Football Clubs in Dubai Looking for Players

If Dubai is your preferred football destination, you have made a good decision. Dubai is quickly becoming a football name in the world, and they are recruiting bother famous and growing talents to help the league become more competitive. So, today, we will talk about football clubs in Dubai looking for players like you.

In Dubai, we have majorly four divisions, including UAE Pro League, UAE First Division League, UAE Second Division League, and UAE Third Division League. Now, if you really want to break in faster, you should be targeting clubs in the first and second divisions. Obviously, the pro league is really competitive, even though it is the league where the money is. I wouldn’t recommend the third division due to the really low pay and struggle for recognition. But if you will be willing to put in the hard work, then why not?

Football Clubs in Dubai Looking for Players

So, I’m going to talk about 11 clubs in total, with a mix of the Pro League, First Division, and Third Division. You should really focus on the lower divisions where you will easily be picked due to lower competition.

1. Fujairah

First, we will look at Fujairah. Thus club has a stadium capacity of 10,645. In the heart of the UAE is Fujairah Football Club looking for footballers. This club is on the lookout for fresh talent. They focus on midfield and attack positions. Fujairah’s game is one of balance and precision. So, if you are a player who can read the game well and contribute both defensively and offensively, this club is for you.

2. Al Hamriyah

We also have Al Hamriyah, one of the football clubs in Dubai looking for players. This club has 5,000 stadium capacity. Al Hamriyah is trying to strengthen its squad. This club needs powerful defenders and dynamic wingers because its philosophy is around a strong defensive structure that can transition quickly into fast-paced attacks. Al Hamriyah prefers players who are physically adept and also have a strong mental game. If you can adapt to the fast-evolving dynamics on the pitch, this club is offering you that opportunity.

3. Al Arabi

If you would like to play in a 3,000-capacity stadium, you should join Al Arabi now that they are looking for players. Al Arabi Football Club has a legacy of signing talents that can carry the football forward. The club is interested in goalkeepers and strikers – the two ends of the field that decide football. Al Arabi prefers goalkeepers with reflexes and a commanding presence in the box. As for strikers, you should have an eye for goal and the ability to outsmart defenders.

4. Al Dhafra

This is a 5,020-capacity stadium club. Al Dhafra is a football club in Dubai looking for players who can cover multiple positions. This club’s strategy needs players who can operate as central midfielders or full-backs for both defensive solidity and offensive support.

5. Al Dahra

We also have Al Dahra football club as one of the football clubs in Dubai looking for players.  Al Dahra is interested in the midfield and defense. The story of Al Dahra is one of resilience and determination. Over the years, they have built a team that works on strategic play and teamwork.

This club believes in a strong midfield to control the game and set the pace. So, if you are a footballer for these positions, you can contact the club to get you started on a new journey. You must be able to thwart opposing teams’ advances and make up a balanced and formidable squad.

6. Al Hilal

Al Hilal is a club with a rich history and they really love the local football scene. This club has eyes for grassroots players, beginners with the right talent can easily play here. Al Hilal’s current is open for forwards and goalkeepers. You have to be a forward with an eye for goal. You must be able to break through defensive lines with agility and precision. For goalkeepers, you should have good reflexes and the leadership qualities to organize the defense line.

7. Al Dahra

So, Al Dahra is not to be confused with another club of a similar name. So, this club carved its own niche in Dubai’s football, and they really love developing young talents. Currently, Al Dahra needs wingers and strikers for its attacking positions. The club’s philosophy is fast-paced, attacking football.

If you fit into this profile, this is definitely one of the football clubs in Dubai looking for players like you. You have to be a winger who can deliver crosses and are clinical in front of goal. Al Dahra thrives on ambition and growth, and they focus a lot on growing players to contribute to the team’s offensive strategies.

8. Fleetwood United

In Dubai, we also have Fleetwood United. This club’s mission is to find defensive midfielders and center-backs for its core defensive setup. Fleetwood United is a club of transformation and evolution. This club prioritizes tactical discipline and a solid defense. If you are a defensive midfielder who can disrupt the opposition’s play and center-backs with strength, then Fleetwood United is for you.

9. Al Wasl Football Club

At number 8, we have Al Wasl Football Club, also known as Al Wasl SC and nicknamed the Cheetahs. They are famous for the Al Wasl Football Academy, which you can join if you are a young player.

Al Wasl is part of the United Arab Emirates Football League, so it’s going to be really competitive to join this club. This club was founded by Al Zamalek Club, and its home base is Za’abeel Stadium. Al Wasl Football Club has won many international championships, including the Federation Cup and the GCC Champions League, and has taken home the league title seven times. They need players in every position, starting from the goalkeeper to the striker.

10. Al Nasr Cultural & Sports Club

Al Nasr Cultural & Sports Club is also known as Al Nasr Club. This one is also a big name, so you will face a lot of competition. They need midfielders, strikers, and even goalies. You have to be a very good number 9 to make this starting 11 as a striker. Al Nasr’s home is the Al Maktoum Stadium, and they also run a football academy for various age groups. If you want, you can call Al Nasr at +971-4-337-2220 or +971-4-337-5845.

11. Shabab Al-Ahli Club

So, the last club we will talk about is Shabab Al-Ahli Club. I found this club to be one of the football clubs in Dubai looking for players who know their material. Shabab Al-Ahli Club was actually formed by two football clubs Dubai CSC and Al Shabab football club.

The club is under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Currently, players are needed in positions such as striker, midfield, winger, defender, and goalie. You can find Shabab Al-Ahli Club at Al Nahda Street, PO Box: 1551, near Al Mulla Plaza in Al Qusais, Dubai. Alternatively, you can contact them at +971-4-298-8988.

How to join Football Club in Dubai

So, we have talked about the football clubs in Dubai looking for players like you. Now, let’s go through the simple methods you can actually follow to become one of their players.

1. Start Looking for a Club Now

This advice is mainly for parents – if your child wants to be a player, help them start early. The skills and personality traits they need can be developed over time, but they need to start young. This means if you want to be a professional football player, you have to decide it’s your dream from a young age. You can’t wait until you’re a teenager to make this decision. It takes a lot of sacrifice to be a professional footballer; you have to be all in from the start.

2. Contact a Local Football Club in Dubail

Now, start reaching out. First, you can go to the websites of these football clubs looking for players and get in touch with them. You really need to have great skills which you will showcase in your highlight videos. If you are not good at this yet, you need to start improving right away. You can even attract the attention of the pro league teams by joining a local club or targeting those third division clubs looking for players.

3. Apply to Join a Football Academy in Dubai

While trying to join a local team, you need more advanced coaching from academies. Target those Dubai club-owned football academies. This way, you’ll quickly move up to the senior team where you will fight for a spot in the starting lineup. You really need professional coaching to go far in football anywhere in the world. As a young player, joining an academy will be getting a first experience of what it’s like to be part of a real football club. You’ll learn about being coached, meeting expectations, playing for results, and how to improve.

4. Know Your Position

You should already know your position before applying to join any Dubai club. If not, start with an academy where the coaches will let you know your best position. You want to find a role that fits you and helps the team. Nonetheless, as a modern player, you have to be versatile enough to play in different roles and systems whenever the coach comes knocking. So, try to work with coaches to figure out where your natural talents and skills fit best.

5. Keeping Learning How to Play Football

Once you are in an academy, the real work starts. If you get into the main football club, you may not have the opportunity to improve because they expect that you already know your thing. Overall, practice what your coaches teach you, and put in extra effort outside of practice too. Watch other teams, take coaching courses, and learn all you can about football. Understand the style of the team and figure out how you can contribute. Also, take your physical health and diet seriously. Stay focused, because a football career can be short, and you don’t have much time to make your mark.


So, we have been able to talk about the football clubs in Dubai looking for players. Just pick one, contact the club, and submit your football CV and highlight videos. If you target clubs in the smaller divisions, they will quickly notice you since the top division clubs are usually more concerned about their scout reports and winning games.

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