8 Twitter Groups That Give Money to Students [Now X]

X (formerly Twitter), is more than just a social platform. What this means is that you can actually use X to make some money through donations. This money could be used to support your academic activities or whatever else you have in mind. So, this post is going to be about the Twitter groups that give money to students. However, for most of this article, we will use ‘X’ since it is the new name after Elon Musk took over.

X is a good place to make money, not just as an influencer, but also as a daily user. So, we will see those groups or profiles that you can follow to make some money on X.

Twitter groups that give money

Below are Twitter accounts that give away money, typically in the form of donations. I have also included the handles, so you can easily reach these X accounts to get money.

1. Giving What We Can


  • Location: Oxford
  • Website: givingwhatwecan.org
  • Followers: 12.6K

‘Giving What We Can’ joined X in November 2009. This is a Twitter group of people who focus on giving well. Here, users of X are encouraged to donate more and in smarter ways. You can receive donations either as a student or a non-student. Also, you have to keep up with this X account for updates on charities and tips on donating.

2. GiveDirectly


  • Type: Non-Governmental & Nonprofit Organization
  • Website: GiveDirectly.org
  • Followers: 34.3K

So, GiveDirectly is one of the Twitter groups that give money, and it joined X in September 2011. Here, you will receive money directly if you are someone in poverty, and without any conditions. GiveDirectly works in Bangladesh, DRC, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, and the U.S.

3. Pulte


  • Website: LovePulte.org
  • Followers: 3.1M

At number 3, we have Pulte. This Twitter account joined X in March 2009. This X account is known for philanthropy. Here, you can receive donations in the form of money, food, shelter, and even medicine.

4. GoFundMe


  • Community: gfme.co/home
  • Followers: 619.4K

We also have GoFundMe, which is a popular donating page on X and worldwide. Follow this X profile to see the impact of support and assistance. GoFundMe joined X in February 2010.

5. Big Money


  • Location: Atlanta
  • Followers: 567.2K

We also have the Big Money on X. This is one of the Twitter groups that give money, and is focused on entertainment and recreation in Atlanta. The Big Money account joined X in June 2013.

6. MrBeast


  • Website: feastables.com
  • Followers: 28.8M

You have probably heard of MrBeast. He’s philanthropic and known for giveaways on social media, including X. MrBeast joined X in April 2014. Today, he owns one of the Twitter groups that give money to people. MrBeast is the official CEO of X and was promoted to this position by Elon Musk himself. So, all you have to do is follow this X account, and you can get gifts.

7. Celebrities Who Give


  • Location: United States
  • Website: linktr.ee/celebwhogive
  • Followers: 31.3K

Celebrities Who Give joined X in June 2012. This X account supports charity work and kindness through philanthropy leaders. You can join this page if you are looking for Twitter groups that give money.

8. The Money Charity


  • Location: UK
  • Website: themoneycharity.org.uk
  • Followers: 6,606

We also have The Money Charity. For more than 25 years, this nonprofit group has been the UK’s go-to for financial support. here, you will be guided to financial well-being through smart money management and also stand a chance to receive money.

How do you get people to donate to you on Twitter?

So, here, I will walk you through a comprehensive 5-step guide, complete with examples from specific Twitter accounts that focus on philanthropy and giving, to help you get people to donate to you.

1. Set Up an X Account

So, you are going to create an X account dedicated to your cause. Your account should say who you are, your mission, and why you need these donations. The reason is that X donors don’t carelessly throw money around to random X users.

Use your bio to share your story or the story of those you’re helping. Of course, it has to be as compelling as possible. For inspiration, you can look at accounts like ‘Giving What We Can’ (@givingwhatwecan). So, this X account uses its profile to update followers on charities and share tips on donations. Make sure your profile includes a link to your donation page or website, where potential donors can learn more about you and also contribute.

2. Follow and Engage with Philanthropic Twitter Groups

Now, follow and engage with X accounts and groups known for giving away money or supporting causes, such as GiveDirectly (@GiveDirectly) and Pulte (@pulte). These accounts do talk about philanthropy and can be a model for you to communicate with donors. you just have to engage with these groups—through retweets, replies, and mentions—to increase your visibility and be noticed by both the accounts and their followers.

3. Create Engaging Content Regularly

You also have to consistently post content that highlights the importance of donations. Try to share stories of those you have helped yourself, and educate your followers about your cause. Look at how big accounts such as GoFundMe (@gofundme) excel at showing the impact of support and help.

You can use such a template to articulate the value of contributions. Use a mix of text, images, and videos to keep your content dynamic and engaging, and don’t forget to use relevant hashtags to increase your reach.

4. Participate in Conversations and Hashtags Related to Giving

Look for opportunities to join conversations about philanthropy, charity, and giving on X. Participate in trending hashtags, such as those used by Celebrities Who Give (@celebwhogive), to insert your cause into broader discussions. This should increase your visibility and position your account as an active member of the philanthropic community on X. So, this should make other users more willing to support and donate money or anything of value to you.

5. Directly Appeal for Donations with Specific Calls to Action

After you build a following and your presence, you will try to directly ask for donations. Now, this is the tricky part because you have to be direct about what the funds will be used for. Accounts like MrBeast (@MrBeast), though more entertainment-focused, use direct calls to action to garner support and giveaway money. Now, make sure your messages encourage your followers so they will be compelled to consider fundraising events or challenges for donations.


So, we have looked at 8 Twitter groups that give money, and, remember, we kept mentioning  X, which is still the same thing. Make sure to use X wisely, and the free money will come.

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