Southampton Football Academy scholarship 2024

This guide explains all you need to know about Southampton Football Academy scholarship. But first, let’s introduce you to Southampton FC as a football club. Southampton FC has a large network of scouts working locally, nationally, and internationally. These scouts cover young players from under-6s up to professional levels, making recommendations for players to be invited for trials.

But before we go any further, you only receive a Southampton Academy scholarship after you have been picked by the scouts.

Any scout from Southampton FC will have appropriate ID, so be wary of anyone claiming to represent the club without sufficient ID.

Southampton Football Academy scholarship application process

Below are the exact and official process for securing a Southampton Football Academy scholarship:

1. Get noticed by Southampton scouts

Southampton FC doesn’t currently hold open trials—they prefer to watch players in their local club or school before sending out a trial invitation.

Even with thousands of scouts around, if you have the needed football skill level, you will eventually be spotted.

2. Apply via Southampton FC website

If scouting won’t be possible for you to join Southampton FC academy, you can apply for a trial. You have to fill out the provided form via, including a fixture list, player and club contact information, your football background, and any representative honors.

You will also provide information about your age, position, approximate height, weight, and clubs you played for.

Due to the volume of applications Southampton FC receives, it might not be possible for the club to respond to everyone. Repeated contact is not also recommended. Your trial request will be kept on file, and if the club feels you have the necessary qualities, they’ll either contact you or attend one of your games.

Your personal information that will be required includes:

  • first name
  • last name
  • date of birth
  • email address
  • current age group
  • home town
  • home town county
  • current club
  • playing position
  • upcoming fixtures
  • For international players, the form will ask you to specify whether you hold/are you eligible for a UK passport. If NO, you’ll be required to enter the type of passport you hold

Southampton Football Academy scholarship is available to players between the ages of 16 and 18 as part of your progression youth development structure of Southampton FC. Note that you will only get the scholarship from Southampton football academy based on your football performance and potential.

General outline of Southampton Football Academy scholarship

Here’s a generalized outline of how the scholarship process works:

1. Identification and recruitment

Southampton FC scouts identify promising young players at various youth levels. You may be brought into the club’s youth academy to train and develop your skills.

2. Player assessment

You are continually evaluated on your skills, work ethic, potential for improvement, and overall fit with the club’s style of play and philosophy.

3. Scholarship offer

At around the age of 16, standout players may be offered a scholarship. This Southampton Football Academy scholarship usually includes full-time training, education, and a competitive playing program. The scholarship period typically lasts 2 years.

4. Continued development and assessment

Once on the scholarship, you continue to train with Southampton FC while also competing in youth matches. You are assessed according to your development and performance throughout this period.

5. Professional contract

If a player excels during their scholarship, they may be offered a professional contract with the club once they turn 17.

6. Continued football progress

If you are offered professional contracts at Southampton FC, you continue to develop your skills with the potential of being promoted to the first team or being loaned out to other clubs for further development.

Note that your physical and technical skills matter. Clubs like Southampton FC also consider your mental attributes, like determination, leadership, and attitude, when deciding who to offer scholarships and contracts.

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Conclusion on Southampton Football Academy scholarship

It’s never too late to get noticed. Many top-class professionals enter the game at a relatively late stage of their careers. Keep playing the best football you can, never lose hope, and always do your best.

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