Poland Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers

If you are a student and want to study in Poland, this article is for you because we will talk about the student visa aspect of your application. When it’s visa application time, a lot of students often panic due to the potential of being rejected. But don’t worry. In this post, we will discuss the Poland student visa interview questions and answers, as well as how to pass the embassy interview in Poland. What are the questions that are likely to be asked and how should you answer them in the best possible way? Poland has low visa rejection rates at just 11.6% in 2023. So, it’s actually very easy to be given that student visa. If you want to successfully pass the embassy interview for Poland, do not skip this post. I have provided you with the best answers for each critical question. Let’s move on to them.

Poland Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers

Poland student visa interview questions and answers

Now, let’s talk about how the interview works in terms of the questions you may be asked, which the embassy often asks students. The questions asked after you sit down and hand over your documents and the answers are:

1. Why did you choose Poland?

This is a question that will be asked before and after going to Poland. It’s a frequently asked question. Now, how should you answer it? If someone answers that they chose Poland because it’s a cheap country with low education and living costs, that’s a bad answer. Don’t give such an answer. The best answer is to look at the latest news about Poland on the European Union website. You’ll see which countries are developing, where the EU and others are funding, where industries are growing, where money is being invested in education, where universities are growing and their rankings are going up.

So, the best answer would be that Poland is a growing economy, major industries are flourishing there, and because of this, there’s a special focus on education and research in Poland. This would be the best answer, that you chose Poland because of its economic situation and growth in education, and the international opportunities and facilities available at its universities. You need to search this out on Google and then answer accordingly. Remember, the first question will always be this. All countries naturally like to ask why you choose them.

2. Why did you not start this course or education in your own country?

They will ask why you didn’t choose your specific course in your own country, and why you didn’t get a degree from a university here in your own country. Now, the best answer to this is that your previous education, whether 14 years, 16 years, or intermediate, is from your country. You have sufficient resources to get an international degree and then serve your country. You need to straightforwardly answer that the degree from your country’s university and the other or the majority of students won’t be available in your home country. Although many degrees are offered here, the quality of education of education in Poland is just your priority.

3. Does any of your country’s universities offer such a course?

Here, here is our number 3 for Poland student visa interview questions and answers. Now, this is a big question. Whenever you think of going abroad, try to look for courses that are not regularly available in the market. Business Administration is offered by every university, as are IT courses, but there are specific specializations like auto robotics, automotive engineering, neural sensing, green energy, and green electrical engineering. These are unique courses that may be less offered by colleges in your country. So, your answer should be that you have already preferred this.

4. Why did you select this university for your studies?

Here, they also want to know how motivated you are as a student, why you want to move abroad to Poland to study, and why you want to take these studies at this university in Poland. So, first, you have to justify that this course is offered by this university. Look at the course, the facilities they have are the best at this time. These are the things you need to look at.

5. How many universities in Poland have you applied to?

So, we move on to the 5th Poland student visa interview questions and answers. Here, you need to have information that this subject is relevant or that three or five universities are offering it. You need to tell them that these three or four universities were offering the course, you applied to them, their admission requirements matched your profile, you applied there, processed it, and got admission, but you know about the other universities that are offering it, and this university is the best for this course according to your research.

6. When are your classes starting for this program?

Then the next question will be ‘When will your classes start for this program?’ You should already know this if you have been admitted. So, just know the resumption date before you go for the Poland student visa interview.

7. Tell me about your family and who is going to support you?

Now, they will ask you about your financial sources, whether you have taken studies on self-finance, you are not getting a scholarship, so who will sponsor you? Here, it could be your father, your brother, or a relative. You have to tell them that this uncle of yours has this business, this factory, and they are going to support you for your education. You have to tell them this. The goal is just for them to know whether you will have money to fund your education.

8.  Where did you hear about this university?

This is an important question, where you searched it out. So, it’s likely going to be the 8th of the Poland student visa interview questions and answers. There are bachelor portals for bachelor’s universities, and master’s portals. So, you explain that you went there immediately after you selected the country Poland, and applied. Now, which university you selected, you will also tell them this. So, these are the things you should already have an idea about, how you selected the university.

9. Tell me about your previous study in education.

Now, tell me about your last education in your home country. Okay, let’s say you are applying for a Poland student visa from Pakistan, you have to tell them that you did FSc, you got a scholarship, you got so many marks, you did MBBS in this subject, your GPA was this, and it was okay. The same applies to any country in Asia (India, etc.), Africa (Nigeria, South Africa, etc.), America (United States, Canada, etc.), and Europe (England, Germany, etc.). Okay, then I did studies, so you have to answer about your city, where you studied, you have to tell them about that.

10. How did you apply for this university?

At number 10, this is one of the Poland student visa interview questions and answers which they don’t ask all the time. But you have to know it. It’s always better to be over-prepared for Poland student visa interview.

Now, this is the answer, look, countries don’t like agents, they never like agents. You have to say that you applied for the admission yourself. Here, you won’t find any record of telling the truth. So, keep this in mind, in a good mood. Don’t say that you applied through an agent. Just explain that you went to the university’s admission website yourself and applied there.

11. Have you applied through any agent or you have done it by yourself?

Here, again, you have to say that you applied for this admission yourself, no agent was involved. It’s okay to just say that your friend helped you out with things I didn’t understand. But don’t say that you applied through anybody. As I mentioned earlier, embassies do not like students applying through agents. They want to believe that you know what you are doing.

12. How much have you paid for the application fee for this university?

Now, the university’s application fee is something you should have paid long before now, you know to amount. If you paid it through Western Union, then you explain that. If you paid the fee online, you explain that with as many details as possible. You want to convince the Poland officer that you 100% know what you are doing.

13. How much did you pay for the university tuition fee?

You have to tell them about this. Whatever amount you paid, just say it. If there are other fees, just tell them as well.

14. When did you start your admission process?

Now this question, which may be the last, you should have the dates when your application was submitted. If you did any student consultancy, ask the agent to provide you with that data, your login details, etc. You need to know what you are doing 100% to convince the embassy. If possible, you can write down any important information.

15. Do you have family members living in Poland or any other EU country?

If yes, let the officer know about it. If no, just say no.

16. Do you plan to return to your home country after completing your studies?

This is always a very difficult question, especially for students who want to use this route to migrate permanently to Poland. If you are on a scholarship that requires you to return, just say that you will return after your studies.

How to Dress for Poland Student Visa Interview

Let’s talk about how you should dress for the interview. Wear a shirt and if you are a student, I would prefer that you wear pants (trousers) and a shirt instead of jeans and a polo. It’s important to be comfortable. Don’t wear something like a tie if it makes you uncomfortable. A tie is not mandatory, but if you can, please do. You can go in trousers and a shirt, but make sure it’s neat and smells nice too.

All these things are important. Try to minimize the metal items you carry, like a watch. You’ll have to leave your mobile outside. You’ll have a belt because when you go through security clearance, they will check for any metal items such as keys. So, when you go to any embassy, try to carry as few metal items as possible.

Poland Student Interview Setup

After your security clearance, you’ll be seated in front of the interview window. There will be a microphone, and usually, there’s a glass or protective sheet on the other side. You’ll speak into the microphone. The Polish visa officer could be anyone, and they may even understand your local language but try to conduct your interview in English, especially if you are going as a student. You should know English. If you know how to speak Polish, that is a plus for you.


So, I have covered 16 Poland student visa interview questions and answers in this post. If you want to obtain the Poland student visa, you have to ace this interview. I like you to understand that there is no one for all answers. Also, the Poland embassy does not like when students answer questions as if they have a script of questions and answers. You just have to be natural and give them the responses that really inspired you to want to study in Poland in the first place. However, don’t make the mistake of telling the embassy that you want to study in Poland so that you can live in Poland and work there. That’s because this is a study visa you are applying for and not a work visa.

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