18 Scholarships in Spain for African Students

Today, we will delve into the scholarships in Spain for African students. The scholarships offered by both government and private universities in Spain can vary annually, with the amount of financial aid provided to students varying as well. These scholarships typically cover a substantial portion of tuition fees. While some scholarships are open to all students, others are targeted specifically towards ethnic and minority students.

Scholarships in Spain for African students

Here are scholarships available in Spain for African students:

1. Zaragoza Logistics Research Center (ZLC) scholarship

Zaragoza Logistics Research Center (ZLC) offers scholarships for graduate studies, which are funded by both the Local Savings Bank and the European Social Fund. The scholarship provides full coverage for tuition and housing expenses.

Eligibility for this scholarship is limited to individuals who have already obtained a master’s degree in logistics engineering and supply chain. The application process for this scholarship opens each academic year during the month of March.

ZLC is a research and educational institute affiliated with both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Zaragoza (UZ). This scholarship is open to both bachelor and non-technical bachelor students

2. Polytechnic University of Valencia scholarship

The Polytechnic University of Valencia provides financial aid to exceptional students who have successfully completed their first year of study.

This scholarships in Spain for African students typically covers half of the tuition fees. Whether you are considering applying or not, it’s a good idea to do some research. Additionally, you can visit the university’s website via Polytechnic University of Valencia scholarship for additional information.

3. University of Barcelona Grant

University of Barcelona Grant provides financial aid in the form of reductions on university fees, ranging from 25% to 100% for those with exceptional academic records. Note that the application period begins annually and closes on June 25th. It’s important to keep in mind that priority is given to those who apply early on, during the first two weeks of the application window.

4. Barcelona School of Economics (BSE) scholarship

Barcelona School of Economics (BSE) provides numerous fee waivers for all its Master’s degree programs.

These scholarships in Spain for African students, which covers full tuition fees, is open to international students who have been admitted to the university in Spain with a strong academic background in their undergraduate studies.

5. Barcelona University of Design and Technology scholarship

The University of Barcelona provides scholarships for students pursuing a Master’s degree in Data Science. However, the scholarship only covers the cost of tuition and does not extend to expenses such as travel, housing, and daily living. Students who have achieved excellent grades during their Bachelor’s studies will be given priority for the scholarship.

Additionally, applications for the University of Barcelona’s Design and Technology Grant should be submitted to Spanish consulates or embassies. On the other hand, applications for other scholarships can typically be sent to the scholarship office within the admission and registration department at the university.

6. University of Granada scholarship

The University of Granada, in addition to the Spanish government scholarships, operates its own scholarship program for individuals seeking to advance their education at the university. The award is distributed taking into consideration both the applicant’s academic performance and financial situation.

7. Scholarships from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain

Spanish government, through its Ministry of Education, provides scholarships for undergraduate and master’s degree programs at any Spanish university. These scholarships can either be a fixed amount or a variable amount, with a maximum of €1,500 or covering the full cost of tuition. To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must have a strong academic record and their family’s economic status will also be taken into consideration during the selection process.

8. European University of the Atlantic Collaboration Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship amount: Full Tuition Fee Waiver
  • Eligible degree: Undergraduate Programs

The Collaboration Scholarship at the European University of the Atlantic is designed for incoming internationals, including African students pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer engineering. This scholarship supports outstanding students by addressing their financial needs, particularly in covering tuition fees.

To apply for this Spanish scholarship for Africans, candidates must fulfill the university’s pre-registration requirements, including payment of associated fees, and pass the entrance examination.

The following documents must be submitted as part of the application process:

  • the university’s application and pre-registration form,
  • a valid identification card or passport, and
  • previous academic records.

Your academic records must clearly indicate your overall average or grade for each subject.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee, who will then personally notify the selected recipient. To maintain eligibility for scholarship renewal in subsequent academic years, recipients must achieve good academic standing and actively participate in university events and activities.

9. University of Alicante Santander Progress Scholarship

  • Scholarship
  • Scholarship amount: €1,000
  • Eligible degrees: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

The University of Alicante Santander is a renowned public institution situated in San Vicente del Raspeig, with additional campus locations in various major cities across the country. While pursuing higher education in Spain as an African can be somewhat costly, many international students are drawn to the country due to its rich culture and exceptional educational standards. Consequently, tuition fees are generally set at reasonable rates for these students.

Scholarships provided by the university come from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, allowing academically outstanding students at the national level to access higher education in undergraduate or graduate programs more easily. Six deserving students will receive a scholarship amount of €1,000 based on merit. This financial aid may be extended for more than one year, provided the selected students demonstrate potential for continuous growth and exceptional results in their studies.

10. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships

  • Scholarship
  • Scholarship award: €1,000 monthly stipend, travel allowances, and more.
  • Applicable degree: Graduate Programs

The Erasmus Plus Programme is dedicated to promoting education, sports, and training within the European Union. Through financial support, the Joint Masters scholarship is offered to African graduate students participating in advanced integrated study programs.

To apply for this scholarship, please visit the official website to obtain the necessary information and requirements. You will need to submit a motivation letter, language proficiency certificate, and prior academic records along with your application form.

11. UIC Barcelona – International Excellence Scholarships

  • Scholarship
  • Scholarship amount: Tuition fee reduction of 20%
  • Eligible degree: Undergraduate programs

The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya – Barcelona provides international excellence scholarships to exceptional global students demonstrating remarkable academic achievements. Each year, a select few international students are granted this scholarship opportunity.

To qualify for this Spanish scholarship, candidates must fulfill the university’s academic criteria. Applicants should have achieved a grade point average of 8 during their secondary high school education. As grading systems vary globally, the university will convert these scores to the Spanish education system.

You must pass a specific examination and gain admission to the university.

Explore Programs for International Students Finally, all applications must be submitted online, with required documents uploaded through the admissions portal. This scholarship is renewable, provided that the recipient maintains their academic standing and achieves a minimum grade of 7 during their studies at the university.

12. Marie Curie Individual Fellowships – Global Fellowships

  • Scholarship
  • Scholarship amounts: The mobility stipend includes €600 monthly, a €500 monthly living allowance, funding for research projects, and additional benefits based on your application.
  • Eligible degree: PhD

The Marie Curie Individual Fellowships, regarded as one of the top scholarships in Spain for international students, are provided by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA), a research support initiative established by the European Union. MSCA aims to support exceptional researchers as they pursue their chosen doctoral programs, providing financial assistance for research and other expenses while studying in Spain.

The MSCA welcomes applications for any PhD program. To be eligible for this fellowship, applicants must submit their curriculum vitae, academic records demonstrating their master’s degree, a cover letter, and two recommendation letters. Additionally, a research proposal is required.

The proposal will consist of two parts: the administrative form and the actual research proposal. Templates and application forms can be found on the MSCA website. Be advised that the competition for this fellowship is intense, so ensure your application is submitted on time and that your research proposal is of the highest quality.

13. EADA Business School – EADA Scholarships

  • Scholarship
  • Scholarship amount: 25-50% reduction in tuition fees
  • Eligible degree: Graduate Studies

Established in 1984, EADA Business School in Barcelona is a private institution that provides a range of MBA and graduate study programs. EADA scholarships are awarded to high-achieving international students on a merit basis. As a scholarship recipient, you will be required to contribute to a project.

To begin your application, visit the official EADA Business School website and choose your desired program. Each program will have a dedicated scholarship tab where you can initiate your application. The necessary documents, including application forms, can be found on the website. Typically, applicants must submit admission, introduction, and recommendation letters, as well as enrollment documentation.

14. Esade Ramon Llull University – Esade MSc Merit Scholarships

  • Scholarship
  • Scholarship amount: 10-50% reduction in tuition costs
  • Eligible degree: Master’s Studies

The Esade MSc Merit Scholarships welcome both domestic and international students pursuing a master’s degree at Esade Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, Spain. Designed to support outstanding graduate students enrolled in an MSc program at the university, these Spanish scholarships consider factors such as academic achievements, nationality, and gender.

To apply for these scholarships, submit your application via the university’s admission portal, as the process for both graduate admission and scholarship consideration is combined. Eligibility for these merit-based scholarships is determined by your GRE scores, academic history, essays, and letters of recommendation.

15. MIT Zaragoza Scholarship Program

  • Scholarship
  • Scholarship amount: Up to 50% reduction in tuition fees
  • EligibleDegree: Master’s degree

The esteemed partnership between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Zaragoza has led to the establishment of the Zaragoza Logistics Center, a renowned research and educational institution specializing in supply chain management. The center offers a Master of Engineering in Logistics and Supply Chain Management program, with all enrolled students eligible for a scholarship in Spain that could cover up to 50% of their tuition fees.

To qualify, applicants must demonstrate a strong academic background or professional experience in the relevant field. They are also required to provide evidence of their English language proficiency and submit their GRE/GMAT assessment scores to ensure their ability to participate in the English-taught program.

Each year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Zaragoza extend this opportunity to a select group of students eager to join this highly-regarded joint program. More details about this prestigious scholarship can be found via the attached link.

16. Comillas Pontifical University’s Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Scholarship

  • Scholarship
  • Scholarship amount: Partial tuition fee payment and stipend
  • Eligible degree: Ph.D. programs

Comillas Pontifical University, a prestigious private Catholic institution in Madrid, Spain, offers an Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Ph.D. program scholarship for international students.

This scholarship includes a stipend and covers approximately 90% of tuition fees. Successful recipients gain the opportunity to collaborate with outstanding research teams and potentially publish in academic journals.

African applicants of the scholarships in Spain for African students must possess a relevant master’s degree and demonstrate strong academic performance. Proficiency in English is also required. A research proposal and several other documents must be submitted as part of the application process. Although the scholarship can be extended beyond one year, it primarily targets new students seeking to study in Spain or at this particular university.

17. IMDEA Networks Institute Scholarship

  • Scholarship
  • Scholarship amount: Covers full tuition fees and provides a monthly stipend
  • Eligible degree: Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree

NETCOM Lab, an independent research organization based in Spain, partners with the IMDEA Networks Institute to undertake a wide range of research projects involving Ph.D. candidates. They provide grants and scholarships to support these students in order to maximize the scientific and technical capabilities of their human capital, thereby funding the institute’s activities. The organization is dedicated to securing external funding to assist their research team, particularly those who demonstrate exceptional performance. Numerous scholarships are available for students affiliated with the university, and this specific Spanish scholarship stands out for its flexibility and focus on doctoral degrees.

The researchers receive compensation for their work via grants, scholarships, and fellowships that are awarded. These awards, thanks to their transparent and stringent selection processes, are comparable to externally funded research as they elevate both the awardee and the affiliated organization. If Ph.D. candidates demonstrate promising progress in their studies, they may be eligible to maintain the scholarship or grant for more than one year. Further details about this scholarship can be found by accessing the provided scholarship link.

18. The UPF Community Study Scholarship

  • Scholarship
  • Scholarship amount: Full or partial coverage of tuition fees and expenses
  • Eligible degrees: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

The UPF Community Study Grant Program aims to support students experiencing significant financial hardship. This scholarship covers full or partial expenses for registration and tuition fees, as well as living costs. Designed for international students seeking to study at a prestigious institution, the scholarship is awarded once per student, with possible extension to a second year under special circumstances.

This scholarship’s primary objective is to make education accessible to students from diverse countries and backgrounds. It is available for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree studies in programs offered during the current academic period. These programs encompass a wide range of accredited courses designed to equip African students with the skills and knowledge needed for the job market. For further details on the scholarship amount and eligibility requirements, visit the scholarship connection.

Requirements for scholarship in Spain as an African student

  1. Two completed scholarship application forms, one in Spanish and the other in English, containing all necessary details.
  2. Academic transcripts (high school for bachelor’s degree applicants, and bachelor’s for master’s degree applicants) in English.
  3. Medical clearance certificate issued by the applicant’s home country’s Ministry of Health in English.
  4. HIV-negative certificate provided by the applicant’s home country’s Ministry of Health in English.
  5. A certified true copy of the passport information page, authenticated by the applicant’s home country’s Ministry of Interior, in English.
  6. An English CV for those applying for master’s degrees.
  7. For master’s degree applicants without a bachelor’s degree from a university, submission of a TOEFL certificate with a minimum score of 500 or an IELTS score of 5.5 as evidence of English language proficiency.
  8. Four passport-sized personal photographs.
  9. Criminal background check certificate, authenticated by the applicant’s home country’s Ministry of Interior, in English.

We hope you found this article on scholarships in Spain for African students informative and helpful.

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