Ask Rich People for Money Online [Simple Method Revealed]

Did you know you can actually ask rich people for money online? That’s right – there are certain websites out there that let you ask rich people for financial support. Let’s break down the reasons they will want to help you.

Now, the video highlights 16 websites identified by Odetta Kerr where both rich and kind-hearted people generously give away free money. These platforms range from crowdfunding sites to donation platforms, providing a wide array of opportunities for individuals in need.

Medical debtHelp with bills from hospital visits or medical procedures.
Student loansAssistance to pay for your college or university costs.
Living expensesAid if you’re dealing with an illness or injury.
Paying housing costsHelp for your rent or mortgage payments.
Retirement savingsAssistance to put money away for your golden years.
GroceriesHelp to cover your food and household needs.
Adoption expensesSupport if you’re planning to adopt a child.

So, don’t hesitate if you’re in need of money. You never know who might be willing to lend a hand. And in this article, you will get to know the trick. You need this trick because rich people online won’t just cut you a piece of their pie – usually, they assist people in need for philanthropic reasons or concerns such as education sponsorships.

Ask Rich People for Money Online

If you need to get money from wealthy people online, online fundraising can be a huge help. Here’s a way to do it without looking like you’re begging for money – go for crowdfunding, one of the best ways to raise money online from rich people and well-wishers.

Crowdfunding websites are popular because they’re easy to use and have a good reputation. Moreover, crowdfunding is a way of raising money where you use your own network of contacts and share on social media to get donations.

Here’s how to do a crowdfunding campaign to ask rich people for money online:

1. Choose a Crowdfunding Platform

Find a crowdfunding platform that suits your needs and budget. Some platforms have a cost, so ensure that it doesn’t take away too much from the money you raise. Websites like G2 can help you compare different software to find the best one for you.

2. Set Your Goals

Think about how much money you need and when you need it by. This will guide your campaign.

3. Share Your Story

On your fundraising page, include your story with engaging words, photos, and videos. This helps supporters feel more connected to your cause.

4. Promote Your Campaign

Ask your contacts to share your fundraising page on their social media and via email. This will help reach more potential donors.

5. Keep Track of Your Campaign

Monitor how your campaign is going. If it slows down, you can share updates to re-energize your supporters.

6. Say Thank You

Regardless of the result, remember to thank your supporters. You can do this through emails or phone calls. When you ask rich people for money online this way, you won’t come across as begging for money online. Instead, it will feel like a collective effort to support a cause, which makes it more appealing for people to contribute.

17 Websites to Find Rich Men for Money

Now that you know how to ask rich people for money online and get it without begging (which they don’t like), let’s consider a few websites where you can ask for the money.

1. Fundly

So you really need some money for a good cause or you’re in a tight spot? Fundly could be for you. They have no cap on how many campaigns you can launch.

The most you can get from a single campaign is $2,000, but you can keep launching new ones after each is finished. They don’t take a cut either. Join Fundly here.

2. Indiegogo

You’re respectable and your cause is too. Indiegogo is a well-known platform where you can raise money for just about any noble cause – starting a business, creating a film, or even paying for education.

3. Patreon

You’ve got a passion project or a startup business idea, and Patreon could help fund it. They send you the donations in installments, meaning you don’t need to wait until you’ve hit your goal to get paid.

4. Kickstarter

It’s got a reputation as one of the top crowdfunding platforms globally. Whether you’re looking to kick off a business, fund a charitable project, or gather money for a medical cause, Kickstarter can help to ask rich people for money online. Remember, you’ve got to own the project to start a campaign.

5. Plumfund

If you need money for personal reasons like throwing a birthday party, buying new clothes, or celebrating a holiday, check out Plumfund. You’ll need a solid reason to start a campaign, and the best part is they don’t charge fees.

6. GoGetFunding

Another place to look for funds for personal needs is GoGetFunding. Your cause has to be real and you’ll need to prove it when you start your campaign. You can raise money for essentials like food, clothes, and education, or even for charities.

7. StartEngine

This one is for entrepreneurs too. They have a unique model, connecting you with venture capitalists and angel investors who might be interested in funding your ideas. They can also raise money for you through their crowdfunding platform.

8. Fundable

If you’ve got a great business idea and a solid plan to back it up, check out Fundable. They’ve raised over $600 million for thousands of projects. Signing up is as easy as pie.

9. Random Acts of Amazon

If you’re in need of stuff from Amazon but can’t afford them, Random Acts of Amazon might help. Simply upload a wish list of items, and a kind donor may buy some for you. This site is for needs, not wants, so you can’t ask for a shiny new iPhone here.

10. Ulule

If you’re a creative soul who needs funds to fuel your art, be it singing, painting, writing, or filmmaking, is your spot. You can launch a campaign to request funding from others.

11. Fundopolis

If you’re an entrepreneur needing a jump-start, Fundopolis might help. You can potentially get up to $10,000 per campaign, although some campaigns have raised even more. It’s a good place to ask rich people for money online for your startup.

12. Fundrazr

They’ve raised over $250 million for various causes through more than 200,000 campaigns. From startups to personal needs or charities, you can try Fundrazr to get funding from strangers.

13. FreeBeg

This is more of an open forum where you can post about your financial issues and ask for help. If people find your cause good enough, they might just donate directly to your PayPal account.

14. JustGiving

This is a platform primarily for religious groups. If you’re part of one, you can ask other members for donations for your personal causes. You can expect to raise around $500 from a campaign.

15. GoFundMe

GoFundMe stands out because they don’t charge fees for managing your campaign. They support a variety of causes, from startup ventures to personal needs. Just make sure you have all your documents ready before launching a campaign.

You can even use CrowdRise on GoFundMe. CrowdRise is all about asking rich people for money online for good causes like music concerts, events, or toys for those in need. They have no cap on the amount you can ask for a project. A typical project can raise up to $5,000, but it all depends on how worthy your cause is.

16. Fund My Travel

As the name suggests, this platform helps fund your travels, be it an emergency trip or a vacation. Typically, you can raise up to $2,000, but the amount depends on your travel needs. Read to know how it works, and then sign up.

17. Facebook Community Help

This is a space where you can let people know why you need money. Facebook doesn’t allow direct fundraising, but you can share your situation and friends might come to your aid.

Don’t Forget to Thank Your Donors

When collecting money online, always remember to show appreciation to the people who helped out. Everybody likes a little thank you, and it’s a great way to keep folks interested in supporting you in the future. Let’s mix things up a bit and explain how to do this in a simpler way.

First, let’s look at the easy ways you can say thank you. You can do this through a variety of channels.

1. Website

Do you have a website already up and running? This is great for saying thanks because you can make a special ‘thank you’ page. List the names of everyone who donated and they’ll be chuffed to see their name and the appreciation you’re showing them.

2. Social Media

Depending on who your supporters are, social media could be the best way to shout out your gratitude. Make a post, share a tweet, or even give a special mention to a “Supporter of the Week”. It’s easy and can target your donors directly.

3. Letter or email

This one’s a classic. Write a thank you note, either on paper or digitally. Make it personal with their name and tell them how their money made a difference. Keep it short and friendly.

4. Public acknowledgment

Go big with a public thank you. You could make a video or snap a picture, or even post a thank you note on your crowdfunding page. The options are endless.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go with the tips and where to ask rich people for money online for your education, or whatever cause.

Now, to make the thanking process a little easier, split your donors into different groups. Then you can tailor the way you thank them depending on the group they’re in. Remember, saying thank you isn’t a chore – it’s a great way to build strong relationships with your rich donors.

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