How to Join Ajax Youth Academy if You Have the Talent

If people are going to talk about European football powerhouses, then we’re going to hear them mention Ajax, and this is without bias. Yes, Ajax is that big, and they have an attacking football philosophy like no other. So, if you are going to join a team like Ajax, particularly its Youth Academy, then you are making a solid decision. However, the question will be, “Are you mentally prepared for its requirements?”

Ajax Football Academy has been very successful and has produced so many talented players. This football club may look small on a world scale but Ajax is a Netherlands powerhouse. We are talking about a historically powerful football country. They typically always play for the title every year and can attract and retain football talents.

As per the joining, well, it’s not the typical apply and wait for approval sort of thing. In fact, people don’t apply to join Ajax Football Academy, instead, Ajax spots and invites talents. So, you have to be so good to earn that recognition. You’ll really get to understand as we discuss on.

How to Join Ajax Youth Academy if You Have the Talent

Get Invited by Ajax

You really have to take note of this first point because we’ve seen a lot of young talents make this mistake. So, Ajax does not provide a way for people to apply to join its Youth Academy. You only join by invitation, and this means you’ll have to be scouted. Ajax invests a lot of money in its scouting process, so they are always going to make sure it counts. You can’t even apply for the Ajax Youth Academy by mail or email. No, it won’t be considered, so don’t bother. It’ll surprise you to note that even with the clarity of this message, a lot of people still send out emails and mails to Ajax. You can also keep in touch by visiting often.

You have to have the ability

Ajax Youth Academy will welcome you quite alright. But you’ll have to play football its way. This is because Ajax will develop you based on their needs, and you have to be a clever and technical talent.

You have to be one of those players who can fit into top clubs because Ajax’a style of play requires technique and precision to beat the solid blocks being set up. So, yes, Ajax-type players are always ready and make more sense for rich clubs.

If you have Ajax in your home country, and you are a foreign talent, what you want to do is impress. That means you’ll be participating in a lot of open tournaments to stand a chance.

Know that Ajax prefers to scout

Ajax prioritizes scouting a lot, you know. I have mentioned this already. They scout a lot, and so they don’t 100% rely on their academy inventory. Take De Jong, for example. This player didn’t just come from Ajax Academy. Ajax scouted and recruited him.

Prepare to train for top football

Don’t come here with the mentality that Ajax will do most of the job on your training. Like, we hear some players say, “We’ll cross the bridge when we get there.” It doesn’t work like that here. AFC Ajax makes sure that training top football players is the center of focus. This is why its Youth Academy is also considered the breeding ground of Dutch football.

The deeper you get involved, the tougher it gets for you to retain your spot and complete the objective of playing in the Amsterdam Arena. Unfortunately, only about one or two players qualify for the first team every year.

Ajax is academy players-focused, so they have to make sure that every selection counts. There is no youth team treatment here because even as a youth player, the training you receive is similar to what talents in the first team are receiving. As such, you will be expected to already become accustomed to the traditional style of play.

Join Ajax 2

Ajax 2 is also called Young Ajax and is the stepping stone for young players here in Ajax. You are more than likely to start here, especially as a teenager. It helps because whether you’re a domestic or foreign player, you’ll be able to adjust to Ajax style before you progress to the juniors and the first team. Training takes place at the youth complex De Toekomst, just near the stadium.

As an Ajax 2 player, you’ll learn the club’s 4-3-3 during training. You’ll also be taught Ajax’s traditional behavior and house rules. Ajax football style is attractive, offensive-minded, creative, fast, and fair, and you’ll be taught how to play deep into your opponent’s half. I also explained how careful Ajax can be from the start of this article, so that should tell you that this club can be strict with players.

Progress to Ajax A1

After Ajax 2, you’ll move up to AI (Ajax 1), the Ajax juniors. So, this is going to be your final phase, which means your next destination will be Ajax’s first or second team. You really have to prove that your time of development was worth it so you stand a better chance of joining Ajax’s first team. Like the A2, the training takes place at the youth center De Toekomst near the stadium.


Hopefully, you’ll get in, and you’ll enjoy every bit of your time at Ajax Youth Academy. You’ll be taught using the Ajax model known as TIPS (Technique, Insight, Personality and Speed). If you have the talent, this is not going to be a problem at all.

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