Free Computers for Nonprofits

While computers are essential in this 21st century, they can be expensive. For nonprofits, this can be a challenge, whether they need them for donations or to keep up with the charity work. Fortunately, there are programs that offer free computers for nonprofits. These donations can make a difference and are an example of how technology can level the playing field and create opportunities for everyone.

Each organization has its unique approach to bridging the digital divide. These initiatives are crucial for equipping individuals and organizations with the digital tools and skills necessary in today’s society, thus fostering greater inclusivity and opportunity.

Free Computers for Nonprofits

1. PCs for People

If you are looking for computer grants for nonprofits, PCs for People is the place to go.

Eligible organizations that need up to 5 computers can purchase refurbished desktops or laptops and tech accessories from PCs for People’s online store. During checkout, specific documentation is required to verify eligibility.

Organizations requiring more than 5 computers need to contact PCs for People directly at They offer a range of computer models and configurations to fit various needs and budgets.

Nonprofits must meet certain criteria to be eligible, which includes providing documentation of 501(c)(3) status under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

PCs for People – Tech for Nonprofits

2. Good 360

With Good 360, you can get free computers for nonprofits for absolutely free. This organization assists nonprofits with computers, primarily hardware and electronic devices, donated by corporate partners.

The free computer offers are subject to availability. These donations are available to all registered nonprofit members of Good 360, and registration is free.

Nonprofits interested in these donations should become Good 360 members, regularly check their online catalog, and budget for nominal admin fees associated with handling and shipping.

Good 360’s tech donations

3. Compudopt

Compudopt offers a Computer Giveaway program where donated computers are refurbished, loaded with software, and given out. Compudopt has expanded its reach to several new cities, working towards digital inclusion. They also collaborate with organizations like AT&T to provide laptops to students and families.

Compudopt free computers for nonprofit

4. Free Geek

You can also be eligible for free computers for nonprofits via the Free Geek. The mission is to refurbish computers donated by the local community and provide them at minimal or free, especially to nonprofits and those in vulnerable situations. This initiative equips people with the digital skills needed in today’s society. For technology that cannot be refurbished, Free Geek ensures it is recycled responsibly. Their efforts extend to collecting over a million pounds of e-waste each year, either recycling it or refurbishing it for community use.

Free Geek for nonprofits

5. Human-i-t

Human-i-t addresses two critical issues: the digital divide and the growing problem of e-waste. They refurbish donated technology to provide devices, internet access, and digital training to low-income individuals and nonprofits. Human-I-T is dedicated to bridging the gap in digital access, as over 150 million Americans lack essential digital technology.

They also tackle the e-waste challenge, which is a significant contributor to toxic waste in landfills. You can trust this organization to be your one-stop shop for computer grants for nonprofits.

Human-i-t free computers for nonprofits

6. TechSoup

At TechSoup, you will receive a range of refurbished computers as a nonprofit organization. They also partner with leading computer refurbishers to provide environmentally friendly products from top manufacturers like Dell, HP, and Lenovo. The options include:

  1. Windows 11 Computers which are refurbished laptops with modern specifications, such as Intel Core i5 processors, 16 GB RAM, and SSD storage. Prices are listed as an ‘Admin Fee’, ranging from $405 to $495.
  2. Refurbished Laptop Computers include various models like the HP ProBook 640 G2, with prices starting at $259. They also offer bundles for bulk purchases.
  3. Refurbished Desktop Computers Desktops like the Lenovo ThinkCentre M920 and Dell OptiPlex 7040 are offered, with admin fees ranging from $275 to $640.
  4. Refurbished Monitors and Computer Accessories such as ergonomic mice are also available.

TechSoup for nonprofits

7. Interconnection

If you would prefer a donor who focuses on digital equity through e-recycling, then apply for a free computer for nonprofits through Interconnection. They simply refurbish computers and laptops intending to connect nonprofit organizations to vital technology.

Regarding sustainable e-waste recycling, Interconnection emphasizes environmentally friendly practices in refurbishing and reusing electronic waste. Here, you can get computers at discounted prices or for free.

Interconnection free computers for nonprofit

8. Laptops 4 Learning

Laptops 4 Learning (L4L) collaborates with schools, colleges, community organizations, churches, and veteran groups to ensure those in need have access to computers, including nonprofits. L4L operates under the belief that laptops are essential for education and future opportunities, not just a luxury. They offer an opportunity for organizations and individuals to donate and they make sure that 85% of donations go directly towards providing free laptop computers.

Laptops 4 Learning

9. Tech Exchange

You can apply for free computers for nonprofits via the Tech Exchange, a digital champion in the Bay Area since 1995. They refurbish donated computers and distribute them to families, schools, communities, and nonprofit organizations, while also offering digital training and multilingual tech support.

In addition, Tech Exchange tackles e-waste by giving computers a second life. Their services include digital literacy classes, affordable internet assistance, low-cost computers, and tech support, available in multiple languages. They also participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Tech Exchange

10. San Diego Futures Foundation

If you stay in the San Diego area, leverage the San Diego Futures Foundation (SDFF) for free computers for nonprofits. The program design supports nonprofits in achieving their missions and serving the community more effectively through improved technology. Interested organizations can begin the process of receiving hardware donations or making purchases, following the program guidelines on the SDFF website.

SDFF free computers for nonprofits

11. Groundworks New Mexico

Groundworks New Mexico, through its Computer Charity program, provides free computers to nonprofits. They focus on recycling and refurbishing used computers and other electronics, keeping them out of landfills.

In addition to giving away computers, they also sell refurbished computers and laptops at low prices. The organization was founded in 2006 and operates with a modest annual budget. Their location is at 1925 Rosina Street, Suite E, Santa Fe, NM. You can contact them at 505-983-2577 or via email at

Groundworks NM

12. Microsoft

Microsoft might be a tech giant but they are also a giant when it comes to donating to nonprofits. Their donations include free computer grants for nonprofits and custom-built solutions. Nonprofits can access grants and discounts across Microsoft’s cloud products, including Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and more.

Some of the offers include the following:

  1. Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Ideal for small and mid-sized nonprofits, offering email, Office desktop applications, cloud file storage and sharing, and advanced security features. It’s free for up to 10 users, with discounted pricing for additional users.
  2. Azure. Offers cost optimization and scalability for nonprofit operations.
  3. Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. These tools help in engaging donors and volunteers and managing organizational operations with AI-driven insights.
  4. Windows 11 Professional. Nonprofits can access grants for up to 50 licenses of Windows 11 Professional, with discounted pricing for additional licenses.

Microsoft for Nonprofits

13. Computer Aid

Computer Aid is another place where nonprofits can get free computers. They also offer GDPR-compliant data wiping and asset tracking. The computers issued to non-profit organizations are of high quality. Computer Aid collaborates with various donors, including Siemens, SONY Pictures, AstraZeneca, O2, and Oxford University Press, to facilitate these initiatives.

Computer Aid for nonprofits

14. 211LA

211LA, through its computer distribution programs managed by HUMAN-I-T, offers a crucial service for nonprofits in Los Angeles County. The program is open to nonprofit organizations and not-for-profit schools. Eligibility requirements often include meeting certain income guidelines or receiving specific public benefits.

Qualified recipients can benefit from low-cost or, in some cases, free computers, which are accompanied by a one-year warranty and technical support. Additionally, the program provides information and assistance for subscribing to subsidized internet packages, with eligibility based on income and geographic location.

Interested parties are required to apply online or contact HUMAN-I-T via phone or text, providing necessary proof of low-income status or nonprofit determination. While some computers may be provided at no charge, the program includes varying fees for different services, including a fixed fee for the Mobile Citizen plan.

211LA free computers for nonprofits

15. Discount Computer Depot

Discount Computer Depot also gives free computers to nonprofit organizations. They prioritize quality production and timely delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. The offers are not limited to free computers but include a range of technology products at discounted prices.

Nonprofits interested in their services can contact them directly for quotes and to discuss product availability. An interesting aspect of their program is the potential eligibility for free Microsoft Office 2010 for qualifying organizations. Just fill out the form on the application page to determine eligibility for this offer.

Discount Computer Depot

How to Get Free Computers for Nonprofits

Research and Pick Programs

Identify programs that donate computers to nonprofits. Look for ones that align with your organization’s needs and values. Now, understand the eligibility requirements. Carefully review these to ensure your nonprofit qualifies. Common requirements include proof of 501(c)(3) status and alignment with the program’s mission.

Prepare the Required Documents

Collect all necessary documents, typically including your nonprofit’s legal documentation, financial records, and a statement of need or proposal outlining how the computers will benefit your organization.

Complete Application for a Free Computer

Visit the selected programs’ websites and navigate to their application sections. Fill out the application forms meticulously, ensuring all information is accurate and up-to-date.

Along with your application, attach all the prepared documents. Double-check to ensure nothing is missing, as incomplete applications may be rejected.

Submit and Confirm Receipt

After submitting your application, ensure you receive a confirmation, either through email or on the website. This confirms that your application has been successfully received.

The review process can take time. Be patient but also proactive. Note down when you should expect a response and set reminders to follow up if you haven’t heard back within that timeframe.

Coordinate Receipt of Computers

Once your application is approved, coordinate with the program on how to receive the computers. This may involve shipping arrangements or scheduling a pickup. Some programs require feedback on how the donated computers are used. Be prepared to provide updates or reports on the impact these resources have on your organization.

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