Is Hustlers University Legit? 4.0 Andrew Tate (Truth Revealed)

Is Hustlers University legit? Yes, Hustlers University is 100% legit. The main question should be whether it is worth your $49.99 per month. You are probably well aware of the infamous Andrew Tate. He is facing trial for being associated with things that don’t fit the social norms. However, he recently released the new Hustlers University 4.0 program that goes for $49.99.

But is it worth the $50? Will Tate actually make you money? You will find out your answer to all these questions in this post.

When it comes to social media marketing, Tate is a genius. He was even gaining over 100,000 followers on Instagram every day at some point. His online course promising 17 wealth creation methods had over 150,000 students, each paying him $50 every month—that’s 7.5 million dollars every month. So, let’s get right into Hustlers University 4.0 and give an honest review. The new website for Hustlers University is

What is Hustlers University?

Hustlers University is an online learning platform founded by Andrew Tate, a British entrepreneur and former kickboxer. This platform provides video courses and resources to help people earn money online and gain financial independence. Andrew Tate shares his successful business experiences, offering insights and strategies for making money through digital methods.

The courses at Hustlers University cover various topics such as e-commerce, social media marketing, and personal development. They aim to give practical advice for starting or growing online businesses.

It focuses on practical skills and real-life application, attracting a community of aspiring entrepreneurs and business-minded learners who want to learn from Andrew Tate and achieve their financial objectives. Hustlers University is suitable for both beginners and some experienced entrepreneurs.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Emory Tate III, who people sometimes call “Cobra Tate” or “Top G,” is a guy with a mix of American and British roots. He used to be a professional kickboxer, and now he’s pretty well-known in the media and business world.

He has an army of followers on social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube. Andrew Tate is famous for being very direct and clear about how to be successful and improve yourself. He talks about things such as how to make money, stay fit, and handle relationships. His method of giving advice sometimes causes a bit of a stir or controversy. Some people like Tate, and some don’t – that’s why he’s such a notable figure in the areas of self-help and entrepreneurship.

Is Hustlers University Legit?

Speaking of legit, yes Hustlers University is legit and won’t run away with your money. You will also receive the value advertised. However, this might turn out to be basic to some people but beginners will mostly find the campuses of this university helpful.

The university was started by Andrew Tate, known for his business success and as an influencer. The university topics include marketing, finance, and how to improve yourself.

For some students, the courses really help in making progress in their businesses. But for some, the courses are too ‘basic’ for Tate’s hype and the expectations of some people signing up.

What Age is Hustlers University for?

There is no age restriction in Hustlers University. I have even seen a 13-year-old inside making money.

How Much Does it Cost to Be In Hustlers University?

Hustlers University 4.0 is a program that costs $49.99 monthly. There’s also another option called the Champions plan. This is a special group inside Hustlers University. If you join this, you get a bunch of extra features. You’ll get more daily bonus coins, access to urgent updates, a chat room only for Champions members, special content that others don’t get, and help with staying on track with your goals.

Is Hustlers University a Pyramid Scheme?

Well, whether Hustlers University is a pyramid scheme or not has been a controversial topic lately. The reason people associate the program with a pyramid scheme was due to a paid Discord group created by Andrew Tate, offering 18 modern wealth creation methods taught by experts. It included an affiliate program where members can earn a 50% commission on new sign-ups.

Hustlers University is more of a multi-level marketing. I understand that some MLMs are pyramid schemes but this one isn’t. That’s because the earnings are not primarily from recruiting new members. Multi-level marketing involves earnings from selling legitimate products or services. Hustlers University is not a pyramid scheme because:

  1. It offers legitimate educational content.
  2. The majority of members are not in the affiliate channel, indicating that the program’s focus is not solely on recruiting new members.
  3. Other channels in the program, such as copywriting and e-commerce, have more members than the affiliate channel.
  4. The program’s sustainability does not solely rely on constant recruitment.

What Does Hustlers University Teach You?

Hustlers University offers training in various areas including e-commerce, copywriting, cryptocurrency, business, making content, using AI, investing in stocks, affiliate marketing, freelancing, and fitness.

The courses teach the basics of starting and managing a successful online business. This includes how to market products, use e-commerce sites, and write effective copy. You also get to learn about cryptocurrencies and how to invest in the stock market.

1. E-commerce campus

This is a course where you learn to sell things online for good profits. You get training from experts who teach you how to find products that sell well, make a great online shop, and bring people to your site.

2. Crypto campus

The crypto course teaches you about investing in cryptocurrencies for different lengths of time, like long-term or short-term. You learn to understand the basics of cryptocurrency and how to spot trends in the market, whether prices are going up or down. The course also gives you a deep understanding of how to value these investments.

3. Content creation + A.I campus

In the modern world, online stuff like websites and videos can be more valuable than big buildings or houses. This course teaches you how to create these valuable online things and how to market them well. It’s all about understanding and making the most of the digital world.

4. Stocks campus

Think of the Stocks campus as a place where you can learn to grow your money in the stock market. It’s like a training ground where they teach you how to analyze the market. This means you’ll learn to spot the best times to buy or sell stocks, aiming to make more money than you risk.

5. Copywriting campus

Here, you learn about writing for businesses. The focus is on using words well to grow a business, get new customers, and sell more. You learn to write in a way that draws people in. All you need to start learning this is a computer and the internet. This course will make you really good at writing for businesses.

6. Freelancing campus

In the Freelancing campus, you’ll learn how to make good money by doing relatively simple jobs. The course focuses on how to charge higher rates for your work and how to build a list of clients who keep coming back to you. It’s not just about making more money; it’s also about learning how to work smarter, so you earn more while working fewer hours.

7. Business campus

This one is great if you want to learn important business skills. It teaches you the strategies used by very successful business people. You’ll get the tools you need to do really well in any business you choose.

8. Fitness Campus

The Fitness Campus is all about personal growth and getting fit. But it’s not just about exercise; they also show you how to use skills from the other courses to make money.

You’ll find lots of inspiring stories from people who have been through the program and seen great results. On top of that, they provide a detailed nutrition plan and more, to help you get in shape and stay healthy.

9. Affiliate Marketing campus

At the Affiliate Marketing campus in Hustlers University, they offer a wide range of lessons on affiliate marketing. This isn’t just a basic course; it’s pretty detailed.

They’ll teach you everything from the ground up – like how to find and join different affiliate programs, how to create content that attracts people, and how to tweak your website so that more visitors will want to buy things, along with many other important skills.

Let’s Dive Into Hustlers University 4.0

The landing page of the website is quite impressive, which explains why Tate is really good at branding, and hyping himself, and his products and services. On this website, you can see some copywriting like “The choice is yours”, and “The Matrix wants you poor, weak, and alone.” These will instill fear and offer the blue pill versus the red pill.

Now, before Tate released Hustlers University 4.0, he mentioned that the ways to make money online in this program are unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.

However, the 5 different wealth creation methods are pretty much the most common that you’ll find when you search up how to make money online on Google.

What’s Inside Hustlers University 4.0?

Let’s jump right into the real world for $49.99 a month and see exactly what’s inside this program. After purchase, you will get a welcome message:

Hello and welcome to the real world. You took your first steps towards financial freedom. Select your path.

Now, go ahead and take the campus discovery quiz. Depending on your answers, they will recommend a suitable campus that aligns with your expertise. For this review, we will look into e-commerce, since I have a strength there.

In this campus, Histlers University will teach you the following:

  1. How to build a Shopify store.
  2. How to buy dropshipping products directly from suppliers.

The campus requires 3+ hours per day of focused work. This model is quite front-loaded, but the time commitment reduces with time.

Income potential: You will transition into an e-commerce brand generating 7 figures in revenue annually, and sell the company for a large payout. Now, that’s quite generic, but also a lot of that is true.

Congratulations! You have joined the campus. The good thing is that you can also join other campuses as well.

Now, you have been funneled into the main section of the Ecom campus. Some would describe the interface to be a cheaper version of Discord. It looks like he’s trying to replicate the billion-dollar Discord with a few hundred thousand—could be because he was banned on Discord and other top-name platforms.

The layout isn’t the cleanest but good to go. Now, the platform has over 200,000 members currently, and you can see the number of those currently online. Despite the active number of users you find here, the chat section isn’t that active. You might be tempted to think that Tate fabricated the massive number of users since he manages the platform directly. But given Tate’s massive audience commenting on every single TikTok video, Twitter post, and Instagram, the chats should be blowing, but they aren’t.

For the beginner, the platform will look impressive when scrolling down. But for a seasoned ecom, there is just some basic stuff. If you navigate to the courses tab, you can get some life lessons from Tate—only two of them: Tate on his successful students and Tate on motivation.

There’s a little quiz about personal finance and some positive masculinity challenges, but besides that, it seems basic.

Hustler University eCommerce

On the e-commerce-specific section because where the value is going to be, it is tailored to your approach to help you broaden your knowledge, sharpen your skills, and ultimately start making money. The layout here looks clean and professional.

Now, in the “Start Here” section, you will see how to use and how to navigate the Hustlers University campus. There’s a Learning Center where we can get help. There are different chats, and each chat, it’s specific to each component of Ecom: organic traffic, paid traffic, store reviews, branding, etc.

You will also see regular announcements and live Q&A calls. You can ask questions, and hopefully, they’ll get answered in the live. There is also a wins chat where the students can post their first sales and any type of successes that they see with the Ecom.

Also, you can apply for an advanced section of the course, where you can network with people who have more experience in E-commerce. So if you have done over $10K in sales, you can be led into the advanced section, just make some good connections. So that is helpful if you want to bypass chatting to 100,000 beginners and you want to meet some people who are crushing it and making sales in the same way that you might be.

Going back to the Learning Center, you can actually watch the video course on:

  • The branding module
  • The store setup module
  • Paid traffic module

Everything is organized and clean. First and foremost, the course content itself isn’t taught by Tate. They look outsourced.

Now, the e-commerce course goes over the general foundation: finding a winning product, building your storefront, and then obviously advertising and making sales, as well as some back-end fulfillment.

When it comes to product research, the course tells you to look for products that have a wow factor and solve some sort of problem. This isn’t really any new or never-before-seen information because it’s out there in pretty much every single YouTube video ever when it comes to how to find winning products. Beginners will find this really helpful.

The best part of the course is the structure of showing how to actually build your website on Shopify. Now, most of the course was literally just like PowerPoint presentations, basic slides. But the building a website part took it up a notch, and it shows you a lot more in-depth and comprehensively how to actually start and build your first website with Shopify.

One of the last parts of the Commerce course, Hustler’s University, talks about using two main methods to drive traffic. One of those is through paid ads and the other one is through organic, primarily on TikTok. The course tends to be heavily directed towards paid advertising.

Is Hustlers University Worth It?

Well, for a beginner, it is. If you bought Hustlers University 2.0 and joined the ecom campus, you might have seen some low-level, generic, content that looked outsourced by some Fiverr guy. However, you’d agree that the community around it was valuable and offered helpful information for beginners.

The problem with Hustlers University 4.0 is that it’s at the same price, but it’s the same information as Hustlers University 2.0.

Also, Tate tends to focus his effort, and investment on the front end, into the marketing, and really didn’t allocate enough time, energy, thought, and funding into building a better product and service.

With more than 200,000 students each paying $49 per month, that’s over 10 million dollars per month in revenue. So, Tate could spend even 10% of that revenue reinvesting back into Hustlers University 4.0, which would be 1 million dollars a month. It would give him enough room to hire the best coaches and build out an actual amazing platform and campus within his university.

Ultimately, whether or not Hustlers University is a good investment depends on what you’re looking for and what your goals are. If you are really into the idea of starting your own business and think you can use what they teach to make it happen, then Hustlers University could be worth it for you. So, make sure to think about what you want to achieve and whether you have the resources to put into this. But considering it’s $49.99, it might be worth a try to see if it helps you with your business goals.

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