Football Academy in Lagos with accommodation fees

Football is widely considered the world’s most beloved sport. In the past, parents were hesitant to let their children play football, but nowadays, the sport’s lucrative nature has shifted this perspective, with many parents now encouraging their kids to participate. In this post, you’ll get to know all about the football academy in Lagos with accommodation fees.

To have an opportunity to play in Europe or other elite leagues, it is crucial to attend a football academy in a top state like Lagos.

Numerous foreign clubs frequently scout for talent at Nigeria’s top football academies. What is the cost of enrolling your child in a Nigerian football academy? In this article, we will provide the necessary information on this topic. Additionally, we will highlight some of the top football academies near you in Lagos.

Football academy in Lagos with accommodation fees

Before delving into the leading football academies in Lagos, Nigeria, let’s first examine their enrollment fees. The cost of registration plays a significant role in deciding which academy is best suited for your child. We recognize that obtaining this information can be challenging, so we have conducted the research for you. Refer to the list below to learn about the best football academy in Lagos with accommodation fees:

  • Pepsi Football Academy: N6,000 (for players aged 5-14), N12,000 (for players aged 15 and above)
  • Midas Football Academy: N77,000
  • Barcelona Football Academy Nigeria: N13,500

Please be aware that these prices may vary depending on various factors. However, it is rare for football academies to alter their enrollment fees. Should any changes occur, we will update this article to keep you informed.

Below is the best football academy in Lagos with accommodation fees:

1. Pepsi Football Academy

Founded by Kashimawo Laloko in 1992, the Pepsi Football Academy has been a prominent institution for some time. In 1994, Pepsi fully backed the academy, and since then, it has been known as the “Pepsi Football Academy” and the best football academy in Lagos.

Over the years, the academy has built a reputation for nurturing exceptional football talent. Committed to supporting young, gifted players on their path to becoming professionals, the academy currently has over 3,000 players aged between 6 and 18, as well as approximately 54 coaches dedicated to helping these players achieve their dreams of stardom.

Here is a list of notable Nigerian players who have emerged from the Pepsi Football Academy:

  • Adeola Lanre Runsewe
  • Ambrose Vanzekin
  • Babajide Ogunbiyi
  • Derick Amadi
  • Echiabhi Okodugha
  • Edward Ofere
  • Emeka Opara
  • Ezekiel Bala
  • Femi Joseph
  • Isaac Promise
  • John Obi Mikel
  • Joseph Akpala
  • Kola Anubi
  • Onyekachi Apam
  • Rasheed Olabiyi
  • Soga Sambo
  • Solomon Okoronkwo
  • Yinka Adedeji

Initially established in Lagos, the Pepsi Football Academy has since expanded to include 14 centers throughout Nigeria.

2. Midas Football Academy

Established in November 2006, the Midas Football Academy aims to identify soccer talent within Nigeria and throughout Africa, helping them hone their skills.

Numerous academy graduates have gone on to play for top clubs in Europe and around the world. As one of the best-equipped academies in Nigeria, it comes as no surprise that the registration cost is relatively high. Upon enrollment, players receive the following:

  • Midas Academy Application Form:N5,000
  • Mandatory Medical Fee: N15,000
  • Mandatory Yearly Coaching Fee: N35,000
  • Mandatory Midas Football Academy Training Jersey: N5,000
  • Mandatory Midas Academy Uniform/Ceremonial Dress:N5,000
  • Mandatory ID Card: N2,000
  • Project Fee: N10,000

3. Barcelona Football Academy Nigeria

As an extension of the renowned Barcelona FC of Spain, Barcelona Football Academy Nigeria is affiliated with one of the most prestigious football clubs in history. Known for having one of the finest training academies globally, Barcelona FC has expanded its exceptional training system to various locations worldwide, including Nigeria.

Currently, the Barcelona Football Academy is the best football academy in Lagos with accommodation fees. It offers an effective training system led by some of the most skilled coaches in the field.

The academy admits players aged 5 to 18 and is situated in Lagos State, to develop talented youth into accomplished soccer players.

Also referred to as FCBEscola, the academy has approximately 400 young players enrolled, hailing from various regions across Nigeria.

How can I register for the Midas Football Academy

To become a part of the Midas football academy, visit and start your application. Fill out the form and submit the required fees. Ensure you bring your payment receipt when you start training with the academy.

How to join football academy in Lagos with accommodation fees?

You can register through the specific football academy site in Lagos. Also, you can join by obtaining the registration form at the Lagos stadium and paying the required fees. The payment can be made as a one-time payment or through yearly dues, as football academies in Nigeria currently do not pay institutional taxes.

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