15 College Scholarships for Freshman in High School

We’re here to tell you what you need to know about college grants if you’re a freshman who wants to go to college. It’s never too early to start planning for how you’ll pay for college. We know about awards that might make your jaw drop, whether you’re a genius with straight A’s or a passionate go-getter with unique skills. The big information is that there are some college scholarships for freshmen in high school. Should you find yourself in need of one to save academic costs, then you are on the right blog.

College Scholarships for Freshman in High School

You intend to grab that scholarship that meets your need as a freshman in high school and school without tuition fees and all that. Some of the scholarships even cover beyond tuition. So read on and try to apply for as many of them as possible to increase your chance of securing one.

That said, below are the best college scholarships for freshman in high school:

1. The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards is a prestigious program that honors high school students for their hard work and dedication to making a difference in their communities. In addition, this prestigious program also gives them college scholarships.

Grants to freshman students are a way that the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards encourage and support the continued commitment to helping your communities and encourage them to go to college. These scholarships not only help them pay for college but also show how great they are as young leaders and give them the tools they need to keep making a change in the world.

2. Doodle 4 Google Scholarship

Doodle 4 Google is a prestigious grant that recognizes the power of art and encourages young artists to show off their skills and creativity by making a Google Doodle that shows their unique vision. By giving them money, Doodle 4 Google helps you follow your dreams of going to college and developing your artistic skills. With this grant, high school freshmen not only have the chance to be recognized for their artistic skills but also to start an exciting journey toward their academic and artistic goals.

3. Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

You should sign up for Scholastic Art & Writing Awards which recognizes young artists and writers who show great skill and creativity in writing, photography, visual arts, and other areas. When you enter the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, a first-year student can show off their artistic skills and possibly win grants that can help them a lot with their college education.

This is one of the few college scholarships for freshman in high school that encourages young artists and writers, but it also gives them a place to show off their work and get known in the creative community. This helps them grow and develop as they follow their artistic hobbies.

4. Carson Scholars fund

Carson Scholars are chosen through a rigorous process that looks at their grades, leadership skills, and involvement in community work.

These college scholarships for freshman in high school will assist you to pay for college. Also, it shows how hard they have worked and how dedicated they are. They put money into young scholars, making the Carson Scholars Fund help you grow as a thinker and give you the tools they need to become future stars in their fields.

5. Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award

You can try getting the scholarship with the famous Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award program which gives young artists the tools needed to improve their skills and follow artistic dreams.

The foundation achieves this by recognizing your extraordinary talents and giving you the money you need to do so. With a focus on academic success, artistic achievement, and financial need, the Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award gives these talented freshmen the chance to explore their creative potential and thrive in their artistic endeavors, giving them a bright future in the arts and beyond.

6. The American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest

Many students are already in for the American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest. This unique contest gives you a great chance to show off your public speaking and academic skills.

As a participant, you are asked to study and give speeches about the United States Constitution, focusing on its history and how it applies today. You get to fight at the national level as a freshman in high school and learn a lot about public speaking, critical thinking, and how to persuade people.

The scholarships given out through this contest are a way to recognize and reward students who have done a great job, and they make it possible for bright students to go to college with help from The American Legion.

7. The paradigm challenge

This one-of-a-kind chance is meant to give young people more power by pushing them to solve real-world problems and do good things in their communities.

Participants can show off their skills and ideas to solve important problems by thinking outside the box, working as a team, and coming up with creative solutions. The Paradigm Challenge scholarships not only help pay for college but also encourage a passion for social change and teach the next generation of scholars the ideals of leadership and responsibility.

8. Angela Award (National Science Teachers Association)

The goal of this Angela Award college scholarship for freshman in high school is to find and support young people who are good at science and technology. The Angela Award gives high-achieving freshmen a great chance to dig deeper into their love of science and possibly shape their future jobs.

If focuses on promoting diversity and inclusion, which makes this scholarship program not only rewards academic success but also aims to give young people from different backgrounds the tools they need to contribute to the scientific community. With the given money and public exposure, Angela Award can encourage you to follow your scientific dreams and make a difference in the world if you get approved for the award.

9. Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Science Competition

Sometimes, you can secure the needed scholarship through a game. We mean games that encourage you to learn more about science and technology and come up with new ideas in those fields. You just have to take part in the ExploraVision Science Competition program as a first-year student to improve your ability to think critically, work together with other students, and solve real-world problems through creative science projects.

This competition not only gets people interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), but it also gives talented freshmen a chance to be recognized and get money for their outstanding scientific work. This sets them up for future success in their academic and professional lives.

10. National High School Mock Trial Championship

The National High School Mock Trial Championship gives talented freshmen in high school a great chance to fight and win college scholarships by doing so. This event shows off your law knowledge and courtroom skills but also gives them money to help pay for their college educations in the future.

Enter this competition to show that you are talented as well as how much you care about the law and how much they can do. This opens the door to promising college jobs. With these college scholarships for freshman in high school, the National High School Mock Trial Championship helps and supports young people to go after their academic goals and develops their interest in the law.

11. The National WWII Museum Student Essay Contest

How about the National WWII Museum Student Essay contest? As a high school student in your first year, you can fight for college scholarships in the National WWII Museum Student Essay Contest.

This event is unique and requires you to think about what World War II meant and how it changed history and society. You get to write interesting essays and can learn more about different parts of the war, such as its causes, battles, events on the home front, and the world after the war.

For freshmen just starting high school, this event is a great chance to show off how smart they are and maybe get some money for college. It can quite competitive though, so you have to be prepared to grab it to boost your high school adventure.

12. Project Paradigm Innovation Challenge

You could also sign up for the Project Paradigm Innovation Challenge which requires you to come up with creative answers to problems in the real world. It is a new program that hopes to encourage students to think for themselves and grow their minds.

Taking part in this challenge will give you a chance to win grants as well as learn how to come up with ideas, work as a team, and run a project. This program’s college scholarships for freshman in high school not only help bright freshmen pay for college, but also recognize and reward potential, which encourages you to follow your dreams and use your creative ideas to make the world a better place.

13.  Scripps National Spelling Bee

Scripps National Spelling Bee is the next big challenging, available scholarship you can use for your scholarship dreams in high school. Scholarships are meant to help and encourage bright young spellers to keep going to school. This Spelling Bee gives money to students who need it as well as the power to get past financial problems and reach their full potential in college.

14. Coca-cola scholars program

You probably only know Coca-Cola for their drinks. But you could also leverage their college scholarship for freshman to study for free in high school. Consider this award a way to get back from Coca-Cola.

This scholarship targets students who show they are great leaders, do well in school, and want to make a good difference in their communities. As winners of these scholarships, first-year college students get money for education and access to a group of like-minded scholars, and valuable networking opportunities.

Coca-Cola gives these bright people more power and invests in their potential through this program. This helps them become future leaders and change-makers in their fields.

15. Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship

Talk about bringing attention to the growing problem of young people becoming too dependent on technology and encouraging better relationships with digital devices. That’s what Technology Addiction Awareness is all about. This scholarship offers you a unique chance to become responsibly learn how to use technology in a responsible way by asking you to think about how technology affects your life and explore ways to limit screen time.

The scholarship not only rewards students for doing well in school, but it also wants to give them the tools they need to become advocates for digital well-being. It will help raise a group of people who are mindful and well-balanced and can do well in the digital age.


College scholarships for freshmen in high school give young European students a great chance to start on a road to academic success and personal growth. There is always that hope and encouragement for high school students to dream big and go to college even if money is tight.

High school scholarships also help make the academic community more diverse and welcoming, because they encourage students from all walks of life to strive for success, no matter how much money they have. Apply today for as many scholarships as you can to improve your chance of receiving an acceptance email notification.

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