10+ Scholarship for Female Students in Nigeria

Education plays a crucial role in empowering women and achieving gender equality. Numerous organizations and institutions in Nigeria have recognized this and established scholarships specifically designed to support female students. This article highlights the best scholarship for female students in Nigeria that aim to encourage and empower women through education.

Scholarship for female students in Nigeria

As a female student in Nigeria who wants to study any course for free without payment, below are your options for scholarship for female students in Nigeria:

1. Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Scholarship for Female Engineering Students

The Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) scholarship supports female engineering students by providing financial aid for their undergraduate studies.

This scholarship for female students in Nigeria aims to promote gender equality in the field of engineering and bridge the gender gap in STEM disciplines. You can visit the NLNG Scholarship website.

2. She Leads Africa (SLA) Scholarship

She Leads Africa (SLA) is an organization dedicated to empowering and supporting African women in business, leadership, and career development.

SLA offers scholarships to outstanding female students pursuing higher education in Nigeria. Visit the She Leads Africa website to explore further opportunities.

3. WAAW Foundation Scholarship

The WAAW Foundation Scholarship is awarded to female African students pursuing undergraduate degrees in STEM fields.

The scholarship aims to increase the number of African women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers. Just go to the WAAW Foundation website. Also, you can ask any question about WAAW scholarship for female students in Nigeria.

4. MRS Female Engineering Scholarship

The MRS Female Engineering Scholarship supports female students in Nigeria pursuing undergraduate degrees in engineering. This scholarship aims to promote the involvement of women in the engineering field and create more opportunities for them in the industry.

5. Grace Lake Partners Female Scholarship

The Grace Lake Partners Female Scholarship is designed to support high-performing female students in Nigeria pursuing undergraduate degrees.

This scholarship for female students in Nigeria aims to foster academic excellence and leadership skills among young women. Visit Grace Lake Partners website.

6. TY Danjuma MBA Scholarship for African Women

The TY Danjuma MBA Scholarship is awarded to outstanding African women pursuing an MBA degree at top global business schools.

This scholarship supports women in leadership roles and encourages their participation in business management. For more information, visit the TY Danjuma Foundation website

7. A.G. Leventis Foundation MBA Scholarship for Nigerian Women

The A.G. Leventis Foundation MBA Scholarship supports Nigerian women pursuing MBA degrees at leading international business schools.

The scholarship aims to develop the next generation of female business leaders in Nigeria.

8. Peace, Education, and Development (PEADEV) Scholarship for Nigerian Women

The Peace, Education, and Development (PEADEV) scholarship supports Nigerian women pursuing higher education, especially in fields related to peace, education, and development.

The scholarship aims to empower women and promote their involvement in creating sustainable solutions for Nigeria’s development challenges.

Visit their website for more information: PEADEV website

9. Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowship for Women from Developing Countries

The Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowship is awarded to outstanding female students from developing countries, including Nigeria, pursuing graduate studies in peace and development studies.

The fellowship supports women committed to promoting peace, social justice, and sustainable development. For more information, visit International Peace Research Association Foundation website.

10. Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship for Nigerian Women

The Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship supports female students in Nigeria pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in any field of study.

The scholarship aims to empower women and provide them with the education and skills needed to become future leaders in Nigeria. For more details, visit: Jim Ovia Foundation website.

11. NWAG

The Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) is offering 37 scholarships, one for each state and one for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Each scholarship is worth One Hundred Thousand Naira and is open to Nigerian female undergraduate students in Nigerian universities.

If you’re interested and want to apply, you should visit the NWAG website to download the application form.

When you submit your completed application form, make sure to include these documents:

  1. A photocopy of your current university student ID card.
  2. A recent photo of yourself.
  3. Proof of your State of Origin. This can be a letter from your university or from your local government office.
  4. A short explanation, no more than half a page, about why you need this scholarship and why you should be chosen.
  5. Two letters of recommendation. These can come from any two of these people: your Church Pastor or Mosque Imam, your Village Head, the Local Government Chairperson, or one of your Lecturers.
  6. One letter of recommendation from either the Dean of your Faculty/School or your Head of Department.
  7. A two-page, double-spaced, typed essay.

12. Humanity and Community Development Foundation

The Humanity and Community Development Foundation (HUCOMDEF) focuses on humanity and community development. They are a non-governmental, non-profit organization that initiates ideas, programs, and projects aimed at providing solutions in sustainable development areas like clean water, good health, quality education, peace, accountability, and social justice. Their efforts include various projects such as vocational training for youths, renovating schools, providing clean water, and organizing workshops and summits on topics like anti-corruption and organizational management.

They have a management team led by different directors and a chairperson, and they share testimonials from people who have interacted with their programs.


There you go with Nigerian scholarships for female students designed to empower women. Of course, it helps to progressively advocate for educational opportunities for women and to encourage more institutions to create scholarship for female students in Nigeria.

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