Facebook Groups That Give Money [to Students]

It is the 21st century, and peer-to-peer lending groups are gaining popularity around the world. We now find these financial groups even on social media platforms such as Facebook. My first encounter with such a group was through Facebook. I needed some extra money to pay my light bill, so I posted a picture of the bill and the amount I needed on the group’s page. In just a few hours, members of this group had given me money to cover my bill. So today, we are going to look at the Facebook groups that give money to you to do anything you like.

I have noticed that once you have a genuine need for money, you will get it on Facebook. Facebook isn’t just for scrolling through your feed; you can also use it to get funds. I decided to go through Facebook groups, searching for groups that actually give money. I found a lot of good ones, which I will share in this article.

Facebook Groups That Give Money

So, I found 9 Facebook groups where you can actually ask for money and get it. These are really helpful groups with members who are willing to donate to your cause. As long as you have a reasonable need for money and can show proof of it, then you will be given the money. That said, let’s look at 9 Facebook groups that give money.

1. Kind Hearts and Helping Hands

Members: 47k

At number 2, we have the Kind Hearts and Helping Hands group on Facebook. This Facebook group will assist people who are struggling. Here, you can request for help, along with Cash App, Venmo, or PayPal details. So, you can post this information as a member of the group. These posts will be approved as admins become available. The issue of scammers is being addressed gradually. Appreciation is expressed for everyone’s patience, hospitality, and kindness.

2. Helping People with Money

Members: 42k

Helping People with Money Facebook group focuses on helping people escape poverty, particularly through binary options forex trading. This opportunity is presented as legit, but you also have to be careful and not share your important personal information with anyone.

3. Donation & Funding in USA

Members: 97.1k

We also have Donation & Funding in USA on Facebook. In this group, members are encouraged to share their stories truthfully to receive help. This Facebook group is ideal for those who have been looking for a place to share experiences, regardless of past difficulties or missed job opportunities. The community is urged to help others with generosity, as even small contributions can significantly impact lives.


Members: 5.5k

At number 4, we have the Donations for People in Need. This is one of the Facebook groups that give money to people in need. The purpose of this group is to facilitate mutual aid in times of need. Selling is prohibited. Members can post GoFundMe campaigns or other fundraising or crowdfunding initiatives. Sharing personal stories directly on the group’s page is also an option. Wishes for good luck and blessings are extended.

5. Give Me Your Dollars (Funding Group $200 And Below)

Members: 13.5k

At number 5, we have Give Me Your Dollars Facebook group for people who need money in dollars. This group operates as a blessing community. Generally, however, when you are in a blessings group, whether on Facebook or any social media platform, you have to be careful how you share your personal information. This particular group focuses on requests of $200 or less, subject to the admin’s approval. As a member, make sure to read the group rules before posting. For assistance,  you can contact the help page, which is regularly mentioned in the group. Direct messages to admins or moderators are not allowed in this Facebook group.

6. Money Giveaway

Members: 43k

One of the Facebook groups that give money you can join is the ‘Money Giveaway’ group. There are 43,000 members here, so that’s a lot of people willing to give you money. This group features various giveaways, including iPhone, PayPal, Cash App, Samsung giveaways, and more.

7. MAKING CHANGE – Pay it Forward

Members: 582

This is a peer-to-peer funding group with members who give more than they take. The aim is to make a difference and create change. This group promises to be unique and is open to growth. In this group, you will also find peer-to-peer gifting, blessings, CashApp funding, sharing GoFundMe, and other fundraisers, as well as lottery games and giveaways. Unlike typical Facebook groups that give money to members in need and only a few donors, which often leads to frustration, this group tries to change that dynamic. This Facebook group is for those who need a blessing or have a fundraiser, and also for those wanting to pay it forward. Every member is encouraged to donate at least $1 upon joining. So, you have to donate to join. If you don’t have the money, do not join this group. This group can also take a lot of time to give you money, though.

8. Share Your GoFundMe

Members: 78k

This page was created to allow everyone to post their GoFundMe links. It’s a platform for sharing various causes and helping spread awareness about them. You just have to answer the membership questions to join. When you become a member, you share a link to your GoFundMe, and you will see people giving you money. There are more than 78,000 members in this group, so you can expect a lot of donations.

9. Blessed Are Those Who Give

Members: 1.6k

Finally, I also found this Facebook group called Blessed Are Those Who Give. This group focuses on mutual aid through financial and resource sharing. Here, you can request funds for various needs or wants, preferably in small amounts. The funding comes from fellow group members who decide to donate. However, there are restrictions on the Blessed Are Those Who Give Facebook group. You cannot ask for money on behalf of people outside your family or household or for anything that cannot be verified with a purchase receipt. This group isn’t for buying, selling, or trading. The only thing expected in return for donations is your honesty and updates. When you receive funds, you have to post evidence of your purchase, like bills or receipts, in your original request post.

Also, you must not delete your posts for any reason. Doing so will lead to an immediate ban. Similarly, sharing screenshots from this group with others is not allowed and will result in a ban. If your post includes a promise to tip the admin after full funding, you are expected to do so. For your post to be approved, you must include proof of the cost. This proof should be recent and, if possible, include your name. If the bill or cost is under someone else’s name, you need to mention this in your post. If you don’t, your post will be denied.

Facebook Group Rules When Asking for Money

So, we are going to talk about some important rules that these Facebook groups have. These are just common-sense rules, so it’s not difficult at all to follow them.

1. Be nice and respectful

You are not alone in any Facebook group you join, so make it a friendly and positive place. Just be respectful to everyone. It’s okay to have different opinions, but you must be kind. Everyone should feel safe in the group.

2. Don’t ask for help on someone else’s post

Avoid commenting on someone else’s post to ask for money for yourself, to question why your post wasn’t approved, or to criticize their request for help. If you need money, you should make your own post. If you have questions about getting your post approved, you can send a message to the admin.

3. Report scammers

If you come across a scammer, report them to both Facebook and the group’s admin. Everyone has to work together to maintain a welcoming environment in this group.

4. Being a part of a group means there’s mutual trust among members

Discussions might be expressive and touch on sensitive topics. So, make sure that these discussions remain respectful and private.

5. Whatever is shared in the group should stay in the group

Usually, these groups are communities thriving on mutual support, so self-promotion, spam, and irrelevant links are not always allowed. Remember to contribute positively and give more than you take from any group that you join.


We have been able to look at 9 Facebook groups that give money, as well as the simple rules you should follow as a member. While these groups may actually give you the money, you cannot share your personal information with random strangers. I even recommend sharing some sort of GoFundMe link instead of directly asking for money help.

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