Companies That Offer Scholarships in South Africa in 2024

There are many rich companies in South Africa, and this is a big win for South Africans, including the students. The big win is that you can leverage these good-hearted companies and organizations to study without paying. In this post, I am going to show you the top companies that offer scholarships in South Africa. So, if you are a brilliant student with a solid GPA as well as meet other eligibility requirements, you should get approved for at least one scholarship.

Numerous companies and organizations recognize education and foster the growth of young talent. These entities offer a variety of scholarships, providing vital opportunities for students to pursue their academic and professional dreams. Each scholarship program has its own unique set of criteria, benefits, and application processes, catering to a diverse range of fields and academic interests.

Companies That Offer Scholarships in South Africa

So, we will go through some of these scholarships and the opportunities available in SA. That said, below are the companies that offer scholarships in South Africa.

1. France-South Africa Scholarship Program

France Excellence offers the France – South Africa Scholarship Program, aimed at South African students aspiring to pursue a Master’s degree or PhD in French universities or higher education institutions. The program also welcomes students from Lesotho and Malawi. Applications are currently open for those planning to commence their studies in France in September. Individual communication will occur as required, and the list of selected candidates and a waiting list will be published according to the provided schedule. Make sure not to send follow-up requests.

Given the calendar differences between the Southern and Northern hemispheres, chosen candidates will partake in a special program in South Africa from February to July. This includes online French lessons through the Alliances Françaises network and potentially internships at French firms in South Africa, depending on each candidate’s profile and available opportunities. The program is inclusive of all study fields. Campus France South Africa also offers assistance in selecting the most suitable program.

2. The Beit Trust

The Beit Trust, granted 21 scholarships for study at prominent British and South African universities, through valuable academic collaborations with these institutions. These scholarships are exclusively for postgraduate degrees, focusing mainly on Master’s Degrees. The Trust does not offer scholarships for undergraduate studies. Also, it typically does not support Ph.D. research from the start. However, in exceptional cases and for highly meritorious Beit scholars, the Trustees may extend support to Ph.D. level studies.

It’s important to note that the Trust does not provide scholarships for MBA programs.

The upcoming scholarship awards are for the academic year starting in January 2025 for South African universities. The application process for these scholarships is currently open.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The Beit Trust specifically supports students who are nationals of Zambia, Zimbabwe, or Malawi, in accordance with an Act of Parliament. Eligible students should hold permanent residence in these countries and/or plan to return there after their studies.
  2. It is highly recommended that applicants have relevant work experience following their first degree, as this will be considered during the scholarship award process.
  3. Medical doctors and veterinarians must have completed 18 months of internship and a one-year posting, preferably in a rural setting, in Zambia, Zimbabwe, or Malawi.
  4. The Trust will not consider applications from individuals who have already commenced their course of study.
  5. Only applicants with First Class/Distinction or Upper Second Class Honours degrees at the undergraduate level (or their equivalents) will be considered for the scholarship.

3. Accenture SA Education Trust Scholarships

Students in South Africa can apply for Accenture Education Trust scholarships. To be eligible, your family’s income should be between R 350,000 and R 1 million, or if you are a postgraduate NSFAS student, your household income must be less than R 300,000. You must be a strong academic performer, with an average of over 65%, and be studying a Technology-aligned degree (from the list provided) at certain universities in South Africa.

The scholarship is for high achievers in their second, third, fourth, or honors year of study. Those who are chosen for this scholarship will receive comprehensive financial support. This includes registration, tuition, examination fees, meals, residence, a book allowance for prescribed books, and a laptop. Additionally, scholarship recipients benefit from ongoing mentorship.

Applications are accepted from students majoring in specific disciplines at the following South African universities:

  1. University of Cape Town
  2. University of Johannesburg
  3. University of Pretoria
  4. Rhodes University
  5. University of the Western Cape
  6. University of the Witwatersrand
  7. Stellenbosch University
  8. University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

4. The Rhode Scholarships for Southern Africa

Rhodes is one of the companies that offer scholarships in South Africa. The scholarships available for certain African countries are managed from a regional secretariat in Johannesburg. Each year, the allocation is as follows:

  1. Four Scholarships for applicants from South Africa-at-Large.
  2. One Scholarship for an applicant from KwaZulu-Natal.
  3. One Scholarship for an applicant from one of these countries: Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, or eSwatini.
  4. One Scholarship each for applicants associated with Diocesan College, Rondebosch; South African College School, Newlands; Paul Roos Gymnasium, Stellenbosch; and St Andrew’s College, Makhanda, including their partner schools, which are listed here.

Since the Rhodes Scholarships are specific to certain places, the eligibility criteria, application requirements, and selection processes vary slightly depending on the constituency you are applying from. To make sure you have all the necessary information for your application, it’s important to carefully read the Information for Candidates.

5. Chevening South Africa

Chevening is the international scholarship program of the UK government. It is funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office along with partner organizations. The program offers scholarships for a one-year fully funded master’s degree course in the UK. This is one of the non native companies that offer scholarships in South Africa.

Chevening scholars come from various countries and backgrounds, but they all share a passion, a vision, and the necessary skills to contribute to making the world a better place.

Being selected for Chevening has several advantages: fully funded tuition fees, access to high-quality education, exclusive networking opportunities, and a chance to experience the diverse culture of the UK.

After completing the scholarship, you will join a global alumni network of over 55,000 members. You’ll return to your home country with new knowledge and networks to help you implement your ideas and succeed in your career.

Required Documents

  1. Submit your educational documents, references, and one unconditional UK university offer.
  2. The deadlines for submitting these documents are listed in the Chevening application timeline.
  3. You can upload these documents by using the ‘update my application’ button.

6. Nuffic Southern Africa

For some of the non-native companies that offer scholarships in South Africa, we have Nuffic Southern Africa. They focus more on cooperation between Southern African and Dutch entities in the knowledge sector. They promote and share information about studying in the Netherlands, support Dutch student mobility to Southern Africa mainly through internships, and collaborate with Southern African partners on capacity development via the Orange Knowledge Program. They also provide the Orange Knowledge Program, a scholarship for Southern African students.

7. AFS Interculture South Africa

We also have AFS Interculture South Africa, a dedicated company that offers scholarships in South Africa to study abroad, regardless of their financial status. AFS collaborates with corporate and community sponsors, as well as individual donors, to offer both full and partial scholarships for their programs. Information about available scholarships will be posted on their webpage as they become available. You can also contact the National Office or your local chapter to inquire about current opportunities.

8. Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program

In 1979, Harvard University President Derek Bok founded the Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program (HSAFP). This program was created in response to the educational barriers imposed by apartheid in South Africa and the divestment campaigns of the 1970s at Harvard. The aim of HSAFP is to provide a transformative experience at Harvard University for talented South Africans. HSAFP now reaches a broader range of institutions and organizations across South Africa. The program is inclusive, prioritizing mid-career applicants from historically marginalized or underrepresented groups, including those from rural areas. HSAFP has evolved to welcome all South Africans.

The fellowships last up to one year. They also cover study in Harvard’s Professional Schools or Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, with tuition funded by the School. The program is managed by the Office of the President and the Center for African Studies, under Professor John Mugane, and includes stipends and airfare. Selection interviews are conducted annually with support from the Center for African Studies’ Africa Office in Johannesburg.


We also have SANSA, one of the companies that offer scholarships in South Africa. South Africa requires more graduates in science and engineering to meet the goals of the National Development Plan and ensure a sustainable future. To address this need, SANSA offers postgraduate degree bursaries, contributing to the national target for qualified postgraduates in these fields.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Selection is based on financial need, academic potential, and career-oriented study programs.
  2. Required documentation includes FULL academic records, fee statements for all study years, and proof of any undergraduate bursaries/funding.
  3. Applications must be complete and thorough to be considered.
  4. Only applications in mandated STEM fields are eligible.
  5. Applicants need a minimum average of 65% in their last academic year or qualification.
  6. SANSA project proposals can be found at SANSA Research Projects. Related study area proposals will be reviewed by bursary committees.
  7. SANSA encourages new project proposals related to our listed projects. Applicants can seek advice and assistance from our researchers.
  8. All documents accompanying the application must be certified and uploaded.
  9. SANSA or university testimonial forms must be completed by supervisors.
  10. Masters and doctoral students must reapply annually for continued funding.


Dedicated and academically strong students, from their second year to their final year, in tech-related studies, in South Africa, are eligible for INVESTEC, Technology Scholarship. This scholarship is an opportunity to become part of the Investec family, providing not just financial assistance, but also holistic support and exposure to the tech industry. As a scholarship recipient, you’ll have access to mentorship, hackathons, and various Investec initiatives, enriching your university experience.

Preference is given to Employment Equity (EE) candidates and South African citizens, enrolled in the following bachelor’s degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc or BS) in Computer Science, Business Computing, or Computer Engineering.
  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Informatics or Information Systems.
  • Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc) in Information Systems/Computer Science.
  • Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc) in Data Science.
  • All equivalent technology and Engineering degrees.

11. Sappi Global

Sappi is dedicated to nurturing the brightest young talent and integrating them into their dynamic industry. Each year, they award several scholarships based on their skills audit and the needs of their business. The scholarship scheme is for talented and innovative young South African citizens.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. School leavers or university students aged between 18 – 25 years.
  2. Studying or planning to study full time at any accredited South African university.
  3. South African citizenship.
  4. An average of 70% in Mathematics (not Maths Literacy), between 70-80% in Physical Science, and 60% in English.
  5. Qualifying points for university entrance or acceptance confirmation.

For current university students, your university results are considered, with a preference for learners averaging 75% and above in Mathematics and Physical Science.

The scholarship application period is open from 1 April to 30 September, and their recruitment cycle occurs between October and November annually. All applications must be completed online. You can apply by clicking on the provided link.

12. Mauritius Scholarships for South African Students

This one is not really one of the companies that offer scholarships in South Africa. Here, the government of Mauritius is offering scholarships to eligible South African students for higher education. South African students who qualify can apply for this scholarship through the Department of Higher Education and Training by January.

This scholarship is for full-time study at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at public tertiary institutions in Mauritius, with the academic year starting in April. Applicants must have applied for a full-time, on-campus program at a Mauritian tertiary institution and provide proof of this application when applying for the scholarship. The scholarship includes:

  • Tuition fees and course-related costs up to MUR 100,000 (around R36,000).
  • A monthly living allowance of MUR 12,500 (approximately R4,500).
  • Basic healthcare in public hospitals in Mauritius.
  • Return airfare to and from Mauritius.

For this scholarship, you have to cover additional expenses such as extra tuition fees, fieldwork costs, books, and re-sit exam fees. Note that you must be a South African citizen in good health with a strong academic record, and meet the entry criteria for your chosen program in Mauritius. Also, meet the minimum academic requirements for a similar program at a South African university. Proficiency in English is required.

Undergraduate Scholarship Applicant

  1. Must have a National Senior Certificate with a Bachelor’s pass and a minimum 60% average mark, excluding Life Orientation.
  2. Must be over 18 years old and under 26 by August 2022.

Master’s Scholarship Applicants

  1. Must have an Honours degree with a minimum 60% average mark.
  2. Must be under 35 years old by 22 August 2022.
  3. Must submit a detailed study/research plan of about 750 words and a supervisor’s name in Mauritius, if applicable.

PhD Scholarship Applicants

  1. Must hold a Master’s by research or equivalent degree with a minimum 60% average mark.
  2. Must be under 40 years old by 22 August 2022.
  3. Must submit a detailed study/research plan of about 1,500 words and a supervisor’s name in Mauritius, if applicable.

13. Fulbright Foreign Student Program

The South African Fulbright Foreign Student Program offers grants for South African university graduates to undertake post-graduate studies at a U.S. university in any field, except for MBAs and programs involving patient contact. The selection process is rigorous. It involves an application and interview. The program provides extensive support, including assistance with visa processing, health insurance, pre-departure orientation, and a re-entry session.

Visiting Student Researcher (non-degree):

This is for South African PhD students enrolled at a South African university. They can apply to conduct a year of research at a U.S. university. Current National Research Foundation (NRF) funded PhD students are encouraged to apply.

Master’s or PhD

Postgraduate students can apply for scholarships for Master’s or Doctorate degrees. Scholarships are granted for 2 years for one degree – either Master’s or Doctorate.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Must be a South African citizen or a permanent resident with at least 5 years of residency status in South Africa (Note: Dual citizens with U.S. citizenship are not eligible).
  2. Academic degree requirements:
    • Visiting Student Researcher: Must be registered for a PhD at a South African university at the time of application and commencement of research in the U.S.
    • For a Master’s degree: Must have a 4-year Bachelor’s degree, BTech degree, or a 3-year Bachelor’s degree with an Honors degree.
    • For a Doctorate degree, you must have a Master’s degree.

Applicants should also have the following:

  • Academic excellence.
  • Leadership potential.
  • Well-defined study objectives.
  • Interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity, and interest in learning about the U.S. and sharing South African culture.
  • Involvement in extracurricular and community activities.
  • A commitment to contribute to the Fulbright Program and to South Africa after returning.
  • Required scores for the GRE and TOEFL exams.
  • Clear reasons for selecting specific U.S. universities, aligning with academic, personal, and professional goals.

14. SACS

If you are into sports, this one is for you. SACS is one of the top companies that offer scholarships in South Africa based on sports scholarships for talented athletes. These scholarships are granted following a trial at the school in the specific sport the applicant excels in. To apply, you should email a Sporting CV to Mr Barry van Selm, the Head of Sport, at For those interested in rugby scholarships, there is a separate process.

The SACS Percy Montgomery Rugby Foundation offers scholarships specifically for rugby. This scholarship tries to assist families financially to enable attendance at SACS High School. Eligible candidates are rugby players who have performed well at the U12 or U13 level. For more information about these rugby scholarships and the application process, see SACS Rugby Scholarships.

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