Best colleges to get laid in school in the US

You want the best colleges to get laid in the United States. Perhaps, getting laid in college is your priority since you probably didn’t get the opportunity in high school. The feeling you have is normal, and like most students getting ready to apply for college, you want to know the colleges where you stand the best chances of meeting hot boys and girls and becoming intimate with them.

Fortunately, we’ve done the job for you in this blog post. We’ve covered the top schools in America where getting laid is a course on its own based on stories and personal experience.

Best colleges to get laid

University of California, Santa Barbara

1. University of California, Santa Barbara

The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) is home to attractive and hard-partying students, no need for dating apps college grads use. This school has an on-campus beach and terrific weather for two or more to cuddle. Isla Vista, California is home to most UCSB students and quite popular for its beach culture, debauchery, and outdoor festivals.

Casual sex happens, at pretty much every university but it’s just another level at UCSB. This could sometimes be due to a pretty girl getting drunk and having messy intimacy.

UCSB homes lots of fun, smart, beautiful women looking for something other than a crappy hookup. Not necessarily a relationship but friends with benefits and other random casual stuff with friends of friends. The buddies also love awkward liaisons that sometimes lead to 4 am Cucas burritos.

It all comes down to you, to be honest. You can get laid every night in UCSB if that’s your goal. However, if you would love to have more healthy and fun meaningless sex, make sure to respect the USCB girls.

University of Southern California

2. University of Southern California

Talk of the hottest sorority girls, then you want to apply for college at the University of Southern California (USC).

USC offers a wide range of opportunities to suit different interests and goals. Whether you’re looking to party with wealthy peers or pursue a rigorous and challenging education, it’s all possible at USC. The university is also located in Los Angeles, a unique and vibrant city that offers a diverse range of experiences. Attending USC is not just about getting an education, it’s about becoming a part of a community and shaping your life experiences.

To get laid in this college, you must have an active interest in your lives and pursuits. I would say, “Listen. Pay a little attention. If the physical attraction is there to begin with, the sex will follow shortly thereafter.”

USC can give you sex for the sake of sex that won’t lead to anything, which is the fun you’re looking for.

USC is about 10 minutes away from downtown LA graced with bars and clubs like Exchange, Belasco, and The Standard, to mention a few. Great experiences with lots of friends inviting you to the fraternity and house parties served weekly.

Hooking up here is not hard at all, especially if you make mutual friends willing to help you out. Lastly, I’ve met lots of quality girls here who are always willing to do it.

University of Miami UM

3. University of Miami

UM is a party school in some respects, like any college there is drinking, drugs, casual sex, etc. But honestly, campus life is not like a huge state school. The campus is mostly dead at night and the dorm partying is the typical kind you’d find anywhere there are young people away from home for the first time. When people who think of Miami who haven’t been there, they probably imagine it’s a bigger school than it really is (only around 10k undergrad VS over 30k at FSU). And because the football team has such a storied history, people might think the stadium is on the campus (it’s ~20 miles away).

My advice is to avoid adopting a holier-than-thou attitude. Keep in mind that, like in any college, there will be people who try to make a big show of how much they drink. Additionally, the proximity of Coconut Grove and South Beach means that partying is a big part of the culture. However, it’s important to remember that not everyone chooses to live that lifestyle, and some people may burn out on drugs like cocaine and ecstasy. It’s best to be cautious and not get too involved with those types of people.

Fraternities and sororities do exist on campus, but they don’t dominate the social scene as they do at larger state schools. This is mainly because there are other options available, such as VIP access to clubs, which are more popular among students. Additionally, it’s important to note that fraternities and sororities do not have houses, and the urban legend that they are not allowed to have houses because it would be considered a brothel is not true. As for my advice, I would recommend against joining a fraternity, even if you become friends with some of the members. Instead, consider living in the dorms when you first arrive on campus to meet new people. House parties do occur off-campus, but dorms are a great way to meet new people when you first arrive.

University of Arizona

4. University of Arizona

It seems all the hot women relocated to the University of Arizona. So many students enroll here, so your odds of getting laid are quite impeccable. Just meet a girl on 4th Avenue, and they are down for you, that’s it.

You’ll get laid often if you keep the right group of friends. Also, it isn’t uncommon to be at a house party and people hook up—go to pound town/slime the caverns, etc. This is the easiest time for folks to get intimate, but you need lots of rubber.

Regarding “Friends with Benefits”, that’s just a recent construct you will need to hit all day, all night.

New York University

5. New York University

After visiting NYU, I found that the gender ratio is more favorable than at many other schools I visited. I was fortunate to have some female friends attending NYU, which was a plus for me. Additionally, I found that it was relatively easy to meet new people, including girls, at the school. Although the school itself may not have many parties, the nearby East Village offers plenty of opportunities to socialize and meet new people at bars and other venues.

New York is known for its fashion culture, so if you’re interested in meeting fashionable women, then NYU may be a good choice for you. One of the things I enjoyed about the school was the vibrant social scene and the proximity of bars and nightlife venues. The location of the school in the East Village offers endless opportunities to socialize and party. Compared to other cities, the nightlife in New York is quite vibrant, so it’s definitely worth checking out when you have the opportunity.

Arizona State University ASU

6. Arizona State University

ASU and UofA have similar party scenes, but there is a bit of friendly competition between the two. The expectations for partying and meeting people are high at both schools. However, this school is known to keep tabs on parties happening in neighboring towns. They have a rating of 3.8 out of 5, which is decent. They also have a strong presence on social media, with dedicated accounts on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Michigan State University

7. Michigan State University

Michigan State University (MSU) is known for its vibrant party scene, particularly during football season. If you’re lucky enough to visit during a game and the team wins, you’ll experience an electric atmosphere and non-stop celebration.

MSU boasts a selection of excellent bars with great deals on beer and food. Additionally, the university has a significant presence in Greek letter organizations, making it a popular choice for students interested in fraternities and sororities. As a result, the social scene at MSU is lively and offers a diverse range of options for meeting people, including a strong female student population.

8. Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania weather may be dull but the cesspool of white girls to get laid makes it a unique college to apply for your education and build the perfect social life.

It’s not uncommon for girls to swing by left and right, irrespective of those they sleep with. Unless you school at PSU, you may be missing out on a whole lot. Even as an average-looking male, you’d easily get intimate any time, any day.

You won’t have to keep searching for long, many girls are not looking for a relationship but just a hookup. Finding them can be easy, especially in party settings. Consider exploring clubs, classes, and organizations to expand your options. Remember, being clear about your intentions and being willing to make the first move can increase your chances of success.

University Of Georgia

9. University Of Georgia

It seems all the Southern state school has to offer is hook-up (from the popular opinion). It’s sort of a bad UGA representation as men here nail any female, but great for anyone looking to get laid.

Meeting the girls starts with socializing and building connections. If there is mutual interest and compatibility, it can lead to a date and potentially a hookup or relationship. The key is to be confident and engage in conversations with new people.

Although college is all about grades, UGA is about bringing home the girls. Similar to most southern schools, UGA is home to infamous frat and dorm parties where everyone is hooking up on the couch.

University Of Texas (Austin)

10. University Of Texas (Austin)

For someone who prefers getting laid to getting grades, girls here are more aggressive towards what they want. You’ll be given the signals when a girl just wants to hook up rather than establish any boring relationship.

The University of Texas is a crazy place for parties and diversity, although it’s in Texas. The bars around the school are filled with thirsty men, so you may not want to hit up the bars there, instead, get to 6th street for your typical bar-hopping fiesta.


If getting laid is the goal, the colleges above are your go-to. Get drunk, have a good time and then you’ll get easy action. Generally, however, most colleges can be easy targets for your objective but the aforementioned are the ones for serious people only interested in hookups. Make sure to leverage a celebration or win and you’re guaranteed some action after the party.

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