Top 10 Countries that Love Nigeria

Indeed, some countries have a soft spot for Nigerians. And you are in the right place to find out the top 10 countries that love Nigeria. Often called the “Giant of Africa”, Nigeria is not just known for its vast land and a whopping population of over 220 million people. With its capital in Abuja, this nation is a melting pot of diverse cultures, traditions, and languages. English might be the official language, but Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo dominate the scene too.

Nigeria isn’t just about numbers; it’s also about vibrant festivals, trendy fashion styles from various tribes, and rich history. Did you know Nigeria waved goodbye to Britain in 1960 and took on the republic tag in 1963?

Plus, Nigeria plays a vital role in ECOWAS, a body promoting cooperation and trade in West Africa. Thanks to this, people, goods, and services flow freely between member countries.

And guess what? Countries love Nigeria not just for its oil. From tourism to education, business deals, and entertainment to rich agricultural resources like cocoa and palm oil, there’s plenty that makes Nigeria a favorite.

Top 10 Countries That Love Nigeria

So, we have collected the top countries that love Nigeria. This list is based on what people have to say about Nigerians. Also, this arrangement has no particular other. That said, below are the top 10 countries that love Nigeria.

1. Ghana

Ghana, a thriving nation in West Africa, has a special bond with Nigeria. Nestled in the Gulf of Guinea, it’s a beacon of development in the continent. Ghana’s economy is booming, thanks to its citizens who are eager to invest in ventures that promise growth and job opportunities.

But there’s more to this story. Ghana’s relationship with Nigeria is so strong that Nigerians don’t even need a tourist visa to visit.

Visa Application for Ghana:

  • The good news for Nigerian citizens is that you don’t need a tourist visa to travel to Ghana. It’s absolutely free for them.
  • Nigerians can enjoy a short stay in Ghana for up to 90 days.
  • Only 3 documents are essential for this visa-free travel:
    1. A Nigerian passport or travel document with at least 6 months of validity and at least 2 clear visa pages.
    2. A travel itinerary that includes reservations to and from Nigeria. It’s recommended not to purchase actual flight and hotel tickets until the visa is approved.
    3. Proof of sufficient funds for the stay and to exit Ghana.
  • Application Process: The process is straightforward. Ensure the Nigerian passport is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in Ghana. Once in Ghana, present the passport or travel document to the immigration officer. After verification, a visa stamp will be placed on the passport, allowing a stay in Ghana for the stipulated 90 days.

2. France

France and Nigeria have a strong bond of friendship. The first time a Nigerian leader visited France was in December 1977, led by General Yakubu Gowon. Later, in April 1994, France’s President, Francois Mitterrand, visited Nigeria, making their bond even stronger. France helped Nigeria, especially in the north. An important moment was when President Obama asked for support for West Africa in 2010, emphasizing the fight against AIDS.

Nigerians planning to visit France need to apply for a Schengen visa. The application process involves filling out a form on the France-Visas website and submitting documents like a passport, photos, travel insurance, proof of accommodation, flight itinerary, and proof of funds. The processing time is typically 15 days.

3. Belgium

One of the top countries that love Nigeria is Belgium, and they have a special place for Nigeria. It even has an embassy in Nigeria and a consulate in Lagos. The Belgian Embassy in Abuja started as a trade mission in 1986. The first ambassador was Mr. Jean-Pierre Van Rossem. In 1992, Princess Astrid de Ligne de Croix took over.

For Belgium, Nigerians also need a Schengen visa. The application process is similar to France’s, requiring an application form from the Belgian embassy’s website, along with necessary documents. The processing time is around 15 days.

4. South Africa

South Africa is a major economy in Africa with many Nigerians living there. It’s the top place in Africa where Nigerians live outside of Nigeria. The country even has Igbo as an official language, along with English and Afrikaans.

Nigerians wishing to travel to South Africa need to obtain prior authorization. The visa requirements vary based on the purpose and duration of the visit. Traditionally, obtaining a visa required visiting a South African embassy or consulate, which could be lengthy and expensive.

However, for short-term tourism and business trips, Nigerians can now apply online through the South Africa eVisa scheme.

Documents Needed

  • Nigerian passport (valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of arrival).
  • Email address.
  • Debit or credit card (for visa processing fee payment).
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the visit.
  • Confirmation of a return or onward travel ticket.
  • Yellow fever certificate (only if you’ve been to the yellow fever belt of Africa or South America before heading to South Africa).

5. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, or UK, is in Europe and includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It’s a democracy with a monarchy. Back in the 19th century, the British Empire was very powerful, owning lands in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Canada.

While the UK stopped slavery in 1833, they secretly traded slaves until 1839 in places like the Gold Coast, which is now Ghana. If you’re a Nigerian planning to visit, study, or work in the UK, you might need a visa. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Depending on the purpose of your visit, you may need a visa to enter the UK.
  • For assistance with your application or any immigration-related queries, you can contact UK Visas and Immigration.
  • If you’ve submitted documents for a UK visa, immigration, or citizenship application and need them returned urgently, there’s a process to get your documents back.
  • If you’re applying for a UK visa, you might need to get tested for tuberculosis (TB). There are specific clinics in Nigeria where you can get tested for TB for your UK visa application.

Also, the UK is the easiest country to get a student visa from Nigeria.

6. India

Understand that India and Nigeria have a growing trade relationship. In 2023, their bilateral trade reached a whopping $6.97 billion, a significant jump from $1.72 billion just 7 years ago. India sources 5% of its crude oil and 4% of its coal from Nigeria, ranking as the 8th and 7th largest suppliers respectively. Those delicious cocoa beans we adore? Many of them come from Nigeria too.

  1. Nigerians need to apply for a visa to visit India.
  2. The visa application process typically involves filling out an online form available at Indian Visa Online.
  3. Visas can be applied for in person at the Consulate General of India (CGI) in Lagos.
  4. The visa application form should be signed in the box under the photograph on page 1 and at the end of page 2. More details are on the High Commission of India, Abuja, Nigeria website.

7. Spain

You can go to Spain, one of the loveliest countries that love Nigeria, and they have a lot to offer, especially to Nigerians. Fancy the outdoors? Spain’s got you covered. From amazing spots to top-notch hotels, there’s something for everyone. I adore Spain, and so do many who travel there, be it for fun or work.

  • Nigerians can apply for a Schengen visa to travel to Spain.
  • The deadline for submitting a visa application has been extended to 6 months instead of the usual 3 months. For Seafarers, they can apply up to 9 months in advance.
  • The visa application form has been updated.
  • Visa fees are as follows:
    • Above 12 years: 80 Euros
    • 6 to 11 years: 40 Euros
    • Children under 6 years: Free of charge
  • The application process involves knowing your visa type, booking an appointment, and visiting the Spain Visa Application Centre. More details can be found on the Spain Visa Application Centre website.

8. Mauritius

Looking for a sunny getaway? Mauritius is your spot. This tiny island near Madagascar boasts some of Africa’s prettiest beaches. With its year-round tropical climate, it’s a hit for those dodging the cold or just wanting beach time. Give Mauritius a try.

  • Nigerian citizens can apply for a visa on arrival when traveling to Mauritius.
  • The visa on arrival allows a stay of up to 2 weeks.
  • The visa processing time is approximately 2 hours.
  • Documents required for the visa on arrival include:
    1. A Nigerian passport with at least 6 months of validity and at least 2 clear visa pages.
    2. A travel itinerary (reservations to and from Nigeria). It’s recommended not to purchase actual tickets until the visa is approved.
    3. Proof of sufficient funds for the stay in Mauritius.
  • The visa on arrival process involves gathering the necessary documents, ensuring the passport is valid, arriving in Mauritius, filling out the immigration form, presenting the required documents and paying any visa fee, and receiving the visa stamp in the passport.

9. Canada

Canada and Nigeria share a strong bond. They engage in trade and have diplomatic ties. In Canada, there’s a significant Nigerian presence, with around 1 million Nigerians calling it home. Canada has also backed educational initiatives in entrepreneurship and leadership for Nigerians.

Several Canadian companies have invested in Nigeria. These include Manulife Financial Corp. in the insurance sector, Barrick Gold Corp. in mining, Suncor Energy Inc. for energy, Ericsson Canada Ltd. in telecommunications, and Agricore United Inc. in agricultural management.

How to Apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa

  1. Before applying, gather all the necessary documents required for the visitor visa.
  2. Most first-time applicants need to provide their biometrics (fingerprints and photo).
  3. Follow the specific steps to apply for a visitor visa. There are detailed instructions available based on your specific situation, such as visiting family, business trips, attending funerals, joining a vessel as a marine crew member, and more.

10. Senegal

Located in West Africa, Senegal boasts a population of over 14 million. Dakar, its capital, is a major city in the region. The country shares its borders with Guinea-Bissau, Mali, and Mauritania, with the Atlantic Ocean gracing its southern edge. Interested in exploring Senegal? Here are some spots to consider:

  • Dakar – The bustling capital city.
  • Saint Louis – A port city near Dakar with French colonial roots.
  • Tambacounda – A haven for bird enthusiasts, thanks to the species brought by European explorers.
  • Ziguinchor – A coastal city by the Casamance River, with a rich history dating back to prehistoric times.
  • Saint-Louis du Sénégal – Established in 1659, it’s named after Louis XIV and its proximity to the once-named ‘Senegal River’.

Conclusion on the Top 10 Countries That Love Nigeria

Nigeria shares a bond of affection with many nations. Whether they’re allies, neighbors, partners, or simply friends, the foundation is love. This love fosters peace and harmony between Nigeria and these nations.

When considering the best countries for Nigerians to move to, India, Canada, the US, and the UK top the list. However, for those Nigerians looking closer to home in Africa, South Africa, Egypt, Ghana, and Cameroon are excellent choices. The essence is the mutual respect and love these countries hold for Nigeria.

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