7 Apps to Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Student [Earn N1,000+/hr]

While I’m more into scholarships, I also like to talk about student finance. Of course, you need the money to support your school days. If you study in Nigeria, then this post is for you. You probably fiddle with many apps daily like me. But today, I will show you 7 apps to make money online in Nigeria as a student. I have personally used these sites and made money from them, and I’ll be showing you exactly how I did it so you can do the same. The great thing is, you don’t need any initial investment or special skills to start earning.

If you’re studying in Nigeria, you can easily withdraw your earnings to your local bank account. This article is useful for beginners looking to earn an online income daily. Even if you’re familiar with some of these apps and websites, I’m confident you’ll learn new strategies to boost your earnings. I’ll be sharing my own experiences and guide on how to replicate my success.

Apps to Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Student

I’m excited to show you these apps and websites where you can start earning money online without any investment or special skills.

1. TimeBucks

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The first app you can use to earn money in Nigeria as a student is TimeBucks. So, I’ll guide you through earning money with TimeBucks. TimeBucks.com is a rewards website that pays you for doing simple, everyday online tasks. You will get paid for tasks such as watching videos, surfing the web, downloading free apps, playing games, testing websites and apps, etc. These are simple tasks that you can do from anywhere – at home, in traffic, or whenever you choose, using your phone, tablet, or any device you prefer. Joining TimeBucks is also free, and you get paid directly to your bank account in Nigeria, either through cryptocurrencies or direct bank deposits.

I must add that TimeBucks is for earning extra cash through various tasks; it’s not a source of passive or full-time income. I just like to call it a side hustle. But don’t worry, you can still earn a full-time income as a student with this app. I’ll walk you through signing up on TimeBucks and how to start earning dollars from Nigeria.

First, go to Timebucks website and click on ‘sign up’. You can even use your Facebook details to register.

When you are signed in, to start making money, click on the ‘Earn’ tab to display all the different ways you can earn on TimeBucks. One of the best ways to earn is to complete surveys. Under this section, make sure you answer the questions honestly and consistently. Completing these surveys can start you off on earning. The next way is through ‘Offer Walls’. When you click on it and scroll down, you’ll find tasks from different companies. These tasks pay differently, from $0.4 to $0.35 and more. Just select a task and start working on it.

TimeBucks even pays you to play games in Nigeria. Click on the ‘Games’ section, scroll down, and you’ll see a list of games you can play to earn money. This category also has the potential for good earnings. Just conform to the rules and be ready to play.

Task completion is another lucrative way to earn money on TimeBucks in Nigeria as a student. Click on ‘Tasks’, scroll down, and you’ll see different categories like social media tasks, webpage engagement, and more. Select the category you’re interested in, and it will load the relevant tasks. Follow the instructions for each task to start earning those amounts.

A student can also earn on TimeBucks through referrals. You’ll find your referral link which you can share on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Simply share your links with your family and friends and earn when they complete tasks. You get a 15% commission on the earnings of anyone you refer.

TimeBucks will pay you once you accumulate at least $10. Payments are made every Tuesday. When you receive your payment, you can collect it via cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Bitcoin.

2. Legiit Messenger

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The second app I’m going to talk about is the Legiit Messenger app. The website is Legiit.com. Unlike other apps to make money online in Nigeria as a student that I’ve mentioned in this post, this one will pay you much higher earnings. For example, you can charge up to 20,000 naira for just a 1,000-word blog post.

I currently have an open order on Legiit and have made more than $15,000 here. If you convert this to Naira currently, that’s about 15+ million.

Here, you will offer content writing. Simply sign up and post your gig as a content writer. You’ll see others charging around $30 for a 1,000-word blog post, which is more than 30k naira. What if you don’t have advanced writing skills? I will tell you what to do. When you get a writing gig on Legiit, outsource the work to writers on Writersgig, which I will also talk about. You can pay around 2,000 to 3,000 naira. Just make sure to choose writers with ratings above 4.5 for quality assurance.

3. SproutGigs

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If you haven’t yet made your first dollar online as a Nigerian student, SproutGigs can make it happen. The website is SproutGigs.com. I’m going to guide you on how to start earning dollars in your account via SproutGigs. So, this is one of my favorite apps to make money online in Nigeria as a student. SproutGigs is a small job or mini-task website where you can take on various tasks and get paid for completing them. These types of websites are becoming more common and are a great starting point for earning online. SproutGigs even operates like Fiverr, where users can post gigs for others to purchase.

When you go to SproutGigs.com, you’ll see various gigs, for example, you can see ones that say, “I will write an article” or “I will design three logos for $2.7,” among others. People have uploaded these different gigs on this website.

However, I want you to focus on the micro-jobs. If you go to the micro-jobs section and click on “Find Jobs,” you’ll find plenty of opportunities to make money.

In the micro-jobs section, you’ll see a variety of tasks. To earn, you just need to complete these tasks, submit proof of your work, and get paid. The payment for each task can be as much as $2, sometimes even $5, just for completing a simple task.

Make sure to work honestly! If you submit spam proof, you can be banned. You need to complete the task genuinely and then submit proof of your subscription and get paid.

There are many tasks available on SproutGigs. All you need to do is browse through the tasks, complete them following the given instructions, submit your proof, and request payment.

In the leaderboard section of SproutGigs.com, you can see various people and the amounts they’ve earned from the tasks they’ve completed. You’ll see earnings ranging from a few dollars to several hundred.

4. Sidegig

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So, Sidegig.co is one of the apps to make money online in Nigeria as a student that I’ve also used. Note that the platform I am referring to is Sidegig.co and not Sidegig.com. It’s legit and pays students for completing simple gigs. This platform pays you for completing simple tasks, and anyone can join. On the website, just click “Join us as a freelancer”. If you’re already logged in, it might sign you up automatically. You will see many tasks available on SideGig.co to start making money as a student.

When you sign up and click “See all tasks,” it will show all the tasks available for you to complete and earn quick money. For example, you can earn 3 naira for liking a post on Instagram. You’ll see both the tasks being completed by others and the ones still available. If you have some free time, you can start doing these tasks.

5. Nairaworkers

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Next up is Nairaworkers. Even if you’re already familiar with it, I’m sure you’ll find new tips here to increase your earnings. If you’re just learning about Nairaworkers, it’s a site where you can earn by completing simple tasks like taking surveys or following social media accounts. These tasks are easy and don’t need special skills.

If you are new here, just go to Nairaworkers.com and click ‘register’. After registering, you’ll be all set. Many people think the only way to earn on Nairaworkers is by doing available jobs such as joining Telegram channels for small payments – 10 naira here, 100 naira there, or some naira for signing up for an app. While these are legit ways to earn, they don’t pay much. However, there are other simple tasks that can help you make money easily on this platform.

Now, I want to share a major tip on how to make more money on Nairaworkers. Instead of just completing tasks, consider being the one who posts these jobs. So, you post tasks like getting likes, followers, sign-ups, etc., and earn significantly more money as a student. This is similar to what sites like dislikes.ng are doing. They simply help others grow their social media presence or increase engagement on their posts.

Let me explain how this works. You can set up an Instagram account, for instance, and offer services to help people gain more likes or followers. When clients pay you for this service, you can then use a platform like NairaWorkers.com to post the job. So, you go ahead and click “Post a job’ and list tasks for a small fee, while you charge your clients a higher rate.

Let’s make an example. Suppose there’s a task to join a WhatsApp group paying 8.2 naira. If someone needs 200 people for this task, the total cost on Naira Workers would be 1,640 naira (8.2 Naira multiplied by 200 people). However, you could charge your client, say, 20,000 naira for getting 200 people to join their group. Subtract the 1,640 naira cost, and you are making a profit of over 18,000 naira just for getting people to join a WhatsApp group.

6. OwoDaily

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The next website/app to make money online in Nigeria as a student I want to talk about is OwoDaily.com. On OwoDaily, you can earn money not just by completing tasks, so it’s really similar to Nairaworkers. Also, you can earn money by referring people to join.

I’ve personally made 300k naira on OwoDaily just through referrals. I managed this by inviting up to 150 people. OwoDaily even features a list of their top referrers.

There are many others on this platform, some not even well-known online, who are bringing in lots of referrals. You can do this too by sharing your OwoDaily affiliate link. It’s simple—sign up on OwoDaily, and you’ll find your invite link in your account. When someone uses your link to join OwoDaily, you get paid for the referral.

Now, becoming an affiliate on OwoDaily is not just about joining as a regular member. There’s also OwoDaily Plus. If you’re already a member and want to get into affiliate marketing, you’ll need to upgrade to OwoDaily Plus, which has a yearly subscription. The yearly subscription fee is 10,000 naira, which includes a small service charge from Flutterwave, the payment processor.

7. WritersGig

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Finally, if you want to start earning money online through writing as a student in Nigeria, I really recommend signing up on WritersGig.com. Yes, it’s legit. No, you don’t need to be a professional writer to work on WritersGig, but some basic writing skills are necessary. You will be able to see how much money people are making by writing simple gigs once you sign in.

Once you are on the website, click “Become a writer.” You’ll land on a page that explains how WritersGig works. After registering, you create your gig, similar to platforms like Fiverr. You receive payment for your work, complete the writing task requested by the client, and then you can withdraw your earnings to your local bank account in Nigeria.

Once you are accepted on WritersGig, you’ll see various writing offers posted by clients. For instance, there might be a request for 10 blog posts of 2,500 to 3,000 words each, offering 20,000 naira in payment. There are many job offers available – another example is a 112,000 naira job to be completed in 12 days. Some jobs receive numerous proposals, so make sure to sign up correctly and start bidding for jobs that suit your skills.


So, there you have it—all the best apps to make money online in Nigeria as a student and never go broke. All you have to do is sign up, complete the tasks, and get paid in naira or dollars. No, none of them requires you to invest a penny. All I’ve given are zero money investment apps that pay you real money while you are in school. Time, device, and data connection are your only investments.

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