Companies that Pay in Dollars in Nigeria

You probably know there are no longer boundaries of earning limited by geography. So, even in Nigeria, you can make dollars. That’s why this post shows you the companies that pay in dollars in Nigeria.

For Nigerians, this absence of income boundaries means you can earn in dollars, even while residing in the country. Let’s take this post a bit personally while also shedding light on various ways Nigerians can tap into global opportunities and make some dollars. The possibilities are vast, from building multiple streams of passive income to leveraging local talents for international gigs. So, if you have ever wondered about companies that pay in dollars in Nigeria or how to navigate this lucrative path, you are in for an enlightening journey.

But you need to understand one thing, many Nigerian companies won’t come out saying “I pay in dollars”, not while they are in Nigeria. That’s because Nigeria’s currency is Naira and not dollars. So, most of the top companies you hear about pay in Naira, and never in dollars as that can get them in trouble. But, according to a recent Punch publication, it was finally confirmed that US Dollars can now be paid to Nigerian workers.

Companies that Pay in Dollars in Nigeria

Below are the companies that pay in dollars in Nigeria:

1. Amazon

Ever heard of Affiliate Marketing? It’s a simple and profitable online business model. Here’s how it works: you promote digital items like ebooks or online courses using a special link. When someone buys through your link, you earn a commission, sometimes up to 50%. You do not need to make these products or be a tech expert. Even a smartphone will do if you don’t own a computer.

Another option is Amazon KDP, which lets you upload books and get paid for every sale. Imagine having a shop on a street where over 300 million people pass by and might buy your book.

Anyone in Nigeria can do this. Since Amazon is from the United States, they pay you in dollars. It’s like working for an American company without leaving Nigeria.

If Amazon sounds new to you – it is a massive company started by Jeff Bezos. Most people know Amazon for selling stuff online. But they also have a section where people can publish and sell their books. Even if you are not a writer, you can still publish books on Amazon and earn in dollars.

2. Freelancing Companies

Freelancing is like running your own mini-business in an area you’re good at. Whether you’re into writing, designing websites, creating graphics, editing, or even being a virtual assistant, there’s a space for you. Websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Writers Solution, and Ubertester are great places to start.

Another option? Amazon Kindle Publishing. Some folks earn over $50 daily from it, right from their homes.

3. Currency Trading (Forex) Companies

While not particularly categorized as “companies that pay in dollars in Nigeria”, this is a popular method of making dollars while in Nigeria. Think of Forex trading as guessing the movement of currency values.

You trade one currency for another, hoping the one you buy goes up in value compared to the one you sold. If you are in Nigeria and interested, you might want to check out brokers like Exness. Currency trading can be complex and requires professional guidance. You can use a Nigerian forum like Nairaland as your starting point – you would find threads created by experts to help simplify the process of your journey. Also, there is YouTube with several free videos to guide you through.

4. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies offer two main ways to earn:

  1. Spot trading. This is about buying digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or BNB (Binance Coin) and waiting for their value to go up. You can also sell them when you think the time is right.
  2. Futures trading. Here, you’re making a bet. You predict if the price of a cryptocurrency, say Bitcoin, will go up or down. Your profit or loss depends on how accurate your guess was.

5. Digital Marketing in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and with it, the demand for skilled digital marketers. As businesses recognize the potential of the digital space to reach a wider audience, they are on the lookout for professionals who can effectively promote their products and services online.

If you are wondering how to step into this field as a Nigerian, there is good news. Numerous courses, including those offered by Google and tailored ones like “Digital Marketing for Africa”, are available for free.

While the realm of digital marketing is vast, beginners should specialize in specific areas like social media, search engine marketing, or content marketing. As you grow, you can expand your expertise across different platforms and tools.

6. Software Creation & Tech Solutions

Software creation, particularly in the realms of software development and engineering, stands tall as one of the top-paying fields. While it’s a vast domain, two primary areas shine the brightest: Front-end and Back-end development. Front-end developers are the magicians behind the interactive elements you see on websites, making your online experience smooth.

On the other hand, back-end developers are the backbone, creating the robust infrastructure that powers these sites. Interestingly, while back-end developers often have a higher earning potential, those rare gems who master both domains are known as “Full-Stack Developers”. With the tech world expanding, the hunger for skilled developers is only set to grow, offering numerous remote job opportunities worldwide.

7. Crafting Words with Copywriting

Every company needs a storyteller, a wordsmith who can weave compelling narratives, be it for sales pitches, website content, or advertising campaigns. Enter the realm of copywriting. It’s not just about writing; it’s about influencing, persuading, and driving action.

A skilled copywriter employs the AIDA strategy: Capture Attention, pique Interest, ignite Desire, and prompt Action. If this sounds like your calling or something you’ve dabbled in, it’s time to dive deep. Embrace copywriting, upskill, and get recognized. With the digital age upon us, proficient copywriters are in high demand, and yes, they earn in dollars. With this, you could even become an owner of one of the companies that pay in dollars in Nigeria, i.e., creating an agency.

8. Deciphering Numbers with Data Analysis

In today’s data-driven world, the role of a data analyst is pivotal. You can delve deep into numbers, sifting, sorting, and modeling data to extract meaningful insights. Their findings are not just numbers; they guide crucial business decisions, shaping the future of companies.

With the explosion of data in recent years, the clamor for adept data analysts is skyrocketing. Many Nigerians can work from the comfort of their homes, collaborating with global teams, and yes, earning a handsome sum in dollars.

9. Web & Product Design

The digital age has made having a website almost indispensable for businesses, especially in Nigeria. With the surge in e-commerce, especially during events like the coronavirus pandemic, the number of websites has skyrocketed. Platforms like WordPress and Wix have simplified the website creation process, but there’s a rising demand for specialists in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.

If you are inclined towards the visual aspect, focusing on UI might be your calling. Courses in color theory, typography, and design theory will enhance your skills.

On the other hand, if you are interested in the functional side, UX design, which involves coding, prototyping, and information architecture, might be more up your alley. Numerous companies in Nigeria offer training and job opportunities in these fields, making it a promising avenue for those looking to earn in dollars.

Other Companies that Pay in Dollars in Nigeria

  1. Dangote Group
  2. NNPC (Oil and Gas)
  3. Mobil Oil and Gas Multinational (Exxonmobil)
  4. Nigeria Breweries
  5. Chevron
  6. MTN Nigeria (Telecommunication)
  7. Total Oil and Gas
  8. The Nigeria Civil Service (Federal)
  9. Shell Petroleum Development Company Joint Venture (SPDC JV)
  10. Nestle Nigeria PLC

These are top companies in Nigeria, and they may be willing to pay in dollars if you requested. But you would need convincing reasons alongside to get them to pay in dollars instead of Naira.

Conclusion on Companies that Pay in Dollars in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are more opportunities, than companies, that will make you earn in dollars, both passively and actively. While the specific companies that pay in dollars were not explicitly mentioned in the content, it’s evident that with determination and the right strategies, Nigerians can tap into various streams of income that pay in foreign currency.

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