Scholarship for Being Short

Well, being short does have its own advantages, and one of the benefits is scholarship recognition. Yes, you can get a scholarship for your short height. In this post, we are going to consider the best scholarship for being short out there. This scholarship is the LPA (Little People of America) scholarship program.

Can You Get a Scholarship for Being Short?

Yes, short people can 100% get a scholarship. This scholarship really focuses on your height, so if you are short, you don’t get to compete with other people academically for a spot. So, in this post, we are going to focus on the scholarship for being short offered by LPA. This is a common scholarship that you can really apply for right now and get in 2024.

What is LPA?

Little People of America, Inc. is a charitable organization that supports people of short stature and their families. It opens its membership to those with a medical or genetic condition leading to an adult height of 4’10” or less, often due to one of the over 400 conditions classified as dwarfism.

Here at LPA, even the family members of short people and professionals who are involved with or interested in the well-being of short-statured individuals are welcome.

Scholarship for Being Short – LPA 2024

In its commitment to assisting people with dwarfism and the broader community, LPA provides educational scholarships for those who are either planning to or are currently enrolled in a college or vocational school in the United States.

The amount for this scholarship for being short ranges typically from $250 to $1,000, and occasionally even more. The selection of recipients is conducted by a scholarship committee led by LPA’s Programs Director. They carefully evaluate each application packet to ensure that the right candidate makes the list.

Regarding the allocation of LPA scholarship awards, there is a limitation where recipients can receive up to two awards during their undergraduate studies and one award during their graduate studies. Also, recipients of the Ellen Highland Fernandez graduate scholarship are eligible to reapply a maximum of two more times.

Who is this Scholarship for?

This is such an exhilarating phase for prospective students in their journey! Taking the step towards post-secondary education is a monumental decision that can shape your future.

The allocation of scholarships is prioritized as follows:

  1. Members of the Little People of America medically diagnosed with a form of dwarfism.
  2. Immediate family members of individuals with dwarfism who are also contributing members of the LPA.
  3. Individuals who have dwarfism but are not members of the LPA.

So, you can see that there are 3 categories of people who qualify for this scholarship. If you are not already a member, you can go to and sign up to become a member.

How to Apply for LPA Scholarship for Being Short

  1. Submit your online application by the deadline, April 15. Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered.
  2. Proofread your application multiple times. The Scholarship Committee evaluates spelling and grammar when reviewing applications.
  3. Write a thank you letter if you receive a scholarship. This is not only courteous, but it also makes a good impression on the committee for future scholarship applications.
  4. Review the “The Inside Scoop on LPA Scholarships” webinar recording for insights that will help you when applying for this scholarship for short people.
  5. Get involved with LPA. We value volunteerism, and your willingness to help speaks volumes to the Scholarship Committee. Engage with your local chapter or district officer to find ways to contribute, and mention your plans in your personal statement.

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask. A high school counselor, college advisor, parents, or even another college student can be helpful.

How Short Do You Have to Be to Get a Scholarship?

This short people scholarship is open to members with a medical or genetic condition that makes their adult height 4’10” or less, often due to one of the over 400 conditions classified as dwarfism. So, you have to be 4’10” short to get this scholarship.

Other Scholarships for Short People

Ford Empowering America Scholarship 2024

The Ford Empowering America Scholarship is offered by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation. It’s for short people. There are two awards available: the main winner receives $3,000, and the second-place finisher gets $2,000. This scholarship is open to female students who are either undergraduates or graduates. They should be studying in fields like media, journalism, English, communications, or related areas.

NCTA & AWMF Scholarship 2024

This scholarship is offered by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation for short women. It’s for female students who are studying communications or media. They get to make something original like a digital short, video, animation, or any multimedia project. Their work will be shown on NCTA and AWMF’s media channels.

Also, the winners get a $5,000 scholarship to help with their studies. They’ll get a free ticket to the Gracies Leadership Awards in the Fall too. Plus, the scholarship gives them a chance to meet important people in the media world at an AWM event.

Cappex Easy Money Scholarship

The Cappex Easy Money Scholarship is unique because it doesn’t ask for a minimum GPA or an essay. It’s not exclusively for short people, which means it can be quite competitive. To be eligible, you need to be a high school student, a college student, or planning to enroll in a college within the next 12 months.

Jockey Club Scholarship Jack Goodman Scholarship

Every year, there’s a special scholarship for short people who are studying in the University of Arizona’s Race Track Industry Program (RTIP). It’s named after Goodman, who lived in Tucson, was a long-time member of The Jockey Club, and helped start the RTIP.

This scholarship gives $6,000 in total, split as $3,000 for each semester.

The Jockey Club offers several other scholarships too:

  • The Jockey Club Scholarship: $15,000 total, or $7,500 each semester.
  • The Jockey Club Advancement of Women in Racing Scholarship: $20,000 total, or $10,000 each semester.
  • The Jockey Club Vision Scholarship: $20,000 total, or $10,000 each semester.
  • The Jockey Club Benevolence Scholarship: $15,000 total, or $7,500 each semester.

To qualify for any of these Jockey Club Scholarships, you need to be living in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.


So, there you go with the best short people scholarship opportunities. I have mentioned that the best and most talked about scholarship for being short is that of the LPA. Just make sure to apply to as many scholarships as possible to increase your chance of being approved for one of them.

You can always drop your questions and comments in the comment section.

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