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INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) has made it known that they will announce the exact date for the 2024 recruitment training. If you want to stay informed about the INEC training date for 2024, read this page carefully and to the end.

Training Preparation and Orientation

After the INEC shortlist is announced and the physical screening is successfully completed, candidates will go through a brief training session. This training is not just for skill development but also serves as an orientation for new recruits.

Participation Requirement in INEC Training

The Independent National Electoral Commission has stated that all shortlisted candidates must take part in the training. If you don’t attend the training on the specified INEC Training Date, you will be disqualified.

INEC Training Date Official Notification

As of now, the INEC Training Date has not been officially set. The training will take place after the physical screening process is complete. So, candidates should wait for an official announcement from the Independent National Electoral Commission about when the training will start.

All candidates who are selected will get notifications about the chosen training camps through their email addresses. So, keep checking your email regularly for any updates. You can always login to the where INEC sometimes publishes new updates.

Training Requirements for INEC 2024

If you are selected for INEC training camp, you will need to bring the following items to your training camp:

  • Both original and photocopies of your credentials
  • Four 5 by 7 color photos, with no hat or cap
  • Writing tools like pens, pencils, rulers, notebooks, and a file jacket
  • Two pairs of socks in white and black, navy blue shorts with no stripes, and three white round-neck vests with no markings
  • Two pairs of black canvas sneakers (rubber types are not allowed)
  • Two white pillowcases and sheets
  • Two black pants and two white long-sleeve shirts
  • One quilt in grey or army green color
  • Additional items to bring include a bucket, cutlasses, and brooms, which you should buy when you arrive. Also, bring some pocket money and toiletries.

Stay Updated with INEC Training Date

Work After School blog will do its best to keep you informed about the latest happenings at the Independent National Electoral Commission recruitment board. So, it’s a good idea to visit this page often for more updates.

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