Football Clubs in Belgium Looking for Players

If Belgium is your preferred football location, that’s a solid decision. However, it can be competitive to break into the starting lineup, especially when there are so many bench players. Now, instead of applying for just any club, you want those that are actively in need of players. So, in this post, I’m going to talk about the football clubs in Belgium looking for players like you.

The Belgian league features majorly the Professional League, where we have the Belgian Pro League and the Challenger Pro League. In the Semi-/Non-Professional League, we have the Belgian National Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3. We also have the Amateur Leagues as part of the league system but we won’t go into all that.

As a professional footballer, it can be difficult to break into teams in the Pro League due to the competition. However, it’s easier when you look at the clubs in Semi-/Non-Professional and Amateur leagues. These are the league clubs we will focus on in this post so that your football CV will easily find you a football club to play for.

Football Clubs in Belgium Looking for Players

1. Oostende

In the coastal city of Oostende, we have this local football club looking for a goalkeeper and a central defender for its defensive lineup. They need a goalkeeper with reflexes who can command the defense. For the central defender position, this club needs a player with m physical prowess and strategic thinking to intercept the ball and initiate plays from the back.

2. Dender EH

We also have Dender EH in the midst of a strategic rebuild. This is one of the football clubs in Belgium looking for players in the midfield. Specifically, they need a creative midfielder with the vision to unlock defenses with passes and the skill to control the tempo of the game. There is a search for a defensive midfielder to break up opposition attacks and protect the back four.

3. Seraing

Seraing’s approach is centered around the attack. The club needs a striker and a winger. The striker should be a prolific goal scorer who can finish chances in the box. For the winger position, you have to have pace and agility and can send crosses into the box. You should also be able to take on defenders one-on-one.

4. Jong Genk

Jong Genk is particularly good with youth development, however, this club still needs a left-back and an attacking midfielder. The left-back they seek should be defensively solid. You must have stamina and speed to join the attack. The attacking midfielder should be a creative force, and able to link play between the midfield and the attack.

5. Zulte Waregem

At number 5, we have Zulte Waregem. The recruitment team is in search of both defense and attack. The club is in the market for a right-back and a forward. For the right-back position, you must be a defensively astute player. Are you able to make overlapping runs and support the attack? If yes, you can join this football club.

For the forward position, they are looking for a player who can play across the front line to support in attack through central runs or pulling wide for your teammates.

Other clubs in the Challenger Pro League looking for players include:

  • Francs Borains
  • Lommel SK
  • SL16 FC
  • RSCA Futures

6. Dessel Sport

If you are moving to the heart of Belgium, we have Dessel Sport on the lookout for players in midfield and attack. The club believes in a dynamic midfielder who can control the pace of the game and distribute the ball. A forward is needed as well, as long as you can score goals and convert chances.

7. Beerschot Wilrijk

Beerschot Wilrijk’s is one of the football clubs in Belgium looking for players desperately to help the team challenge for honors. They’ve been conceding a lot lately, so they need defenders who are strong in the tackle and comfortable with the ball at their feet. This team likes to play out from the back.

8. Lommel

You can also join Lommel’s this upcoming season if you are a winger or a goalkeeper. You must be a winger who can stretch the opposition’s defense, deliver crosses, and chip in with goals. As a goalkeeper, you should be able to command your area with authority. You need good shot-stopping abilities and must know how to distribute the ball from the back.

9. Tessenderlo

Another club looking for players is the Tessenderlo’s. This club needs a midfielder and a versatile defender. The midfielder should be someone who can see passes that others cannot. You also need to be someone who can dribble past opponents and can contribute with goals and assists. On the other hand, the defender Tessenderlo needs should be able to play in multiple positions across the backline.

10. RFC Liège

At number 10, we have RFC Liège, a Belgian football in need of a striker for reinforcement. RFC Liège needs a striker who is a threat to opposition defenses. You should be able to score from various situations on the field.

11. Patro Eisden Maasmechelen

If you are moving to the heart of Maasmechelen, you can join Patro Eisden Maasmechelen. This club really needs raw talent right now for the squad. If you can play in midfield and attack, that’s good. They need creative midfielders to control the pace of the game and make passes. As an ideal striker, you should have an eye for goal, and convert most of the opportunities you have.

12. Tienen

Tienen is currently trying to climb the ranks of Belgian football. The team believes that a talented central defender and agile full-backs will solve most of its problems. You really need to have physical attributes for this role. Your mental fortitude must also be able to withstand pressure and protect the team.

13. Berchem Sport

This club has a strong tradition and loyal supporters, however, they are trying to revamp the squad because they have not been doing well. This club’s immediate need is a goalkeeper and wingers. They need a goalkeeper with reflexes and command over the penalty area. For the wings, the club needs players who can outpace defenders, deliver crosses, and chip in with goals.

14. Ingelmunster

Ingelmunster is a club in search of a central midfield and attacking midfield positions. The club is on the lookout for central midfielders to dictate the tempo of play and attacking midfielders with creativity.

15. Racing Mechelen

Racing Mechelen is one of the football clubs in Belgium looking for players to help the team’s new strategy. Historically, this club has a rich heritage but looking for players to help with a bright future. The club is in search of forwards and attacking midfielders. The ideal candidates for the forward positions. You should also have a natural goal-scoring instinct. For the attacking midfield roles, you should be able to create scoring opportunities and support the forwards. A good playmaking player is needed here.

16. Royal Antwerp

Royal Antwerp is known as ‘the great old’ due to its status as the oldest football club in existence in Belgium. It marked its recent championship win in 2023 to break a 66-year drought in the Belgian top flight. After this victory, this club has been trying to build on this success and sign players in the midfield and attacking positions. They really need dynamic midfielders to control the pace of the game and forwards eye for goal. You can join this club to help them defend the title and compete on the European stage once again.

17. Beerschot

Beerschot has become a breeding ground for talent. This club even contributed to Belgium’s golden generation of footballers, including Jan Vertonghen, Toby Alderweireld, Thomas Vermaelen, and Moussa Dembélé. Beerschot currently needs solid defenders to add depth and stability to the backline.

18. KAA Gent

A top Belgian club here, so playing here will be tougher to break into in the first place. Nevertheless, this is one of the top football clubs in Belgium looking for players. Currently, Gent is concentrating on the goalkeeper and defensive positions. The club needs to recruit goalkeepers with reflexes and command of their area, alongside versatile defenders capable of adapting to various tactical setups.

19. KRC Genk

KRC Genk has a reputation for nurturing football talent. They have m developed the likes of Sergej Milinković-Savić, Wilfred Ndidi, and Leon Bailey. Now, they need fresh talents who can wear the boots left by these big names. KRC Genk is recruiting creative midfielders and strikers, trying to find players who can bring innovation and a cutting edge to the team’s attacking. KRC Genk has been looking to escape from critics for a long time, so they need footballers who can help with this achievement.

So, all you have to do now is contact and join. I have written a lengthy guide on how to join a European football club—make sure to read that article.


So, these are just some of the football clubs in Belgium looking for players like you right now. Players are needed in all positions of the field, starting from the goalie to the striker. This could be an opportunity for you to make a difference in the Belgian league. All you have to do is look up the websites of these clubs and contact them. Those clubs in the Belgian Pro League usually only scout players into their academies. However, if you target the lower division football clubs, you will quickly find a club that needs your talent and signature.

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