Football Clubs in Australia Looking for Players

In Australia, particularly for a foreigner, opportunities are seriously limited. Your best chance is to trial at state league teams, but those are by no means professional or top-tier status. You would still be working to make a living. But that’s not to say you can’t still play here. In fact, there are football clubs in Australia looking for players, and we will discuss some of them in this post.

A lot of the time, it would be difficult to find a place in a club, given your situation (experience, nationality, etc.). Lower-tier professional leagues are more likely to look at you, and you would probably need to work your way up the ladder. I’d still recommend going after semi-professional leagues, at best.

Let’s also not forget that you would also require a work visa. Australia is good if it’s your preferred football destination. It brings you a lively semi-pro soccer scene. In this guide, I will talk about those clubs you can play for and also other things you need to understand about playing semi-professional soccer in Australia. It includes how to find teams that are looking for players, the benefits of playing in the National Premier League (NPL), and what you might earn as an NPL player.

Football Clubs in Australia Looking for Players

1. Bentleigh Greens Soccer Club

The first club we’ll look at is the Bentleigh Greens Soccer Club. This club, hailing from Melbourne, Victoria, is on the lookout for fresh talent to enhance its squad depth. As a football analyst, observing Bentleigh Greens Soccer Club’s strategic moves in the National Premier Leagues Victoria, it’s clear they prioritize technical skill and tactical awareness. The club’s environment is ripe for players who aim to refine their abilities and make a significant impact in a competitive league. Their recruitment strategy focuses on players with not only the right skills but also a strong mental game and team-first attitude.

2. Adelaide City Football Club

Adelaide City Football Club is another football club willing to take in new footballers. This club is a storied entity within the National Premier Leagues South Australia. Currently, they are in a phase of rebuilding. The team’s ethos is centered around collective success and individual development. Their current search for players is not just about filling positions but about finding the right fit for a club.

3. Western Pride Football Club

We also have Western Pride Football Club, one of the football clubs in Australia looking for players. This Queensland-based club needs young, dynamic players ready to take the next step in their careers. Western Pride Football Club competes in the National Premier Leagues Queensland and is known for its commitment to youth development and a pathway to professional football.

This club’s recruitment strategy is to nurture new talents. It focuses on building a squad that can compete at the highest levels.

4. Hobart Zebras Football Club

In Tasmania, Hobart Zebras Football Club stands out for its ambition to climb the ranks of the National Premier Leagues Tasmania. This club’s approach to recruitment is to target experienced players who can bring leadership and a winning mentality. The Zebras need skillful players who can contribute to the club’s culture and inspire younger teammates.

5. Sydney United 58 FC

At number 5, one of the football clubs in Australia looking for players is the Sydney United 58 FC. Sydney United 58 FC is on the hunt for players who can bring a new dynamic to their team. Located in Sydney, New South Wales, this club is part of the National Premier Leagues NSW, a competitive Tier 2 league. They are particularly interested in a striker with an eye for goal and a midfielder who can control the pace of the game. This club values players who show dedication, have a strong work ethic, and can make decisive contributions on the field.

6. Brisbane Strikers

Brisbane Strikers has plans to strengthen their squad. They need a goalkeeper and a defender in their ranks. This club competes in the National Premier Leagues Queensland. They have a solid defensive record and hope to build from the back. Brisbane Strikers is searching for a goalkeeper with shot-stopping abilities and command of the penalty area. They also need a central defender who is strong in aerial duels. You have to be comfortable with the ball at your feet.

7. Canberra FC

You can also join Canberra FC, where you can start your professional career. Canberra FC needs players in attacking options and midfield. As part of the National Premier Leagues ACT, they need a winger with pace and the ability to deliver precise crosses, as well as a central midfielder who can break up opposition plays and distribute the ball.

8. South Hobart FC

At number 8, one of the football clubs in Australia looking for players is South Hobart FC. South Hobart FC competes in the National Premier Leagues Tasmania. Yes, this team needs to improve its squad with a forward and a full-back. The club requires a forward who can consistently find the back of the net and a full-back who is defensively solid. As a full-back, you should also be able to contribute to the attack.

South Hobart FC values players who show resilience, adaptability, and a strong team spirit. Here, you will experience a supportive environment where players contribute to the club’s ambitions of competing at the highest level within the league.

9. Moreland Zebras FC

Moreland Zebras FC is scouting for a goalkeeper and a central midfielder for its squad. The team is in Melbourne and competes in the National Premier Leagues Victoria. Moreland Zebras FC focuses on its defensive core and midfield versatility. They also seek a goalkeeper with reflexes and leadership qualities to organize the defense. Moreland Zebras FC also needs a midfielder to balance defensive duties with attacks.

10. North Eastern MetroStars

North Eastern MetroStars is a prominent club in the National Premier Leagues South Australia looking to recruit a striker and a winger. The club aims to boost its attacking prowess by finding a striker with a natural goal-scoring instinct and a winger who can outpace defenders and deliver accurate crosses. The MetroStars value players who are not only technically skilled but also a strong mental game.

11. Western Sydney Wanderers FC Reserves

As part of the football clubs in Australia looking for players, we have Western Sydney Wanderers FC Reserves. Yes, it is on the lookout for a defender and an attacking midfielder. As part of the National Premier Leagues NSW, the club is keen on its defensive line with a versatile defender who is comfortable playing in multiple positions and an attacking midfielder who can create scoring opportunities. The Wanderers’ reserves team is an excellent environment for player development.

12. Gold Coast United FC

Finally, we have the Gold Coast United FC. This one needs to add a central defender and a forward to their squad. The club also focuses on building a strong defensive foundation and attacking. They are interested in a central defender who is strong in the tackle and excellent in aerial duels, and a forward with the versatility to play across the front line, possessing speed, agility, and a sharp finishing ability.

A lot of the teams here are from the tier 2 National Premier League. If you are looking at the Australian Premier League (APL), this means more money but it can be difficult for you to break in. If you want to look for extremely easy football clubs in Australia looking for players, you should be looking at clubs in the National First Division 3rd Tier and the State League Premier the 4th Tier of Australian Football. Now, clubs in these categories won’t pay so much but you can build up from here if you have the talent.

How to Find a Football Club in Australia

1. Get in Touch with Clubs

First, you can get in touch with football clubs in Australia looking for players yourself. Contact them, tell them about you, and give them your Soccer CV and a video of your best plays. It’s simple—just go to their website and then reach out using their contact information. I won’t be able to list those out here since there are so many Australian teams out there. I have made an article where I explain the method you can use to contact football clubs for trials—make sure to check that out.

2. Work with an Agency

Yes, you can work with a recruitment agency. They have the experience and contacts to help match you with a club that’s looking for players. If you have your own connections, don’t forget about them. Do you know any players, coaches, or someone who could introduce you to a team in Australia? Just contact the person and discuss the possibility.

3. Use Social Media

Instead of just browsing social media without a plan, use it to find clubs that are looking for players in Australia. Look for the people in charge at clubs and send them a message.

4. Join the National Premier Leagues

Players in the NPL get paid, which means it’s a solid path for those wanting to earn from playing soccer. This league consists of 8 state-based competitions, with the champions from each entering a national finals series. The playing season runs from February to August/September. One challenge in joining an NPL team might be the strict rules the league imposes on clubs regarding squad formation. Coaches have 200 points (this number can change) to put together a team of 23 players. Also, there’s a limit on how many visa players a team can sign.

Each player starts by taking 10 points from the coach’s total. After that, points are either added or subtracted from these 10 points due to different factors. For instance, a young player can reduce one point for each year they are under 23. If you are a visa player, you have to add 10 points to your score, which means you use up 20 of the coach’s 200 points. That’s quite expensive.

Reasons You Should Play in Australia

Australia is a fantastic place for soccer players for several reasons.

  1. First off, it’s known for offering a great lifestyle and high quality of living.
  2. Next, there’s a strong soccer culture in Australia, with passionate fans and leading professional clubs.

All these points together make it a prime spot for soccer players aiming for high-level play.

How Much Will You Earn Playing in Australia?

NPL players get paid, with salaries typically between $15,000 to $25,000 per season. You will earn less in lower tiers and more in NPL. However, pay can change for many reasons such as the club’s goals for the season, their sponsors, and the experience of the player. Even though this might not seem like a lot, it can be a good amount for a semi-pro soccer player. This is especially true since the structure of the Australian semi-pro league lets players work at the same time.

Getting Ready to Move to Australia

Before moving to Australia to play semi-pro soccer, there are several steps you need to take. You need to get a visa. Most players, depending on their country, will go for the Working Holiday visa. You’ll also need to find a place to stay so you have somewhere to live when you arrive.

You should also look into the culture of the area you’ll be moving to, so you know what to expect. For instance, Melbourne is often seen as Australia’s sports hub, while Queensland might appeal more to those who love surfing and the beach.

The most important thing you can do, though, is keep up with your training. You want to be in top shape when you get to Australia, ready to impress from the start. Note that as a visa player, people will expect more from you than from a local player, especially if you come from a country known to have top talents.


So, we have been able to talk about football clubs in Australia looking for players. You have to target lower-tier leagues for now. Also, it’s really hard for me to gauge if Australia is for you since I have no idea about your characteristics (age, height, skill level). Obviously no harm in trying out for some bigger clubs, but there’s the matter of being as realistic as possible, given the circumstances.

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