How to get laid in college often

Congratulations on graduating high school and moving on to college, where you will have the opportunity to meet new people, potentially make new connections, and get laid. College is home to thousands of horny college girls waiting to be picked up. It does not also matter whether you’re not a smooth jock who gets all the ladies or the biggest loser.

You are going to a new surrounding with new people of diverse backgrounds. Unfortunately, you don’t really know who is who. But fortunately, however, this article will guide you on how to reinvent yourself and develop a social circle in a new environment with new people, and get laid in college.

How to get laid in college

Before you engage with the story, get as good-looking as you can get, including your wardrobe, haircut, and physical looks. Now, get laid with these tips:

1. Build a relevant social circle

The more popular, the more connected—that’s the college anthem with getting laid. Be social and work on building relationships as soon as you arrive at college, even if you’re introverted. Developing connections can lead to forgiveness for many faults. Moreover, you don’t even need to be in specific colleges known for getting laid to begin your journey.

You want to know all the people in your dorm immediately after you’re in. You should already be on a first-name basis with them, the same applies to the people in your classes.

Make your presence felt at any mixers or ongoing parties. Introduce yourself and don’t be shy. Others you see there have the same objective – making new friends. So, they will be happy seeing someone take the initiative and start conversations with them.

For the first few weeks, forget about getting laid and focus on making more friends. When you build up a strong social network, that will set you up for girls for the rest of your days in college.

2. Become a frat member

You want to join a frat. Some people consider frat dudes as douchebags, however, they get laid so many times, so consider joining one. Be mindful of the frat you join though—look out for the ones with cool frats and avoid those frats filled with dorks.

To join those cool frats, hang out at the local college gym where you’d find frat guys. Some will wear their letters. Just walk up and introduce yourself. However, don’t come across as too much of a “tryhard”. Just tell them you’re interested, that’s it, and you’re in the process of joining.

A yoga or dance class would be great too.

3. Be part of the bar scene

You should find a couple of popular bars around your college crowded with college girls. First, try to make friends with the staff and bar owners. You just have to hang out there regularly and be social with the staff.

If possible, get a job bouncing or bar-tending at one of the popular bars. Most bartenders easily get laid, especially those older than 21.

4. Grab every hanging out opportunity

If your first class starts after 11 am the next morning, consider hanging out and don’t turn down the invitation. No matter how late at night you return, you shouldn’t have a problem attending the next day’s class since you’d have lots of early hours to sleep.

Perhaps, if you don’t grab the chance now, you would probably regret the missed nights when you start waking up as early as 6 am for work.

Not to forget, you need a condom everywhere you go. To increase your chances of getting laid, don’t drink too much beforehand, and do not be nervous. If you have an encounter that almost leads to intimacy but does not, don’t appear too eager. Girls know when you’re desperate and may avoid you going forward.

5. Don’t be known for gossip

College students generally dislike gossip, and won’t trust such students to keep secrets. If you’re known to be a gossip, your buddies won’t hang out with you. This simply means that you should never talk about the person you do it with or that you always do it with—you know what I mean—intimacy.

6. Do not commit to any girl

Just don’t commit to a college girl if your goal is to get laid. Most friends I’ve had who stayed committed ended up with regrets.

7. Do not cold approach

Cold approaching may work in the regular world but in college, it is a numbers game. You’d also have to approach several different girls to be successful. In college, most people’s social circle is interconnected, so words will go round that you’re a weird guy who attempts to pick up any girl in school.

The best thing is to focus on meeting new girls at parties and in your social circle. However, you should be cold approaching just about every gender in your first few weeks to get to make friends.

8. Take it easy with your girl

When you think you’ve caught some girl, don’t physically escalate the situation if you can’t do it without being creepy. Do not make sudden moves or go too fast.

Let’s say you want to hold hands but are not sure if she wants to. First, move your hand closer to hers until it’s barely touching and gauge her reaction. If you’re only making out or wanting more, try touching her waist and then gauge her reaction before you move any closer to her butt, or whatever.


You want to get laid, but it’s not worth it to get jumped, get an STD, or whatever else that can potentially ruin your life.

With the tips above, you should easily get laid in college, even more than you’ll ever be in your entire life. Moreover, you’ll get to make lifelong friends.

Ultimately, strive to be extremely social with people. If you get the game wrong, you could ruin your college experience. Do it correctly and you’ll create new, fun memories. That’s just all you need to know, the rest is up to you, make the best decision.

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