Scholarship for Being Left Handed

Scholarships are generally tougher to get due to competition, especially those ones based on merit or need. However, scholarships based on unique characteristics can be easier to get, as long as you have the said feature, for example, being left handed. In this post, we will be looking at the best scholarship for being left handed that you can apply for right now. It shouldn’t be a surprise that scholarships exist specifically for left-handed students. In fact, there are a lot more weirder scholarships out there that people still apply for and get paid. Let’s get into it.

Scholarship for Being Left Handed 2024

We would actually be looking at more than one scholarship but we will also emphasize the best one that any left handed person can get. Usually, this type of scholarship is given by organizations that recognize and support unique minority groups of left-handed students.

1. Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship

The first scholarship for being left handed is the Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship amount is $5,000—that’s a lot. As for the eligibility, it’s for college juniors and seniors. The application deadline is January 2024.

So, let’s talk a bit more about this Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship for left-handed students. This scholarship is provided by The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. It’s available to two college juniors or seniors at an accredited US university, majoring in Political Science, History, Government, or Economics. Students must also be attending a university or four-year college to be eligible.

2. Vicki L. Schechtman Scholarship

If you are left handed, consider Vicki L. Schechtman Scholarship. The name even contains the letter ‘L’ which could mean ‘Left’. Just kidding. So, the scholarship amount is $2,000 and it is open for female college freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. The Vicki L. Schechtman Scholarship is for female undergraduate students in their first, second, or third year who are pursuing a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The area of study should be a science recognized by the National Science Foundation, aligning with Dr. Schechtman’s vision of scientific advancement. Eligible students must be enrolled in a STEM field at a US university or college.

3. No-Essay Community Scholarship

At number 3, we have the No-Essay Community Scholarship. This is a scholarship opportunity with a scholarship amount of $5,000 for left handed people. The eligibility is for students at any educational level Application deadline: December, 2024.

The first scholarship we will discuss for left-handed students is the No-Essay Community Scholarship. This scholarship is for students who are active in their communities and always ready to lend a hand to friends and community members. To increase your chances of receiving this scholarship, you should apply as soon as possible and encourage your friends to join as well.

4. Heiken USA Performing Arts Scholarship

The fourth scholarship for being left handed is the Heiken USA Performing Arts Scholarship. This scholarship amount is $3,000. The eligibility is for full-time students.

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation awards the Heiken USA Performing Arts Scholarship to left-handed students. This scholarship supports full-time students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in drama, music, opera, theater, or other performing arts. To qualify, students must be African American, a legal US citizen, attend an accredited US university, and have a minimum GPA of 2.5. Applicants should also show leadership skills and be actively involved in community service to be considered for this scholarship.

5. Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship

Next, we will talk about the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship, a scholarship that pays $1,000 to left handed students. Eligibility is for left-handed high school students in the US. The Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship is an opportunity for left-handed full-time high school seniors who have shown remarkable community service, academic excellence, and leadership abilities. Applicants must also have a minimum GPA of 2.8 to be considered for this scholarship.

6. Parry and Pfau Left-Handed Scholarship

You can also apply for the Parry and Pfau Left-Handed Scholarship which pays an amount of $1,500. As for the eligibility, you have to be a high school senior or graduate. The application deadline is July, and this scholarship is open annually.

The Parry and Pfau Left-Handed Scholarship supports left-handed US residents who have strong academic achievements. Students enrolled in any accredited US university can apply for this scholarship. The award is given based on the student’s creativity and humor.

7. Shaw-Worth Memorial Scholarship

At number 7, we have the Shaw-Worth Memorial Scholarship, with a scholarship amount of $2,500. The eligibility is for high school graduates. The Shaw-Worth Memorial Scholarship is presented by The Humane Society of the United States for left-handed students. It’s awarded to students who have a profound care and concern for animals. This scholarship is for a New England high school senior enrolled in an accredited US university, who has made significant contributions to animal welfare and protection activities.

8. Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship

The 8th scholarship for being left handed we have is the Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship. The scholarship amount is $1,000 to $1,500. Eligibility is for left-handed college students. The Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship is dedicated to left-handed students who are in their sophomore, junior, or senior year at Juniata College in Huntington, Pennsylvania. This scholarship has been available since 1979 and has helped over 40 left-handed students. To qualify, students need to have good academic records and demonstrate financial need.

9. Lawyers Plus Southpaw Scholarship

Next, we have the Lawyers Plus Southpaw scholarship for being left handed. The scholarship amount is $1,500 and the eligibility is for left-handed high school seniors, and college, or graduate students in the US. Let’s look a bit deeper into the Lawyers Plus Southpaw Scholarship. Now, this scholarship is designed for left-handed students attending any accredited university in the US. To win this scholarship, you typically need to demonstrate exceptional creativity, humor, and passion. Applicants must also create a brief, one-minute video discussing how being left-handed has influenced their life and educational experiences. With this, you will qualify for this scholarship and get paid.

10. Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund

Finally, we have the Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund. For this scholarship, you will receive $2,500. You are eligible if you are a left-handed high school senior. The application deadline is between April and October 31 annually.

If you are left-handed and dream of being a pastry chef, the Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund is perfect for you. This scholarship, offered by the American Culinary Federation, is for students who want to study culinary arts at an accredited institution. To be eligible, students should have at least a 2.5 GPA and be involved in volunteer activities.

How to Apply for Scholarships for Left Handed People

When applying for scholarships as a left-handed student, the process really depends on the university. But, there are some general steps every left-handed student should follow when applying for a scholarship. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Confirm that you’re left-handed.
  2. Complete an application form.
  3. Write an essay about how being left-handed has influenced your life and your experiences in school.
  4. Make sure you are enrolled at a recognized college or university.

Remember, even if you’re applying for a scholarship, you might still need financial help. There are other types of financial assistance you can apply for, such as grants, loans, fellowships, and tuition fee waivers.

You can always improve your odds of winning a scholarship for being left handed. I reckon you should use these simple tips:

  1. Seek advice from a mentor or teacher on crafting a successful Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  2. Write a personal statement that is clear, concise, and honest.
  3. Keep up good grades and a strong academic record.
  4. Get involved in volunteer work and community service.
  5. Write a compelling essay that highlights how being left-handed has shaped your life. Include your unique skills, career ambitions, and personal experiences.


So, we have looked at the scholarship for being left handed, and you just have to pick one and apply. In fact, you can apply for more than one scholarship at the same time, as long as you meet the requirements for each scholarship. Note that a scholarship is different from a grant. Scholarships and grants both provide financial aid, but a scholarship is usually given for merit, certain criteria, or achievements, while grants are often need-based or for a specific purpose. Now, about the essay you may be required to write, in your essay, talk about how being left-handed has impacted your life and school experiences. You can discuss any challenges you’ve faced, unique skills you have, and personal growth you’ve experienced because you are left-handed.

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