Saudi Arabia 3rd Division Trials & New Regulations for Int’ Players

Is Saudi Arabia your dream football destination right now? Then come start your 3rd division trials, which are now open for international footballers all over the world. Do you think you are a talented footballer? Do you have what it takes to compete at the highest level? If it’s a yes to these questions, then the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) wants you to be a part of its trials for the third division championship.

Saudi Arabia 3rd Division Trials: New Regulations and New Opportunities

This is a landmark decision, to be honest, and the Board of Directors of SAFF has approved these new regulations for the 3rd division league. They are effective from the 2023-2024 sports season, and this means that clubs in the 3rd division league can now register the following players:

  • Saudi professional players
  • 2 non-Saudi professional players
  • 1 professional born player (born in 2000 or older)

What this means is that if you are a foreign player, there can only be two of your kind in one third division club.

However, there is no limit for Saudi professional players. It’s not a lot, we know, but it’s still a game-changer for footballers all over the world.

Since there is no limit on Saudi professional players, Saudi clubs can scout and recruit as many talents from across the country. The addition of 2 non-Saudi professional players and 1 professional born player is a good opportunity for international players to break into the league.

Amended Registration Periods

As part of the new regulations, SAFF has also announced changes to the players’ registration periods for 3rd division clubs.

The summer registration period will now run from July 1 to September 20, while the winter period will take place from January 1, 2024, to January 30, 2024.

What this means is a longer window for third division clubs to scout, recruit, and register players. This is enough time for you to secure a spot in any of the clubs you believe will be easier for you to start or continue your career.

Why 3rd Division Trials?

As with any starting stage in European football, the 3rd division league here is a breeding ground. You won’t get to play against top-level opponents but you’ll play against your mates, and then gather the experience from coaches and your teammates in preparation for a more demanding football.

And unlike many other countries, especially here in Asia, Saudi Arabia is a good destination where scouts and coaches from higher divisions are much more likely to find you.

How to Join the 3rd Division Trials

Here’s how to join the 3rd division trials:

It’s not as difficult as we often make it out to be. The first thing is for you to find a 3rd division club. There are a lot of them like Al Noor, Al Hejaz, Baish, Kumait, Al Huora, Al Fao, Al Watani, and Al Entelaq. No, you don’t have to actually visit the clubhouse or whatsoever to meet up. You can do so with your phone or PC.

The first place to go is their social media pages. But before you do that, make sure this club aligns with your aspirations. Don’t just jump on any club unless you just want a platform where you can start football.

You then have to reach out to the club’s coaching staff or management team. Football is a difficult industry, and it requires a lot of connections and “who knows who”. If you have some agents as friends, that’s even better. Get in touch with them about your interest in joining the trials. They might know someone who’ll make this process a lot easier than trying to attract Saudi clubs via their social pages or website. They receive a lot of applications, and sometimes don’t even read any of them.

For some, the third division is a very low place to begin football but it’s worth it. Saudi Arabia pays a lot of money. You could earn up to $4,000 per week. Multiply this number by 52, and you know how much money you can make playing in this league. In fact, Saudi Arabia looks for players very often. This 3rd division is just the start of some serious money.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your trials now.

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