How to Get Nursing School Paid for

Nursing is an excellent field; however, it can be expensive, especially if you reside in one of the top-tier countries. Sometimes, students give up due to funding, but in this post, we are going to talk about how to get nursing school paid for. Yes, there are many ways, including FAFSA and even scholarships and grants. We will focus on how you can find grants and scholarships for your pre-nursing and nursing studies. I managed to cover almost all of my pre-nursing courses with scholarships. At the end of this article, I’ll tell you about a nursing scholarship for this school year.

How to Get Nursing School Paid For

1. Fill out the FAFSA

So, the first thing you will do is to fill out the FAFSA to check if you are eligible for any government grants. FAFSA is a form students fill out to get financial aid, either as grants or loans, from the government. I’m studying nursing as my second degree; I already have a bachelor’s degree. As a result, I don’t qualify for FAFSA aid. However, I still had to fill it out to show I wasn’t eligible for government scholarships when applying for other scholarships. I didn’t get any grants or scholarships through FAFSA. By the way, if you do not qualify for financial aid, I made an article that talks about those scholarships that overlook financial aid. So, make sure to check out the article.

If this is your first college degree, you may likely get some grants through FAFSA. I could talk a lot about loans, too. For my first degree, I took out many loans, which I later regretted. They can be hard to pay back, but thankfully, I’ve done that now. My advice now is to avoid loans if you can. When you fill out FAFSA, try to get the grant money instead of taking out loans. A grant is basically a sum of money, like a scholarship, that the government gives to a student for a specific purpose. It functions just like a scholarship, providing money you can use for tuition, and sometimes for supplies and books.

2. Speak with Your School’s Financial Aid Office

So, we are going to talk about contacting your school’s financial aid office. This is going to be our next step on how to get nursing school paid for. If you have already filled out FAFSA or don’t qualify for grants through it, the next step is to contact your school or its financial aid office. Ask if they have any scholarships you can apply for. This is how I found all the scholarships I applied for and received for my pre-nursing courses. Your advisor can also assist you. They might direct you to a financial aid counselor to discuss this further. Sometimes, this information is also available on your school’s financial aid website, so you can check there. Your school usually has a list of different scholarships, each with its own qualifications. Some are merit-based, depending on your GPA and academic record. You should see if you qualify for these.

There are also need-based scholarships. For these, you usually show your taxes or income amount to qualify. Some schools also offer scholarships in partnership with other groups or individuals, targeted at specific students or types of students. These might be for those involved in a club, music, or a sport. Check what your school offers and see if you qualify for any of these scholarships. If you do, definitely fill out the applications and try to get those scholarships.

I also learned it’s important to keep checking back every few months with the financial aid office or on their website for updates on scholarships. New scholarships might be added, or you might be able to reapply for the same scholarship every few months, each term, or every year. If this option is available, it’s good to stay informed and know what’s happening with these opportunities.

3. Look for State-Specific Scholarships

My next tip is to look for scholarships offered through the state you live in. You can ask your financial aid counselor or advisor about state-specific scholarships. You can simply do a Google search. For instance, if you live in Texas, you can search for ‘Texas nursing scholarships,’ ‘Texas scholarships for pre-nursing,’ or ‘scholarships for college students in Texas.’ One scholarship I received for a course this past semester covered my entire class. It wasn’t specific to nursing or pre-nursing but was a need-based scholarship for those in continuing education, which was what I was doing. You might be surprised at what you find. So, do your research, ask around, and Google. This can help you discover scholarships that are out there, just waiting for you to apply.

There are so many of these scholarships out there. By the way, I wrote an article on those scholarships that pay directly to a student instead of the school – make sure to check out that article. My suggestion is to do some Google searches for nursing scholarships. You’ll find a lot. There are scholarships for single moms in nursing, for men in nursing, and for women in nursing. You’ll even find scholarships for unique things, like loving ice cream. There’s a lot out there, especially in the medical and nursing fields. You may be surprised that, as a nurse, if you are short, you can still get a scholarship for short people. This is categorized under the weird scholarships available out there.

I’ve been using an Excel spreadsheet to organize my scholarship search. It’s pretty simple. I have a few columns. In the first column, I list the name of the scholarship, making sure I qualify for it. Then, I note the deadline for the scholarship. In the third column, I put the link to the website where all the scholarship information is. This way, I have a list of scholarships I can apply for, all in one place. It helps me keep track of everything I’ve found and ensures I don’t miss any deadlines. It’s a good way to stay organized and on top of the scholarships you want to apply for.

When you’re going through your pre-nursing classes, keep in mind that some nursing scholarships are merit-based, which means they look at your GPA and grades. For these scholarships, they often want a GPA of around 3.5 or higher. So, if you’re aiming for merit-based scholarships, focus on getting good grades in your pre-nursing classes. There are also many non-merit-based scholarships, which I mentioned earlier, that are based on various other factors. These might require a lower GPA, like 2.5 or above, but it depends on the scholarship.

4. Reach Out to the Office Responsible for Scholarship Distribution

Instead of contacting the financial aid office, get in touch with the office that handles the distribution of grants and scholarships to get nursing school paid for. If you are not sure who that is, just search your school’s name along with ‘scholarships’ or ‘grants’. You’ll find information about all the scholarships and grants your school offers, and it should be easy to find an email address or phone number for the person in charge of that area. Contact them to ask about any specific grants or scholarships available, especially if you’re an absent student in need of grants.

5. Apply for Specific Grants

Our tip number 4 that can help get nursing school paid for is to apply for specific grants. I also recommend applying for specific grants rather than those on websites listing many grants. However, I found that applying to so many grants on such sites can be a waste of time, as I never heard back from any. The grants or scholarships that were beneficial were the smaller ones, like those offered by local hospitals. In my area, for instance, there’s a scholarship where, if you’re selected, you get a stipend each semester. The condition is that you must work for them for two years. But this might be a good option if you’re looking for a job or planning to stay in the area.

6. Consult with Lecturers and Professors

As tip number 6, you can ask your professors about scholarships that get nursing school paid for. They often know about these opportunities because they talk with other teachers and nurses, even at hospitals where you do clinicals. It’s a good idea to ask if there are scholarships or grants available. Many hospitals offer a dynamic where, if you agree to work for them after graduating, they provide you with a stipend in advance.

7. Work for Hospitals That Offer to Pay for Your Nursing School

You can also look into working for a hospital that offers to pay for or partially pay for your schooling. We talked about this earlier. Often, this requires a full-time job, which might not be feasible for everyone. But if you can manage it, it’s worth giving it a shot. There could be affiliate programs or similar options to help with school expenses.

8. Ask Your Employer for Sponsorship

The final tip I’m going to leave with you is to ask your employer. A lot of students are not aware, but your employer can actually help get nursing school paid for you. Just ask if your current employer offers any educational benefits. This could be a fast food chain or a place like Home Depot. Many companies have programs where, as an employee, you receive a certain amount of money each semester for your education. Often, they don’t mind which school you are attending as long as it meets certain criteria, like being a four-year institution. So, if you work for certain stores or companies, check if they offer such benefits. You might be surprised. Even a few thousand dollars can make a difference and add up over time.

How to Apply for Nursing Scholarship

Now, about applying for a scholarship. Generally, you have to follow these steps.

  1. You’ll need to fill out an application form with your name, address, the program you’re applying to, and the school you’re attending.
  2. For merit-based scholarships, you’ll likely need to attach your transcripts. And for need-based scholarships, you’ll often have to provide income or tax information.
  3. Many scholarships also require an essay. They’ll tell you the topic and how long it should be. Make sure your essay is well-written, without grammatical errors, and that it’s interesting and stands out.

I’ve seen some scholarship applications where, instead of writing an essay, you make a video of you talking about a certain topic. This is another creative way to show why you are a good fit for the scholarship and why they should choose you. It really depends on the scholarship and its specific requirements. Make sure to read all the details, understand exactly what they need from you, and put in your best effort to increase your chances of winning the scholarship.

Earlier, I mentioned a specific scholarship I wanted to share with you. Mometrix has launched a scholarship for nursing students who will be in a program during the 2024–2025 school year. They offer several prizes: first place gets a $750 scholarship, second place gets $400, and third place wins free Mometrix study materials or a choice of one of their books. This is a great opportunity if you’re currently a nursing student or will be one in the upcoming school year.


So, we have been able to look at 8 different methods that will get nursing school paid for you. Make sure to explore all these different resources. You are likely to find at least some reduction in your educational expenses each semester. Even if it’s just enough to cover books, it’s still helpful. I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions or comments, I’m more than happy to answer them. Just drop them in the comment section, and I’ll attend to them.

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