Worst College in Massachusetts

So, I decided to talk about the worst college in Massachusetts and every result is bringing up Montserrat College of Art. Well, first, this school is a small and less popular private school for someone who isn’t a city person. The reason is that it is located in the suburbs near the ocean. However, it’s only about 5 minutes from downtown Salem and 30 minutes from Boston.

Massachusetts, known as the Bay State, hosts more than 150 colleges, universities, and technical schools catering to various career interests. The quality ranges from top-tier institutions to less impressive ones.

To guide students in their choices, Education.Alot.com analyzed data from the U.S. Department of Education, Niche, and College Factual to identify the least recommended colleges in each state.

Worst College in Massachusetts

Montserrat College of Art earned the title of the worst college in Massachusetts, according to Education.Alot.com. Located in Beverly, Essex County, Montserrat is a private, non-profit art college with an average enrollment of 300 students.

Montserrat has low graduation rates, with only 55% of students graduating. Also, sources such as CollegeFactual note that graduates typically leave with an average debt of $47,340. This is quite concerning, given that the average graduate income is just $$47,749 annually as of 2024, according to ZipRecruiter.


So, have you or someone you know attended Montserrat College of Art? Do you agree with its ranking as the worst college in Massachusetts or say the ‘least recommended college in Massachusetts’? Do share your thoughts in the comments.

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