Football Clubs in Cyprus Looking for Players

If your preferred football destination is Cyprus, congrats on that decision. Cyprus is actually a good place to start or continue this journey. So, in this post, I will talk about the football clubs in Cyprus looking for players. Usually, I advise people not to target the First Division because it’s tougher here to break into the starting lineup. Even the  Second Division is a bit tough. The best is usually the Third Division and STOK Elite Division. Unfortunately, these lower-league divisions pay low money. We also have the local amateur football competitions in Cyprus but these ones can take really long before you move to a standard football club.

So, let’s get into the business of the day and see which clubs in Cyprus need players, and the positions these players are needed in.

Football Clubs in Cyprus Looking for players

1. Doxa Katokopias

In this club, both local and international talents shine, and there’s a search for a solid central defender. The season’s been tough, with the defense leaking more goals than they’d like. The coach mentioned, “We need someone who can be the backbone of our defense, someone with leadership qualities.” The need is pretty urgent, as every match without this player adds pressure. Doxa Katokopias needs a player with aerial ability, strong tackling skills, and the ability to read the game and help them cement a place in the first division.

2. Nea Salamina

At number is one of the football clubs in Cyprus looking for players, Nea Salamina. This club blends cultures on the pitch. Right now, there’s a gap in the midfield – specifically, a creative midfielder who can turn the game on its head with visionary passes. This team is missing that spark in the middle to help convert possession into goals.

This player is needed sooner rather than later, to boost the team’s playoff chances. Ideal skills include exceptional ball control, creativity, and the ability to make precise passes.

3. Anorthosis

At this club, ambition meets talent. The focus is on finding a striker. The season’s goal tally hasn’t matched expectations, and the coach openly said, “We need a striker to consistently find the back of the net.” The urgency is high, with the team trying to climb the league table. If you are a player with sharp finishing skills and good movement off the ball, you will fit perfectly in Anorthosis.

4. AEL Limassol

We also have AEL Limassol, one of the football clubs in Cyprus looking for players. Football here is about passion, and the team is in the market for a winger. This Cyprus club needs someone to stretch defenses and deliver quality crosses. The search is urgent, and the team is trying to improve their attack as quickly as possible. The right player will have speed, the ability to beat defenders one-on-one and deliver accurate crosses.


PAEEK is on the lookout for a central midfielder. The team’s performance this season shows a problem in controlling the games and maintaining possession. The coach talked about needing someone to backbone the team, dictate play, and bring stability. They need a player who can read the game and make smart decisions even under pressure.

This need is quite urgent for the team to improve their position in the league. The player should have ball control, vision, and the ability to make passes. If you join PAEEK, you will become part of a team that values hard work and dedication.

6. MEAP Nisou

Here, football is more than a game; it’s a community bringing together talents both nationally and internationally. MEAP Nisou is searching for a striker and a goalkeeper. Its goal-scoring and conceding stats this season have been less than impressive. The coach even expressed a desire for players with killer instincts in front of the goal and the ability to stop the ball from entering the net.

If you are this player, then you should have strong finishing skills, spatial awareness, and agility as a striker. If you are a goalie, what MEAP Nisou needs is someone good with their hands and command the defensive line.

7. Enosis Neon Paralimni

In this club, the passion for football unites players from different backgrounds, creating a unique team spirit. Enosis Neon Paralimni needs a goalkeeper. This season, their defense has been solid, but the number of goals conceded has been a concern.

The coach is looking for “a goalkeeper who commands their area with authority and can inspire confidence in the defense.” The search is urgent, as a strong goalkeeper can be the difference between a win and a loss. The ideal candidate should have excellent reflexes, good communication skills, and the ability to organize the defense. Joining Enosis Neon Paralimni offers the chance to be a hero on the pitch, making crucial saves and contributing to the team’s success.

8. Akritas Chlorakas

This club’s embraces diversity on the pitch for a dynamic and inclusive football. I found that Akritas Chlorakas is one of the football clubs in Cyprus looking for players. It urgently needs a left-back. The team has struggled defensively on the left side, and the coach believes that a player with defensive solidity and the ability to support the attack can change the team. The need for this player is now to improve the team’s defense. If you are this player, you are expected to bring strong defensive skills, pace, and the ability to deliver crosses.

9. Achyronas-Onisilos

This club’s approach to football is about talent and ambition. Achyronas-Onisilos needs a winger, and their current performance shows a lack of width and creativity in attack. This football management has highlighted the need for players to the defense and provide quality service into the box. The players needed are ones with speed, dribbling, and accurate crosses.

10. Ormideia

In Ormideia, there’s a real push for a central midfielder. The season has been tough, and the midfield lacks control right now. The team needs someone to hold the ball, set the pace, and distribute it. You must be a player who can be the heart of the game. This search is really urgent because the right midfielder could turn the season around.

11. ASPIS Pylas

Here in ASPIS Pylas, the focus is on the defense. ASPIS Pylas has conceded more goals than they’d like this season, so they need a good center-back. Can you be a defender who can read the game, intercept plays, and lead the backline? If yes, join this team and anchor the defense. You have to be a player with strong tackling skills and aerial dominance qualities.

12. Olympias Lympion

The 12th we will talk about is Olympias Lympion, one of the football clubs in Cyprus looking for players. At Olympias Lympion, there’s a gap on the wing. The team’s performance on the flanks hasn’t been up to par, affecting their attacking options. The coach is on the lookout for a winger with speed, the ability to beat defenders one-on-one, and deliver accurate crosses. “Our attack needs to be more dynamic, and a skilled winger can provide that,” he mentioned. The urgency is high right now, and a talented winger could change the team this season. The club values players who can create chances and aren’t afraid to take on defenders.

13. THOI Lakatamia

We also have THOI Lakatamia on the list of teams that need a football player right now. Football in this club is for both local and international players.

THOI Lakatamia needs a solid midfielder. This season, their midfield has struggled to control the game, and so they have lost unnecessarily. If you are someone who can hold the ball, you are needed ASAP to turn the season around. You should be good with ball control, have excellent vision for making plays, and be a strong communicator. I know for sure that THOI Lakatamia values growth and teamwork, so your skills can really make a difference.

14. Orfeas Nicosia

Finally, we will talk about Orfeas Nicosia. Here, football isn’t just a game; it’s creating a family of players from different backgrounds. Orfeas Nicosia needs a goalkeeper. Their current lineup has seen a few too many goals slip through. This team needs a keeper with a strong presence and the ability to make saves.” Are you someone who can help secure the defense line? As an ideal candidate, you should have quick reflexes, know how to read the game, and have leadership qualities to organize the backline.

How Do You Join?

  1. Visit the specific club’s website.
  2. Find their contact page, sometimes at the footer or bottom of the website.
  3. Get in touch with your CV and football highlights.
  4. Wait for a response.


So, we’ve talked about some of the football clubs in Cyprus looking for players. All you have to do is reach out to any of these clubs with your football CV and highlight video. Let them know that you have what it takes to help the club move to the next level.

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