12 Cheapest University in USA for Masters for International Students

Although higher education in the United States is generally considered expensive, it remains a popular study destination for international students. While pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the US may seem financially daunting, there are a number of affordable options available for international students. In this article, we will explore the cheapest university in USA for Masters for international students that cater to the needs of international students.

Cheapest University in USA for Masters for International Students

For the universities identified here, the tuition range is between $3,000 to $20,000 per semester.

Note that the universities listed below may not be Ivy League institutions located in major cities, but they offer high-quality education despite their affordability. These inexpensive US universities provide students with an intimate learning environment, a vibrant student community, and a better quality of life due to lower living costs. Also, the tuition fees mentioned here do not include accommodation, books, and living expenses.

Here is our recommendation for the cheapest university in USA for Masters for international students:

1. Eastern New Mexico University

Eastern New Mexico University is known for being the cheapest university in USA for Masters for international students. It is a 4-year university in the Southwest United States. With options for both on-site and distance learning, the university offers flexibility to its students. Small class sizes foster a close-knit learning community, allowing students to establish meaningful connections with their professors.

  • Location: Portales, New Mexico
  • Tuition fees: $8,568 per year for Bachelor’s students, $7,110 per year for Master’s students

2. Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University (BYU) is a private research university affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It maintains campuses in Utah, Hawaii, and Idaho. While the majority of its student body consists of members of the Church, individuals of other religious backgrounds are also welcome to attend BYU.

  • Location: Provo, Utah; Laie, Hawaii; Rexburg, Idaho
  • Tuition fees: $6,304 per semester for Bachelor’s students, $14,636 per semester for Master’s students in Utah

3. Nicholls State University

Situated in the charming city of Thibodaux, Louisiana, Nicholls State University is a public institution offering a wide range of programs, from culinary arts to nursing.

The university boasts a strong focus on student safety, with 1,255 undergraduate students residing on campus. Nicholls State University provides an enriching and secure environment for learning.

  • Location: Thibodaux, Louisiana
  • Tuition fees: $4,482.90 per semester (based on 15 hours) for Bachelor’s students, $4,440.36 per semester (based on 15 hours) for Master’s students

4. Bridgewater State University

Situated in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, not far from the state capital of Boston, Bridgewater State University is a public college known for its vibrant student community. The university offers 11 residence halls on campus, accommodating over 2,000 students.

  • Location: Bridgewater, Massachusetts
  • Tuition fees: $7,050 per semester for Bachelor’s students, $488.50 per credit hour for Master’s students

5. Mississippi University for Women

Mississippi University for Women is recognized for its commitment to minimizing student debt compared to other regional Southern universities. It holds the distinction of being the first public college for women in the United States. Of course, many students consider it the cheapest university in USA for Masters for international students. So, you should really consider this university.

  • Location: Columbus, Mississippi
  • Tuition fees: For a semester consisting of 9-13 credits, the tuition fee is $3,883.

6. Southwest Minnesota State University

Southwest Minnesota State University, situated in Marshall, Minnesota, is renowned for its focus on liberal arts majors. The university boasts a vibrant campus life, offering student residences, clubs, and organizations. It provides a wide range of degree programs encompassing liberal arts and professions.

  • Location: Marshall, Minnesota
  • Tuition fees: $10,116 per year for Bachelor’s students, $9,324 per year for Master’s students

7. Minnesota State University-Moorhead

Minnesota State University-Moorhead is an inclusive institution that attracts students from 58 countries. With a wide range of 213 majors to choose from, students have diverse academic options. The university also offers online learning opportunities for various courses.

  • Location: Moorhead, Minnesota
  • Tuition fees: For a semester consisting of 12-18 credits, the tuition fee is $8,837.

8. Bemidji State University

For nature enthusiasts and winter lovers, Bemidji State University is ideally situated near Bemidji Lake and the enchanting forests of Minnesota. The university provides an extensive range of 70 Bachelor’s and eight Master’s degree programs, along with flexible distance learning options. If you opt to reside on campus, you’ll be treated to a stunning environment.

  • Location: Bemidji, Minnesota
  • Tuition fees: $10,150 for two semesters

9. Delta State University

Nestled in Cleveland, Mississippi, Delta State University is recognized as one of the finest Southern small towns. Students cherish the lively student community, thriving music scene, and array of delectable food options that Cleveland has to offer. The city provides an affordable cost of living.

  • Location: Cleveland, Mississippi
  • Tuition fees: $4,217 per semester for 12-19 hours

10. South Dakota State University

South Dakota State University boasts a wide range of academic offerings, with 80 majors and 97 minors available to students. The campus itself is known for its vibrant atmosphere and an array of activities. It has consistently earned the distinction of being the safest campus in the state for three consecutive years. The city of Brookings, where the university is located, is renowned for its pleasant living environment in South Dakota.

  • Location: Brookings, South Dakota
  • Tuition fees: $5,642 for a course load of 15 credits per semester

11. National Louis University

National Louis University attracts over 8,000 students in Illinois and Florida with its career-focused education system. Full-time international students can benefit from an annual scholarship of $7,599, which is renewable.

This university is not only the cheapest university in USA for Masters for international students but also has campuses in Chicago, Illinois, and Tampa, Florida, providing students with diverse educational opportunities.

  • Location: Chicago, Illinois; Tampa, Florida
  • Tuition fees: $19,350 per year, based on 14-18 hours

12. Henderson State University

Henderson State University extends scholarships to international students based on their GPA, offering reduced tuition fees. The university offers additional financial assistance based on family income.

  • Location: Arkadelphia, Arkansas
  • Tuition fees: $7,480 based on 15 hours per semester

How to make your US international student experience more affordable

You have discovered an affordable university and secured a scholarship, but you still need additional funds to study in the United States? Here are some money-saving tips that can assist you:

1. Consider staying in student dorms

With the increasing cost of living worldwide, it may be beneficial to avoid the worries of utility bills, groceries, and deposits while living abroad. Student dormitories provide all-inclusive facilities and are particularly popular among first-year students.

Alternatively, you can explore private apartments for students as an alternative to university student dorms. Companies like AmberStudent offer a wide range of student housing options in the USA, as well as the UK and Australia. With their 24×7 assistance and guaranteed price match, they make finding accommodation hassle-free.

2. Choose student towns over big cities

Opting to study in small college towns allows you to be in close proximity to student activities, events, and, of course, the campus. In larger residential cities, commuting to your classes might be necessary, adding to your expenses.

3. Seek out student discounts

Take advantage of the numerous student discounts available. Many restaurants, cafes, bars, bookshops, clothing stores, cinemas, and other establishments offer discounted prices specifically for students. Be sure to inquire about these discounts and present your student ID wherever applicable.

4. Purchase used textbooks, furniture, or clothes

When former students are moving out, they often sell their belongings to new students. This presents a win-win situation as you can find used items at lower prices, saving you a significant amount of money.

5. Apply for scholarships

Many of the affordable universities mentioned here also provide scholarship options for international students, based on merit or financial need. You can explore Scholarship Portal, which offers over 1,000 scholarships specifically tailored for students like you. Take advantage of these opportunities to ease your financial burden.

6. Consider working part-time

If you hold an F1 student visa, you are eligible to work part-time on campus for up to 20 hours per week. Depending on your visa type, international students can find employment opportunities as tutors, campus ambassadors, baristas, receptionists, or sales assistants. Working part-time can provide you with extra income to support your expenses.

Remember to check the regulations and guidelines regarding employment for international students in the United States to ensure you are in compliance with the terms of your visa.

Keep in mind that distance learning presents a viable alternative as well. Even if you’re not physically present in the country, you can still obtain a US degree through remote education. This option allows you to bypass the expenses of living abroad and the complexities associated with obtaining a student visa, all while benefiting from lower tuition fees. If this idea piques your interest, you might want to explore online universities like Walden University and Kettering University Online, as they may offer programs tailored to your requirements.

To discover more about inexpensive universities in the USA for international students, it’s advisable to conduct research on platforms like Bachelorsportal and Mastersportal. Depending on your field of study, you may come across additional affordable on-site or online study opportunities.

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