Football Clubs in Germany Looking for Players

If Germany is your preferred study destination, congrats on this decision. This is actually a strong football country, and that means it’s really competitive. It’s not the perfect league in the world because we have clubs here looking for players. So, in this post, I’ll talk about the football clubs in Germany looking for players. We have lots of league divisions here, including the top division Bundesliga, second division Bundesliga, and Federations such as Northeastern German Football Association, Northern German Football Association, Southern German Football Association, etc. Now, the top Bundesliga featuring clubs like Bayer Leverkusen, RB Leipzig, Union Berlin, VfL Wolfsburg, Werder Bremen, and Bayern Munich will be difficult to break into the starting lineup. Therefore, you’ll be looking at the lower tier teams where your services will be needed.

Unfortunately, the lower the football tier, the lower the wages. However, the competition here is lower, and clubs are more likely to sign you faster if you have the talent. We’ll be looking at some of the clubs here that need players right now.

Football Clubs in Germany Looking for Players

1. Eintracht Braunschweig

The first is Eintracht Braunschweig, a football club with a blend of local and international talents. This club has a unique football culture, and they are looking for a central defender. The season has been tough for Eintracht Braunschweig. Its defense line has been struggling to keep clean sheets. Thus, even the coach mentioned needing someone solid at the back, someone who can read the game well and isn’t afraid to take charge.

If you are this player, you are needed ASAP to stabilize the team’s performance. You are expected to be strong in aerial duels and excellent in one-on-one situations. Ready to join Eintracht Braunschweig? All you really have to do is visit the club’s website and contact them with your CV and highlight videos.

2. SV Elversberg

SV Elversberg is one of the football clubs in Germany looking for players right now. Here, football is not just a game; it’s passion and precision. This team urgently needs a creative midfielder. The reason? This season’s midfield has lacked the spark to turn possession into scoring opportunities. I read the coach clearly talking about finding a player with the vision to create chances and the skill to execute them. If you must apply to play for this German football club, you must have really good passing abilities. It’s a plus if you can read the game.

3. Greuther Fürth

We also have Greuther Fürth looking for good talents in football. At this club, every player, whether from home or international, is seen as a piece of the puzzle of the German league. Right now, Greuther Fürth needs a striker.

Goals have been really hard to come by this season, and the sports management of the club has been talking about the need for a player who can find the back of the net very often. Yes, the urgency is very high, and this team is less competitive, so you can actually get to play football.

Do you think you can help this team to improve their standing? Then you should have a sharp eye for goal, quality reflexes, and be able to make runs that break defenses. If you choose to play for Greuther Fürth, it will be your chance to be the hero upfront for a club that likes teamwork and ambitious players. From here, you may even move to the top-tier division of football in Germany or any part of Europe.

4. Holstein Kiel

The 4th we’ll talk about is Holstein Kiel, one of the current football clubs in Germany looking for players like you. This club has a philosophy that has to do with integrating talents from all around the world to create a winning formula. They need a winger and an attacking midfielder. This team’s attack lacks width and pace, and they have been very predictable.

The team’s captain once talked about the need for a player to help stretch defenses and deliver crosses—quality ones. The urgency is loud, and this team wants to add dynamism to their play. So, what skills do you really need? Speed, dribbling, and the ability to deliver precise crosses. You don’t necessarily have to be a goal poacher but this can make you stand out if you know how to score.

5. VfL Osnabrück

We also have VfL Osnabrück. Here, their football needs a striker, a midfielder, and a goalie. Scoring has recently been their weak point this season, and the coach has been vocal about finding a forward. They have also been losing control of the midfield and conceding unnecessary goals. If you consistently find the back of the net as a striker, this club is for you. If you can control the midfield or if you can stop the ball from flying or rolling into the net, VfL Osnabrück is looking for you.

Generally, this football club is looking for players with a killer instinct in front of goal, quick feet, and the ability to make smart runs. In VfL Osnabrück, you’ll find the chance to be the shine and attract top-tier football clubs.

6. 1. FC Nürnberg

If you need a chance to be the backbone of a team eager to climb the rankings, then you should join 1. FC Nürnberg. At this club, every player, whether from Cyprus or abroad, is treated equally. Right now, 1. FC Nürnberg needs a goalkeeper, a striker, and a midfielder. The coach also hinted about a winger due to the team structure.

Its current lineup has struggled to keep clean sheets. They’ve not also been able to score in critical moments. Also, the midfield hasn’t looked very stable and they’ve been conceding avoidable goals recently. So, 1. FC Nürnberg’s standing is not where the club wants to be. The coach has openly expressed the need for a keeper with strong shot-stopping abilities and command over the defense. 1. FC Nürnberg prioritizes a player who can instill confidence at the back.

If you have reflexes, good communication, and the ability to organize the defense, consider 1. FC Nürnberg. This is an easier team to join in Germany. Meanwhile, I wrote an article about joining a football club in Europe—so try and read it up.

7. SC Paderborn

I found that SC Paderborn in Germany has a team’s strategy to win its divisions league. However, there is a problem with the backline, including defense and goalkeeping. So, I did some research and found that this club needs experienced defenders and a goalkeeper. Even a defensive midfielder is needed due to the playing structure.

The season’s performance has shown a vulnerability at the back, and the club has made it clear that the defense is a priority. They need someone who can shore up the backline immediately. If you are an interested player, you need to be able to play in any of the positions mentioned. You should also have strong tackling skills, aerial dominance, and leadership qualities.

8. FC Magdeburg

FC Magdeburg is one of the football clubs in Germany looking for players who can play in different positions including winger, central midfield, and goalkeeping. In this club, football is for talents from all over. You can apply to play here as a central midfielder or any of the other positions mentioned.

This season, the midfield in particular has lacked control and creativity. FC Magdeburg had found it hard to maintain possession and create goal-scoring opportunities. So, if you can dictate the pace of the game and link up defense and attack, you are needed pretty urgently to improve the team. It’s even better if you are a player with ball-handling skills, vision, and the ability to make passes.

9. Wehen Wiesbaden

One of the football clubs in Germany looking for players currently is Wehen Wiesbaden. Here, their football requires pushing limits, and they play specifically with the striker. This team’s goal-scoring stats haven’t been impressive this season despite their focus on striking position. But other than a forward, attacking midfielders and wingers are also needed to help convert chances into goals.

If you are a player with a killer instinct in front of goal and can make runs that disrupt defenses, you are the type of player Wehen Wiesbaden needs sooner rather than later. Even though they have been stable at the back, this club won’t mind talents that can defend the ball and play it forward to help the midfield link up with the strikers. Do you think you have the speed, precision, and the ability to read the game? If yes, get in touch with Wehen Wiesbaden with your CV and football highlights.

10. Hansa Rostock

Finally, we have Hansa Rostock, a football club that has been working so hard for excellence. This club has really improved a lot, and now it needs a goalkeeper. The team’s defense has been solid, but they’ve been let down by a few costly mistakes from their current keeper. The coach talked about a reliable last line of defense who can also command the backline and inspire confidence. So, you could be this player that they need if you have the talent.

Apart from a goalkeeper with good reflexes, Hansa Rostock also needs defenders and midfielders with good communication skills and the ability to play under pressure. Players in this category will fit perfectly into the philosophy of Hansa Rostock. This German football club is known to fight for every league point.

How Do You Join?

  1. Go to the club’s website.
  2. Scroll down to the contact information page.
  3. Use the information to contact the club with your football CV and highlight videos.

You can also contact the specific club’s player via their social profile. The problem here is that a lot of them never respond. For me, connection is the best way to play in Germany’s top league divisions. Otherwise, you should be targeting those smaller divisions, even though the wages will be smaller.

So, to start off, and land a pro trial, to get noticed, and to secure a pro contract is through knowing the right people. You need connections because these are folks who are well-established have lots of contacts within pro teams and players, and can vouch for you. They typically say, ‘This person is a great player, trust me, give them a chance.’ Most of the time, if pro coaches hold these connectors in high regard, they typically give you a shot. They’ll be more inclined to recognize your talent and potential because someone they trust has already spotted something special in you.


So, we’ve been able to look at different football clubs in Germany looking for players all over the world. A lot of these German teams often search for talents, and it’s left for you to make them find you. If you are still young, you should join a cheap German football academy, and start from there. Remember that as an international player, visa application will be involved. However, the club or academy you join will typically work with you to make the application process simple.

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