Cheapest Football Academy in Europe

Europe is actually home to some of the world’s best football clubs. So, if you get a chance to play in Europe, not only will you be popular but you will also earn a lot more money on your contract. However, your dream has to start from a football academy. So, today, we are going to talk about the cheapest football academy in Europe. These will be academies where you pay little to train in a world-class facility that will actually help your CV and career.

Cheapest Football Academy in Europe

We are going to look at 9 of these football academies. From this list, you can then tell which is the cheapest football academy in Europe. Let’s get started.

1. Spain Soccer Academy

At number 1, we have Spain Soccer Academy. Note that this arrangement is in no particular order though. Spain Soccer Academy is a top-tier football academy located in Seville, Spain. It’s an international spot for students who love football and want to study abroad, whether it’s in high school, Spanish classes, or university. This academy has many different programs, including short stay, showcase trial, goalkeeper program, football coaches internship program, football teams program, and Sevilla FC football tour program. Each costs differently, for example, a full year with academic (September to June) is €25,950 while a full year (training only) is €24,950.

You have to be from age 14 – 23. Yes, this fee covers your accommodations and every other thing in the academy.

This academy trains in the past Spanish game model. This means that they get their football and situation from Spanish football teams. The style is unique and the players are taught to be skilled stay positive and control football.

2. Alicante Football Academy

So we also have the Alicante Football Academy. This is easily the cheapest football academy in Europe. Alicante has many football programs, including a 10-month program, a 6-month program, a football camp program, and a one-month football academy program. Which of these football programs costs differently, for example, the 10-month football academy costs €2,100 per month while the monthly football academy training costs €2,500. So, if you are really in for real football, you might want to register for the 10 month program which is actually cheaper than paying for the monthly.

This academy is suited for youth players from outside the European Union, including America, Africa, Australia, and countries including the USA, Canada, Nigeria, and South Africa. You have to apply for a temporary VISA for an extended stay in Spain and Europe. The academy has a thorough understanding of the VISA process and deals with it weekly.

3. European Football Academy

We also have the European Football Academy. This one is based in Central London. By the way, I wrote an article about the cheapest England football academy that you can register to begin your football career. The European Football Academy was founded in 2015. This cheap football academy provides various training locations across London to accommodate different age groups and levels of ability. It teaches football to talents below the age of 5 and up to the age of 16. The fees of this football academy really vary. For example, if you are 16, and choose the monthly payment plan, you will pay a registration fee of £149.99, a membership fee of £99.50, and a league fee cost of £200 per league and per season. You can use this simulator to determine your final fees to join the academy.

This academy operates in North and South London. It participates in events such as the Gothia Cup in Sweden and the SC Braga Pro Camp in Portugal. The comprehensive training covers technical, social, physical, and psychological aspects. Finally, players get to participate in leagues such as the Junior Premier League and the Camden & Islington Youth League.

4. Kaptiva Sports Academy

Kaptiva is actually a bit costlier. They charge €44,995 for the 10 month program, €32.995 for the 6 month program, €2,395 for the soccer camp program, and €495 for the trial program. So, you can just pick one that suits your pocket. The comprehensive football program here is for international players aged 12 to 18. The academy’s technical staff will intensively help you in training sessions to enhance your football skills and prepare you for high-level competition in games and tournaments against national and international teams.

This football academy has limited spots available each season. So, you should try and register for a trial as soon as possible. You will be required to attend a trial or a one-week program at the academy. Once you make your deposit, official documents will be sent to prepare you at Kaptiva Sports Academy.

5. SIA Football Academy

At number 5, the cheapest football academy in Europe we have is SIA Academy. This is an international football academy with high-performance programs. The fee really depends on your type of program. For example, the 6-month program is €22.500. You have to be at least 13 to 22 years old, irrespective of your gender.

At SIA Center, you can participate in 3 different types of football academy trials in Europe:

  1. Academy for players
  2. Academy for goalkeepers
  3. Academy for coaches

SIA Academy collaborates with British School Xátiva.  British School is an educational institution with top facilities and one of the most advanced teaching methods globally. For students over 16, the academy provides official studies authorized by the Conselleria de Educación and recognized by the Ministry of Education and the Consejo Superior de Deportes. The course is conducted by Élite Sport and is entirely hosted at this academy’s facilities: the theoretical part in Sia Centre’s training classrooms and the practical part coaching teams of CF Sierra de Enguera and UD Alzira.

6. FCV International Football Academy

At number 6, we have FCV International Football Academy in the UK. FCV International Football Academy,  is the first and cheapest private football academy of its kind, offering football courses alongside academic studies for aspiring footballers aged 16 and over. FCV Ultimate Football Academy has many different football programs. If you choose the FCV Ultimate Football Experience, for example, the 1-week course is £500 while up to 48 weeks course is £2,500.

This academy combines specialized football training with high-quality education. Many of the academy’s former students have advanced to professional football clubs in the UK, Europe, and the USA. This academy has top-class football facilities, including high-quality grass and 3G training pitches, an analysis center, and a state-of-the-art gym. You will get to study many educational courses, including the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport and A Levels, delivered in collaboration with Loughborough College.

7. MSM Football Academy

At number 7, the cheapest football academy in Europe is MSM Football Academy. There are many programs here, including One-Year Football Academy + Foundation, Half-Year Football Academy + Foundation, Summer Football Camp – July, Football Team Camp, etc.

If dreaming of a professional football career or being passionate about football is part of your life, the International Youth Union and MSM Football Academy have special programs for you. This program is designed to help you prepare for entry into top Czech universities and, more importantly, to become a successful football players.

These programs are crafted in collaboration with the Czech Football Federation and notable clubs such as FC Sparta Prague, FC Slavia Prague, and FC Admira Prague. The academy also partners with the football federations of Prague, Moscow, and Kyiv, as well as globally recognized entities like Nike, the fitness center chain WorldClass, and Czech car dealers Jaguar and Land Rover.

The International Football Academy MSM also offers a unique opportunity for those with exceptional talent and professionalism in football. Such talents have a chance to win an annual grant for free training in the Czech Republic and professional coaching at a Czech club in Prague.

8. ACFC Academy in Spain

Are you ready to elevate your football career? Experience living, training, and competing in Spain at ACFC Academy. For the full season, ACFC Academy in Spain charges €2,500 per month. For a summer 10 week camp, you pay from €2,600 per month. ACFC Academy is one of the cheapest football academies with an immersive residential soccer experience in Alicante for young football players. Participants at the academy engage in a rigorous training schedule throughout the week and have the chance to play soccer matches in a Spanish league on weekends. These matches are played either with the academy’s first team, U23’s team (B team), or U19’s team (C team).

9. Valetics Academy

Finally, we have the Valetics Academy. You can pick from the multiple football programs of this academy, including the 10 day, 5 month, and full year. The 10 day program costs €1,275, the 5 month program costs €12.700, while the full year program costs €19.750. This academy will help you to accelerate your development, both on the field and in other aspects of life.


So, there you go with the top affordable football academies in Europe right now. These academies also have different programs you can choose from, so make sure to pick a cheap program you can comfortably afford.

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