How to Contact Football Clubs for Trials

It is tough out there but with the talent, you can make it work when you know how to contact football clubs for trials. The problem is that many people are also trying to contact these clubs, so they run into thousands of unread emails. Now, it will be difficult to go through the emails, reviewing each talent one by one.

The competition is intense, especially at the top levels. Even tiny differences in how fast, strong, or skilled you are can decide if you get a contract or not. If you don’t move up from the youth team to the main team, it’s easy to lose hope.

If you still dream of becoming a professional footballer, even if you don’t have a club right now, you can make it happen. The solution is to contact football clubs for trials the right way and get them to notice you.

How to Contact Football Clubs for Trials

Contacting a football team for a trial can be challenging, but there are different methods depending on your skill level. One most effective approaches is to play in games where scouts or other football club representatives, such as coaches or officials, are watching. Let’s get deeper into this so you understand clearly how to contact football clubs for trials.

Join Open Football Trials

If you do not have excellent connections in football, you won’t easily get an individual trial. Such trials are typically given to players that the club has scouted or have had recommended to them.

So, the best thing to do is to go to the respective clubs’ website and find out when they have open tryouts. You have to train hard in preparation and play excellently during these tryouts. If the football club is impressed, you will get a trial either with the academy or the first team.

Tryouts take place all around the world and are helpful for players who are looking for a new club. It doesn’t matter whether you recently left one or have not joined one yet. During these trials, you will have a chance to show off and impress with your abilities.

In the United Kingdom, for example, many groups organize these trials and tournaments. Scouts from various football clubs, covering a range of levels, attend these events to look for potential talent.

An example is the AG Football Academy which helps football players who have lost their way in the sport to try for professional contracts again. There is also the UK Football Trials, which organizes events in the UK for players aged between 10-14 and 15-28. The PFSA Football Trials, run by the Professional Football Scouts Association, are another option.

In the United States, there’s a similar setup. Football clubs, even those as big as those in the Major League Soccer, often hold tryouts. These are opportunities for new and undiscovered talent to be found.

One important thing to remember is that these trials usually aren’t free. There is a fee to register and take part. So, it’s a bit of a financial risk – you’re spending money with the hope of it paying off in your football career. However, this method can be a foolproof way to contact football clubs for trials.

Contact the Football Clubs Directly

You can simply contact football clubs for trials yourself. However, many of the top football clubs, for example, Manchester United, do not respond to this form of contact since they rely on scouting talents.

Also, there are so many people dreaming of playing football professionally, so there’s a chance that you might not get a response, or you might be turned down.

Big clubs like Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Real Madrid already have a huge network of scouts around the world. They probably already have a list of every player they are interested in. So, trying to get their attention might not work because they are already looking at so many players.

Getting noticed by top football academies for a trial can be really hard because they already have a lot of resources and probably aren’t looking for players in this way. However, if you look at smaller football teams, you might have better luck. These teams don’t have as many resources, so they might be more open to giving someone new a chance.

There have been a few times when this approach actually worked. For example, a teenager from Frankfurt used emails and videos to join international football. This effort paid off when he got an invitation from the national football team of Andorra. So, using technology to share your skills can sometimes catch the eye of football teams.

While it’s not a guaranteed way to get a football trial, sometimes these unconventional methods can work. Smaller clubs might be more willing to give you a chance. Using social media or technology to showcase your skills can sometimes lead to unexpected opportunities.

Apply for Football Scholarships

Football scholarships can be a smart move and an easier way to contact football clubs for trials. This method works, especially for those who want to become professional players.

However, it is not the fastest way to go pro, but it’s a valuable option. The best part of earning a football scholarship is that it lets you play the game you love while also securing an education. This is important because it provides you with qualifications to rely on if a sports career doesn’t work out. Below are some places where you can start.

  1. Southampton football academy scholarship
  2. Chelsea football Academy scholarship
  3. Ajax football academy scholarship
  4. Real Madrid academy scholarship
  5. Bayern Munich academy scholarship [youth programs]
  6. Arsenal Academy scholarship
  7. Manchester United Academy scholarship

Moreover, soccer scouts often attend major university matches, including the University World Cup games, which are a part of the World University Games. This means playing soccer at the college level could get you noticed. Also, Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs pay close attention to college soccer and pick players through the SuperDraft. So, getting a soccer scholarship could open doors for you to easily contact football clubs for trials.

Connect with a Football Agent

Getting an agent to help you find a job in football can be really useful. An agent speaks for you and introduces you to potential bosses who might hire you for football-related jobs. You can also try to find football jobs on your own by looking online, on social media, or in newspapers.

This approach can be difficult, especially if you don’t know the right people to talk to in the football world. An agent already knows these people and can make it easier for you to get your foot in the door.

Conclusion—Keep Fit and Continue Playing Football

While you are trying to contact football clubs for trials, remember to stay in top physical shape because you need to maintain your dream of becoming a professional footballer, especially if you have been released from a club. Follow a consistent exercise routine and eat healthily.

Regularly playing football is also key. You could join a temporary team or play five-a-side games with friends each week. The goal is to be in your best condition, especially during trials with new clubs.

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