Cheapest Football Academy in Germany

Germany is home to world-class football, and top football clubs such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Speaking of footballers, we have quality names like Müller, Özil, etc. So, yes, Germany breeds football talents, and if you register at an academy here, you can become the next football star if you have the talent. So, to help kickstart your dream, I am going to tell you the cheapest football academy in Germany. You know, football academies can be expensive but there are some out there where you invest little money and still learn from Fifa-approved coaches in world-class facilities.

Cheapest Football Academy in Germany

We are actually going to look at 12 football academies in Germany that are really cheap. Some on this list are even free but based on talent, which means that the competition to get in can be very tough in the first place. That said, let’s begin with the first cheapest football academy in Germany.

1. IFX Residential German Football Academy

At number 1, we have IFX Football Academy. For an academic year, the fee is $23,250. However, if you register for Fall Season or Spring Season, you pay $17,750. This is actually cheap because you will also reside at the academy.

The IFX German Football Academy is run by a historic German football club over a century old. This club also manages the academy, known as a ‘Fussball Internat’, ‘Fussball-Leistungszentrum’, or ‘Fussball Academy’ in German. This residential football academy only welcomes players aged 13 to 18 in competitive football. There are tales of players attending professional soccer trials in Germany through IFX.

Students with little or no German language skills will be enrolled in a local semi-private high school. However, you have to pay an additional tuition fee of $1750 per academic year, on top of the base program fee.

2. Elle Football Academy

The second cheapest football academy in Germany we have is Elle Football Academy. This academy actually has many different programs, with different fees. There is a full-time academy, part-time academy, academy training, minis training, specific training, etc. The specific training, for example, is $120/hour for one player, however, for up to 2 players is $180/hour, for 3 players is $240/hour, and for 4 players is $280/hour. You also must make a minimum 5 session commitment.

Ellë Football Academy has established a partnership with a renowned German football academy, Deutsches Football International (“DFI”). Player development at Ellë FA is a primary concern. The Deutsches Fußball Internat is responsible for conducting the football training, which can include 8 weekly training sessions, for example. This academy typically focuses on tactical, technical, and physical training.

Ellë Football Academy actually relies on scouting and selection of talented footballers for training opportunities at the DFI Academy in Germany. If you show superior football skills, they will certainly pick you.

3. Deutsche Fussball Akademie

At number 3, we have Deutsche Fussball Akademie. This academy is not just for kids and teenagers who love football. It’s also for the many coaches, trainers, support staff, and parents who volunteer to look after these young players in small clubs. For kids and teens interested in football, the academy believes in individual support for each child and teenager. What makes this German Football Academy’s concept unique is its focus on training and educational expertise. They incorporate pedagogical and developmental psychology principles and constantly update the latest sports science research.

4. EduKick International Football Academy – Soccer Boarding School International

All football enthusiasts aged 12-26 are eligible to apply for Edukick International Football Academy, the cheapest football academy in Germany. This football academy was Established in 2001 and is the first privately owned Football and Education Academy of its kind globally. Joey Bilotta is the President and Founder of EduKick with over 37 years of professional experience in working with young footballers. So, in this academy, you are looking at expertise in education, counseling, mentorship, soccer coaching, and soccer-related courses. Mr. Bilotta offers his SOCCER LIFE COACH services to each EduKick Academy footballer for free online via Soccer Life Coach.

5. International Soccer Academy

Another insanely cheap football academy in Germany that we have is the International Soccer Academy. They partner with FC Schalke 04, Hertha Berlin, and Sportwerk in Germany. They currently also keep tabs on FC Bayern. So, with this academy, you get to train with any of these football clubs. International Soccer Academy was founded in the United States to provide American players with the chance to play and train in Europe. As a player at the academy, you will undergo a thorough scouting process, both in person and online, to secure a spot on one of these German teams.

The coaching methodology blends top European techniques with American physicality and athleticism. It is led by expert UEFA A Licensed coaches.

6. Spain Football Academy

If you or your child is passionate about football and dreams of becoming a professional player in Germany, you can join Spain Football Academy. SFA offers an opportunity for young players to develop essential skills and pursue a career in professional football in collaboration with football academies in Germany.

If you or your child had the talent, it will likely be recognized. The academy nurtures young talent and trains them in motivation, self-confidence, and team spirit. Each training session includes a first aid kit and accident registration for all participants.

7. BVB International Academy

The cheapest football academy in Germany that you can join right now in the US with access to Borussia Dortmund is BVB International Academy. This academy has access to the Borussia Dortmund methodology and curriculum. They are also licensed and train internationally. The coaching accreditation is supported through BVB. In addition, BVB International Academy offers an online library for sessions. They also offer evaluations and their coaching education takes place 6 times per year.

Yes, they have some of the best academy training grounds, a championship field, a full concession stand, a ticket booth, and fully fenced. There is also a clubhouse that meets FIFA regulation size. BVB International Academy has a 4-corner model which revolves around technical, physical, psychological, and social aspects.

8. FC Shakhtar Academy

At number 8, we have FC Shakhtar Academy. This isn’t a pay to join football academy. They rely on trials. FC Shakhtar Academy holds open trials in March and early August at the training base in Schaslyve (Kyiv Oblast). The trials are for young players and shortlisting candidates to be admitted to the Academy. So, it’s free and based on talent. Thus, we can say that this is easily the cheapest football academy in Germany.

The FC Shakhtar Academy includes teams from U13 to U21 and the Shakhtar women’s team, based in Shchaslyve. 172 football players are being trained under 27 coaches.

The FC Shakhtar Academy has access to 6 fields (4 with natural grass and 2 with synthetic turf), and the matches take place at 2 arenas within the complex. A notable achievement of this academy team is the Shakhtar U19’s progression to the final of the 2014/15 UEFA Youth League.

9. Paris Saint-Germain Academy

Boys and girls aged 4 to 15 can join top-tier and professional soccer training at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy. All coaches at the academy are either certified by Paris Saint-Germain or hold UEFA licenses. They implement the official Paris Saint-Germain Program, designed in France for world-class players such as MBappe, Dembélé, and Asensio. Yes, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy program is present in Germany. Players are taught to be intelligent players with a deep understanding of the game. This academy is based on talent, so you don’t have to pay to join.

10. Prosoc Academy

The ProSoc ACADEMY is a leading German-American immersion developmental academy. The membership fee for this German football academy is €170. This academy operates in Kaiserslautern, Landstuhl, Ramstein, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, and Grafenwoehr, all located in Germany. You really want to join this academy if you want to play football in Germany. ProSoc ACADEMY develops hundreds of players aged between 3 and 18 through weekly training sessions, camps, and clinics under the guidance of licensed coaches and former professional players. This academy also participates in the year-round league system as a member of the Deutscher Fußball-Bund (DFB).

11. Football Academy Germany (FAG)

At F.A.G., they offer once-a-week additional club training, conducted either at the training centers or on the club’s pitch, for the entire team. The schedule, focus, and pricing of the training are arranged according to the needs of the club.

For trainers in children’s and youth football who are keen on enhancing their skills, these workshops:

  1. introduce innovative and creative teaching techniques and exercise forms to young athletes;
  2. provide methodological and organizational tips and tricks, along with in-depth knowledge, all of which have been rigorously tested; and
  3. offer a platform for an exchange of experiences.

The workshops are open to any children’s and youth coach, regardless of whether they hold a DFB license. If you successfully complete the program, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your qualifications.

12. INTERSOCCA Germany GmbH

Finally, at number 12, we have INTERSOCCA Germany GmbH. This organization has been conducting holiday camps and weekly remedial training for developing children. So, children can sign up here to learn various tricks and innovative training methods, for long-term development in football. INTERSOCCA Germany GmbH offers an optional upgrade to training twice a week for €99/month (Pro), (€119/month (Basic), and (€139/month ( Flex).

Remedial training is done during all school holidays. If a training day falls on a public holiday, the session will be canceled for that day. Note that if a student has repetitive violations, they may be excluded from training after consultation with a legal guardian.


So, here you go with the cheapest football academy in Germany. These are all affordable, and some are 100% free. However, for the free ones, you have to be really talented to be scouted out during tryouts, and possibly given your first professional contract.

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