Barcelona football academy in Nigeria: FCBESCOLA Lagos

FC Barcelona stands as one of the most distinguished and triumphant football clubs in the sport’s history, owing its success to numerous factors such as legendary players, past and present, as well as exceptional footballing philosophies and principles. In this tutorial, you’ll learn all about the Barcelona football academy in Nigeria.

Barcelona is renowned for its dedication to nurturing young talent through its youth development program, a commitment exemplified by the iconic Johan Cruyff. This Dutch legend not only established the famed La Masia academy but also revolutionized attacking football, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

La Masia, FC Barcelona’s renowned youth academy, has been the birthplace of numerous prominent players since its inception, including the likes of Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, Victor Valdes, Pedro Rodriguez, and Lionel Messi. Known as “the farmhouse,” this institution is situated in Catalonia, but Barcelona has expanded its reach globally through the FCBEscola program, one of the best football academy in Nigeria, fostering the development of young talent in various parts of the world.

How to join Barcelona football academy in Nigeria

Joining FCBESCOLA Lagos is a straightforward process, though certain criteria must be fulfilled to be eligible.

Below are the steps to join Barcelona football academy in Nigeria:

1. Be eligible

First, prospective students should be between 5 and 18 years old.

Additionally, there is a registration fee of 13,500 naira, which is a reasonable amount considering the numerous benefits gained from the program. Prospective students must also provide valid identification confirming their Nigerian citizenship and ensure they are in good health.

Once these requirements are met, students can pursue enrollment with confidence.

2. Enrol to FCBESCOLA

To begin the enrollment process for FCBESCOLA, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the temporary location at Teslim Balogun Stadium to obtain a registration form.
  2. Pay the registration fee to the specified bank account.
  3. Bring proof of payment to the stadium and present it to the management.
  4. Accurately and honestly complete the registration form, submitting all required documents.

You can also check the official Barcelona football academy in Nigeria portal for any updates.

3. Begin trial

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to proceed. However, keep in mind that this does not guarantee a spot in the academy, as it only provides access to the trial session.

Success in the trial session leads to promotion into the academy, where lectures and training begin, ensuring that only the most skilled and passionate individuals are selected.

Programmes offered by the FCBESCOLA

FCBESCOLA offers two main programmes:

1. The Competitive Program

The Competitive Program, which is divided into two age groups: 6-14 years and 14-16 years.

The younger group has two training sessions per week, while the older group has three, plus a game every weekend. Coaches and staff closely monitor training and player development in this category, as it is a core component of the program, selecting only the top performers.

2. The Technification Program

The second program is the Technification Program, which offers weekly sessions for children aged 6-18. This program is open to children not enrolled in the academy, providing a more accessible option for skill development.

FCBESCOLA Lagos presents a valuable opportunity by FC Barcelona to cultivate the talents of young football enthusiasts in Africa. It paves the way for the continent to potentially produce the next Lionel Messi, shaping the future generation of athletes.

For inquiries regarding FCBESCOLA Lagos, you can reach out through the following contact information:

Barcelona football academy in Nigeria Phone number: (+234) 08090309660


Barcelona football academy in Nigeria Address: Teslim Balogun Stadium Complex, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

Aims and objectives of the academy

The primary objective of FCBESCOLA is to offer young talents the opportunity to learn FC Barcelona’s methodology, values, and philosophy. The sole Nigerian school is situated in Lagos, where numerous FC Barcelona coaches are responsible for imparting football ethics, game concepts, and guidance on navigating potential challenges throughout their potential professional careers.

FCBESCOLA Lagos not only focuses on teaching football skills but also emphasizes formal education for its students. The official educational curriculum is based on the Nigerian Educational System, with an infusion of elements from the British Educational System. Consequently, students are able to participate in external exams such as WASSCE, NECO, TOEFL, and more.

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