and work opportunities for those in need. Over 100 New Mexico nonprofits have been supported with the necessary technology to establish offices, networks, and computer learning centers.


14. Tech Exchange

Since 1995, organizations such as Tech Exchange have been making a difference in the East Bay community by addressing the digital divide. They offer computer donations for nonprofits and have helped thousands of people gain the skills and tools they need to succeed in the digital age.

Tech Exchange offer a lifeline to digital access through free and low-cost computers, technical support, and digital literacy training. Their services extend to providing affordable internet options, special device solutions for nonprofits and small businesses, and a one-year warranty with free tech support for all devices. Their Oakland TecHub, along with an online store, serves as a hub for distributing these refurbished devices. They also host digital skills classes and provide multilingual support in several languages.

Tech Exchange

15. San Diego Futures Foundation

The San Diego Futures Foundation (SDFF) recognizes the critical role technology plays for nonprofits in serving the community. They provide many refurbished hardware, such as desktops, laptops, monitors, and printers, to nonprofits, charities, and community organizations. SDFF has made the process accessible online through application forms.

San Diego Futures Foundation

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